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    The Hackney 1874 Directory.

    Transcribed by Cathy Edge

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    Tann Robert , confectioner , 318 Mare street
    Tattersall Elizh. M. (Miss), ladies' school, 6 Loddiges road
    Taylor, Son & Gilkes, metal perforators, John st. London fields
    Taylor Alfred H., painter &c, Jerusalem square, Mare street
    Taylor George Frederick, plumber, 126 Well street
    Taylor James, china & glass dealer, 229 Well street
    Taylor James William, cheesemonger, 2 Pritchard's place, Broadway, London fields
    Taylor Joseph, boot maker, 122 Well street
    Taylor William, carpenter, Jerusalem square
    Telford James Summerville, Prince of Wales, Mare street
    Thatcher Charles, boot & Shoe manufacturer, 46 Mare street
    Theobald Henry Tyler, tobacconist, 11 Mare street
    Thiselton Thomas, linen draper, Cassland road
    Thomas George James, chemist, 411 Mare street
    Thomas John, baker, 4 Francis terrace. Wick lane
    Thomas John, clothier, White Post lane, Hackney Wick
    Thomas William, boot maker, 213 Well street
    Thompson Harriet (Mrs), fancy repository, 3 Compton terrace, Dalston lane
    Thompson Henry Palmer, baker, 100 Well street
    Thompson William, milliner, 84 Well street
    Thring Joseph, beer retailer, 143 Well street
    Tidmarsh Samuel, watch maker, 394 Mare street
    Tidy Charles Meymott, M.R., surgeon, 61 Mare street
    Tiffin Richard Harvey, carpenter & builder, 7 Rosemoreland terrace, Grove Street road
    Tillbrook Joseph, greengrocer, 1 Ebenezer place, London fields
    Tilley Edwin Thomas, china dealer, Park st. Hackney Wick
    Tippett James, fishmonger, 158 Victoria Park road
    Tippins Samuel, boot maker, 17a Broadway, London fields
    Todd Rose (Miss), Ladies' school, 109 Mare street
    Tossell Michael, ironmonger, 3 Medina terrace, Dalston lane
    Townsend Joseph, Frampton Arms, 65 Well street
    Travel Benjamin, rag merchant, 204 Wick road
    Treers Joseph, greengrocer, 134 Well street
    Trevallion John, jun., grocer, 12 Morning lane
    Treweek John, greengrocer, Morning lane
    Tre-Wint Industrial Home, (Mrs Johanna Fraser, matron), 201 Mare street
    Tripe John William, M.D., physician, 172 Richmond road
    Trott Cuthbert, tobacconist & stationer, 293 Mare street
    Truman Annie (Miss), laundress, 9 Cassland terrace, Cassland road
    Tucker George, house agent, 4 Malvern villas, Grove street
    Turner Charlotte Elizabeth (Miss), professor of music, 16 Hackney terrace, Cassland road
    Turner Johnathon T, bricklayer, 94 Mare street
    Turner Olive (Mrs), Ladies' school, 16 Hackney terrace, Cassland road
    Turner Samuel, greengrocer, 243 Well street
    Turner Thomas, bricklayer &c, 1 Malvern cots, Cassland road
    Turner William, builder, Cedar house, Banbury road
    Turner William, draper, 2 Broadway, London fields
    Turner William James, Eight Bells, 347 Mare street
    Tweedie Alexander Cunningham, surgeon, 7 Loddiges road
    Tween Elizabeth & Ellen (Misses), ladies' under clothing warehouse, 176 Mare street
    Tyler Abraham, butcher, 80 Mare street
    Tyler William, butcher, 92 Well street
    Tyser George, greengrocer, 7 Mare street

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