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The Hackney 1874 Directory.

Transcribed by Cathy Edge

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Lakeman George, cabinet maker, Grove passage, The Grove
Lakin Phillip, locksmith, 2 London lane, Mare street
Lambard George, bell hanger & gas fitter, 86 Mare street
Lambard William, iron founder, Morning lane
Laming Hy. Richard, dining rooms, 2 Compton terrace, Dalston lane
Lane Martin, marine store dealer, 81 Well street
Lane - (Miss), ladies' school, 2 Spurstowe road
Langwith Samuel, boot maker, 7 Albany place, Terrace road
Lanxon John, tobacconist, Grove street
Laplain Edward, building material dealer, Morning lane
Larter James, dairyman 1 Gloucester road, Cassland road
Last Samuel William, haberdasher, 28 Duncan place, London fields
Lawrence George, grocer, 241 Wick road
Laws James, chemist, 381 Mare street
Laws James, homeopathic chemist, 117 Mare street
Laxton - (Miss), ladies' school, 27 Well street
Layborn Thomas, Prince Alfred, 62 Eleanor road north
Layton John, stationer, Bishop's road Bethnal green
Lea Lydia M (Mrs), ladies' school, 33 Eleanor road north
Lee Frederick, greengrocer, Wallis road Mare street
Lee Henry, General Havelock, West street, Mare street
Lee James, greengrocer, 391 Mare street
Lees George, fishmonger, 158 Mare street
Leighton John, baker, 186 Mare street
Lemen & Wales, hair dressers, 413 Mare street
Lester & Williams, dairymen, 167 Well street
Levy John, fruiterer, 4 Devon place Morning lane
Lewis Henry Moses, grocer, 311 Mare street
Lewis Lavinia (Miss), school, 5 Marion villas Lansdowne road
Lilley Brothers, drapers, 308 Mare street
Lillywhite Chas, grocer, cheesemonger & ironmonger, 21 Mare street
Lindley William, toy dealer, 166 Mare street
Lindsay John, greengrocer, 7 Paradise row, Paragon
Lines John, chimney sweeper, 1 Sheep lane, London fields
Lingley Thomas, greengrocer, Park street
Lingwood Myria (Mrs), laundress, 157 Wick road
List Jacob Henry, baker, 186 Well street
Little Joseph & Sons, timber merchants, Waterloo road, Bishop's road, Bethnal green
Liversidge John, wheelwright, 5 Park Cottages, Grove street
Lloyd Thomas, Approach tavern, 24 Approach road, Bethnal green
Lockwood Samuel Haws, tobacconist, 225 Mare street
Logan Arthur John, photographer, 11 Grove terrace Grove street
London & County Bank (branch), (Jas. Josiah Blaycock, manager), Amhurst road east
London House Asylum, (Mrs Mary Ayre, principle), London lane, Mare street
Long George, hosier, 204 Well street
Long George, toy dealer, 117 Well street
Long John, extract of safflower maker, 219 Mare street
Lott Samuel, corn dealer, 156 Victoria Park road
Lovel George, Three Colts, Grove street
Lovelock James Fredk, nmechanical machinist & patentee, Lansdowne villa, Lansdowne road
Low Abraham, cattle dealer, Wick lane
Lowe William, saddler &c, 178 Mare street
Luke George Edward, shopkeeper, Wick lane
Lush Samuel Barton, dyer &c,126 Mare street
Lutman Maria (Miss), ladies' school, 1 Malvern villas, Grove street

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