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Richard Watts Coman & Coman's Catering Company Ltd

History of Stratford & West Ham

Here are details of our family who were publicans around 1923 to 1965 and the twenty three pubs they were associated with. My husband's father was Richard Watts Coman, who was a director of Watney Coombe Reid for some years.
Here is a list of the pubs associated with Richard Watts Coman, as drawn from Kelly's Directories:

Mile End: 1923 to 1924 "HAYFIELD TAVERN" 158 Mile End Road, E.1
Stratford: 1925 to 1952 "SWAN" 31 Broadway, Stratford, E.15
West Ham: 1926 to 1930 "KING'S HEAD" 11 Church Street, West Ham, E.15
Lambeth: 1930 to 1967 "WELLINGTON TAVERN" + restaurant "Coman Catering Company" 81-83 Waterloo Road, S.E.1
Islington: 1930 to 1934 "NORTHAMPTON ARMS" 279 Essex Road, Islington, N.1
Clerkenwell: 1933 to 1936 "WILLMINGTON ARMS" 8 Yardley Street, E.C.1
Newington: 1933 to 1933 "SWAN" 217-218 Great Dover Street, S.E.1
1934 to 1942 "ROYAL OAK" 10 High Street, Clapham, S.W.4
Marylebone: 1934 to 1957 "WALLACE HEAD" 56 Blandford Street, W.1
Lambeth: 1934 to 1957 "WHITE HART" 29 Cornwall Road, S.E.1
Southwark St George Martyr: 1937 to 1952 "BRICKLAYER'S ARMS" 37-39 Old Kent Road, S.E.8
Stratford: 1941 to 1952 "COACH AND HORSES" 104 Broadway, E.15
1941 to 1951 "FEATHERS" 177 Upper Ground, S.E.1
St George Hanover Square: 1944 to 1957 "AUDLEY" 41-43 Mount Street, W.1
Westminster: 1946 to 1954 "WHITE HORSE" 45 Rupert Street, W.1
Lambeth: 1946 to 1953 "DUKE OF CAMBRIDGE" 349 Kennington Lane, S.E.11
Lambeth: 1946 to 1957 "DUKE OF YORK" 57 York Road, S.E.1
Marylebone: 1946 to 1957 "GREEN MAN" 383 Euston Road, N.W.1
Clerkenwell: 1946 to 1952 "ROYAL MIDSHIPMAN" 25 Skinner Street, E.C.1
1946 to 1957 "TELEGRAPH HOTEL" 15 Shepherd's Bush Green, W.12
Marylebone: 1947 to 1957 "WESTMORELAND ARMS" 34 George Street, W.1
Canning Town: 1951 to 1951 "SHAKESPEARE'S HEAD" 29 Ruscoe Road, E.16 (44 & 46 Roscoe Street)
1944 to 1948 17 Chiltern Street, Manchester Square, W.1

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