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The 1891 listing of around 1400 Beer Retailers / Publicans in London - from the 1891 Post Office Directory,

This excludes the Publicans listed at named Pubs in the Directory. The Directory does not include Public House names, just an address. This is fine for double checking names and places; but lacks the modern naming convention of a Public House and its named sign.

Many of these Beer Retailers (usually better known as Publicans) are very important in the fact that many formed the modern Public House as we now know it; whilst others were the modern equivalent of the Off Licence.

I will add links from these pages as I am able; but please help me out here. It is often difficult through the documentation that exists to match an address to a Pub name as much of this is through word of mouth, i.e. a Public House is often known by it's name to the locals, rather than through any record system.

1891 Beer Retailer index

Dalton Michael, 15 Parnham Street, Limehouse E
Dalton Tom James, 6 Margaret Street WC
Darling William, 71 Barnsbury Street N
David William, 81 & 83 Hampstead Road NW
Davies John Edward, 74 Hows Street, Kingsland Road NE
Davis John, 34 Libra Road, Bow E
Davis John, 77 Lower Chapman Street E
Davis Mrs Mary Ann, 30 Central Street, St Lukes EC
Davis Thomas, 101 Rosoman Street EC
Davis Wm, 132 Chrisp Street, Poplar E
Davis Wm Thos, 20 West Street, Mile End Old Town E
Dawson Alfred, 10 Lee Street, Kingsland Road NE
Dawson George, 242 Camberwell Road SE
Dawson Wm, 21 Chicksand Street, Spitalfields E
Dawson Wm John, 78 Hare Street, Bethnal Green E
Day Abraham, 58 Upper Kennington Lane SE
Day Frederick, 14 Holloway Road N
Day George, 20 Baltic Street, St Lukes EC
Day Llewellyn, 68 White Street, Bethnal Green E
Deacon John Geo, 48 Weston Street, Bermondsey SE
Deane George Edwin, 44 Walnut Tree Walk, Lambeth SE
Dearlove John William, 92 Comercial Street E
Degroat William jun, 28 Sutton Street east E
Devine William Henry, 124 Gobe Road E
Dew Frank, 7 Wandsworth Road SW
Dipple Mrs Hannah, 12 Chilton Street, bethnal Green E
Dipple William, 28 Fairclough Street E
Dix Henry, 44 Westmoreland Place, City Road EC
Dix John, 37 William Street, Lisson Grove NW
Dixie John Wm, 24 Parkers Row, Dockhead SE
Dixon Joseph, 16 Limehouse Causeway E
Dixson Lovell Farley, 215 Jamaica Road SE
Doble Tom, 17 Lawrence Street, Chelsea SW
Dodd George, 39 Palace Street, Pimlico SW
Dodd Richard Wm, 14 Little Chester Street SW
Dodds John, 93 Kingsland Road SE
Dodge James, 95 Jamaica Road SE
Doerr Martin, 10 Pentonville Road N
Dolden Edward, 3 Ellis Street, Sloane Street SW
Doleman Mrs Mary Ann Hannah, 35 Globe Road E
Domminney Hy, 108 Abbey Street, Bermondsey SE
Donovan George, 21 Love Lane, Shadwell E
Dore Alfred George, 64 Bow Common Lane E
Dormann Henry, 19 Woolmore Street, Poplar E
Douglas Archibald, 26 Popham Road, Islington N
Douglas Edward, 15 Stanhope Street NW
Downes Herbert, 45 Wennington Road E
Downing William, 48 Narrow Street E
Dowsett James, 44 Ferdinand Street NW
Dowsett John Cornelius, 43 Pocock Street SE
Drake Mrs sarah, 22 Lloyds Row, Clerkenwell EC
Draper Robert, 335 Fulham Road SW
Drew Thomas, 37 Ferdinand Street NW
Duck Thos Jas, 26 Leigh Street, Burton Crescent EC
Duckworth Geo Hy, 97 Redcross Street, Borough SE
Duffy Michael, 78 Chapel street N
Dufty Edwin, 28 Rhyl Street NW
Dumbrill Henry, 19 Mount Street, Walworth SE
Dunmall Richard, 26 St Thomas Road, Bow E
Dumont Henry, 38 Mortimer Market WC
Dunwoody Thomas, 94 Rockingham Street, Newington Causeway SE
Dunwoody William, 24 Cloth Fair EC
Dupuy Mrs Lydia, 1 Preston Street, Green Street E
Durell Mrs Mary A, 57 Great Garden Street E

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