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The outline of the pub history site is to list ALL pubs of the last 200 years with detailed information on each, including their occupants and staff members; i.e. it is a genealogical search tool. It is never exhaustive, but it's pretty damned good so far. Please help me make it better if you have anything to add. Use the search engine to find pubs by name, publicans and bar staff by name, or just use it as a historical street directory - all detail on one site of about 50 thousand pages and over 10 thousand images. The site lists all counties in England, but some are sparse in content, whilst London and the South is very well documented. Use the links above to traverse the site; and if a search fails, type your search into google, find the relevant page on Ewans pubology site and it brings you back here again!

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(Essex Pubs) - By Ian Hunter of Tiptree, Essex

A tribute to the memory of our friend, Ian 'Pubby' Hunter, God bless him, by the Friends of Ian Hunter and the Essexpub. You are probably one too.- God bless; and is endorsed by his brother John, and father Ron. Thank you.

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As Ian put so much hard work into his Essex Pubs site, we would like his achievements to remain forever. This site will always remain a tribute to Ian 'Pubby' Hunter ( - September 2003). Lets build a tribute annex to his site to make it grow the way Ian planned (this deadpubs site).

Plus a big thank you to John Mead, who tirelessly added census data to this site; and passed away Nov 13th, 2005 - It was a pleasure to know John as a friend.

Ten years on, in 2013, Ian has spawned the biggest pub history site in the UK. The pub history site now covers all of London, the home counties and more. The pub history site now has over 10,000  images, and well over 40,000 pages. In another ten years, it will cover most of the UK, and it will be a whole lot bigger! I am proud to have continued Ians work, and this site just gets bigger and better every day.

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A few non pub related things:

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Days of Dates, 1800 - 2050
Boyd's Marriage index for Essex
Descriptions of Essex Towns & Villages from Various Directories
Extracts from Benham's 1907 Almanack of Colchester
Other Essex things that don't fall into a specific category
Principal Seats in Essex from Various Directories

Non Essex related Pub things

All transcriptions and imagery is copyright, and excepting personal usage (which is fine); it is NOT available for commercial usage or copying onto other websites without explicit permission. Many of the images, and all of the transcriptions are the work of myself and other contributors - please do not steal this work.

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