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The Hackney 1874 Trade Directory.

Transcribed by Cathy Edge

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Radford Hannah (Miss) , ladies' school , 42 Well street
Rahbula Ferdinand Rahles, professor of music, 11 Queen's terrace, Grove Street road
Ramsdale Michael Watts, butcher, 142 Mare street
Rand Henry, fishmonger, 193 Wick road
Randall Henry George, baker, 142 Victoria Park road
Randall Jas Henry, tobacconist, 3 Broadway, London fields
Rawlings Alice (Mrs), oil & color warehouse, 406 Mare street
Rayner Fanny (Mrs), boot makr, 3 Mariner terrace, Cassland road
Raynor Louis, who. Boot manufactr, 58 Ash gorve, Mare street
Read George & Son, drapers, 138 Mare street
Read Edwin, boot &c manufacturer, 4 Rosemoreland terrace, Grove Street road
Reading Geo, watch maker & berlin wool reposy, 417 Mare street
Redding & Makin, braid ma., 50 Sewardstone road. E Old Ford road
Reden Samuel, baker, 6 Grove terrace Grove street
Reeland Peter, Royal Standard, 84 Victorial Park road
Reeves Henry Charles, Lord Nelson, Morning lane
Reilly James Frederick, surgeon, 68 Victoria Park road
Reynolds & Sons, coal & coke merchants, 345 Mare street
Reynolds E & Sons, extract of safflower manufrs, 24 Mare street
Reynolds Ann Eliza (Mrs), grocer, 206A Wick road
Rhone & Crabb, earthenware dlrs, 17 Broadway London fields
Richards Clara A (Mrs), linen draper, 11 Stanley road
Richards John, grocer, Sewardstone road east, Old Ford road
Richards John Edward, surgeon, 12 Cassland grove, Cassland road
Richards Rebecca (Mrs), fancy reposy, 9 Grove terrace Grove road
Richards William Samuel, corn dealer, 358 & 360 Mare street
Richardson Elizh (Mrs), draper, 140 Victoria Park road
Richardson William, Prince of Wales, Bishop's road. Bethnal green
Rickett John, coal agent, 5 London terrace, London fields
Riddell Thomas, glass bottle maker, 11 London place, London fields
Rider Arthur Edward, Horse & Groom, 255 Mare street
Rider Emma (Mrs), linen draper, 396 Mare street
Ridgeway Mary (Mrs), milliner, 203 Mare street
Ridley Benjamin Matthew, cheesemonger, 4 Pritchard's place, Broadway, London fields
Ridley Henry, umbrella maker, 6 Wick road
Robbins Charles, baker, 7 Hereford terrace, Cassland road
Roberts John & Sons, printers, Wallis road, Hackney Wick
Roberts Joseph, draper, 4 Approach road, Bethnal green
Roberts William, Clarendon Arms, New Church road
Roberts William Thomas, Crown, 418 Mare street
Roberts William Thomas, printer, 374 Mare street
Robertson William, ironmonger, 372 Mare street
Robinson Edward George, chemist & druggist, Wick lane
Robson John, builder, Northumberland wharf, Bishop's road, Bethnal green
Roger Harriet Ann (Miss), milliner, Morning lane
Rogers William & Co, India rubber merchants, The Marsh, Gainsboro' road, Hackney Wick
Rogers John Tucker, pianoforte maker, 8 West st, Mare st
Rogers William, grocer, 107 Mare st
Romang Ebenezer, oilman, 98 Wick road
Roome Thomas, joiner, 160 Well street
Roper Charles Robert, chemist, 344 Mare street
Rose George Brewster, oilman, 16 Broadway, London fields
Rose Joseph, surgeon & deputy inspector of hospitals, 11 Manor terrace, Amhurst road east
Rose Matthew, silk mercer & general draper, 353, 355 & 357 Mare street & 2,4 & 6 Amhurst road east
Rose Mary Ann (Mrs), umbrella ma., 29 The Grove, Mare st
Rose George, greengrocer, 47 Mare street
Rous Edward, Penshurst Arms, 25 Penshurst road
Rowe Charles, Old Ship, Grove passage
Rowland Walter, tobacconist, 5 Duncan place, London fields
Royle Emily (Mrs), tobacconist, 2 Devon place
Rudd Benjamin, carpenter & undertaker, 6 Mare street
Rule James, watch maker, 140 Mare street
Rusher Eliza (Miss), ladies' school, 7 Manor terrace, Amhurst road east
Russell Chas. Jesse Watts, carpenter & builder, 8 Mare st
Russell John, basket maker & chair caner, Morning lane
Rutter Thomas Lewis, baker, 26 West st, Mare st
Rutty John, drawing inst. Ma, 2 Gray's ter, Grove Street rd

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