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    PORTSMOUTH 1855 Post Office Directory - Traders K - R

    Portsmouth pubs history index - Portsmouth 1855 Directory


    Keesing James, general dealer, 63 St. Mary street.
    King Elizabeth (Mrs.), berlin repository, 30 St. Mary st
    King Geo. fly & mourning coach proprietor, 30 St. Mary st
    King Thomas, town carrier, 3 Oyster street
    Kitchener Robert, Cornish Arms, Broad street
    Knapp William, shopkeeper, 26 Oyster street
    Knott Sarah & Son, shipping butchers, 58 Broad street
    Knott Charles, chemist & druggist, 47 St. Mary street
    Knott Sarah Warren (Mrs.), brewer & spirit merchant, East street
    Knott Sarah Warren (Mrs.), Union tavern, Broad street
    Lang John, coal factor & commercial agent, 4 King William place & Bath square
    Lang Joseph, butcher, 61 Broad street
    Landlord Charles, salt & coal dealer, St. Thomas street
    Langridge George, tailor, 88 St. Mary street
    Lapthorn William Henry, sailraaker, ship chandler & agent to H. D. P. Cunningham's self-reeling topsail, 29 Broad st
    Latter John,house & ship joiner & cabinet maker, 20A,Broad street, & 10 & 11 Queen street, Portsea
    Legg George Austin, bookseller & stationer, 102 High street
    Leverett Sarah Jane (Miss), Still tavern, Bath square
    Levy David, navy agent, 65 High street
    Lewinginn George, currier & leather seller, 22 Warblington st
    Lewis Henry, printer, bookseller & stationer, 114 High st
    Lewis William, shopkeeper, 30 East street
    Lipscomhe John, coffee & dining rooms, 69 High street
    Lipson Robert, china dealer, 72 Brood street
    Litchfield William, Bell, 67 High street
    Livesay Augustus Fredk. architect & surveyor, 80 Penny street
    Loe Abraham, beer retailer, 49 Penny street
    Loe George, coach builder & livery stables, 126 High street
    Lovelock John, beer retailer, Prospect row
    Luscombe Edward, chemist & druggist, 44 High street
    Macartney Frederick, hairdresser & perfumer, 29 High street
    Main Elizabeth (Mrs.), grocer, 51 Broad street
    Mariner Richard, Three Horse Shoes, West street
    Marsh George, beer retailer, East street
    Marshall Frederick, importer of wines & spirits, 53 High street
    Martin James, Anglesey inn, & brewer, Oyster street
    Martin John, consulting dental surgeon, High street
    Massey George, hatter, 118 High street
    Massey John, Golden Bell, & brewer, 28 St. Mary street
    Mathews James Nelson, beer retailer, 21 Lombard street
    Mayell Caroline (Miss), milliner & lace warehouse, 95 High st
    McBryan James, plumber & glazier, 51 St. Thomas street
    McCheane Thomas & John, merchant, & general commission agents, 66 St. Thomas street
    McKenna Daniel, beer retailer & wheelwright, 23 Warblington street
    McSheen Henry, beer retailer. East street
    Meades Mary Ann (Mrs.), Three Tuns, East street
    Miller Barnard Charles, cabinet maker, 19 St. Mary street
    Miller Frederick, upholsterer & furniture broker, 74 High street
    Miller Harriet (Mrs.), clothier, 19 St. Mary street
    Mist Margaret (Mrs.), lodging house, 38 St. Thomas street
    Mitchell Henry James, naval outfitter & tailor, 32 High street
    Mitchell Robert, hairdresser & perfumer, 60 Broad street
    Mitchell William, dairyman, 54 St. Mary street
    Mitchell William Hope, solicitor, 128 High street
    Moor Arthur, grocer, Broad street
    Moore Jane (Mrs.), beer retailer, 34 St. Mary's street
    Moorman George, White Horse, White Horse street
    Moreton Joseph, boot & shoe maker & general dealer, 33 St. Mary street
    Morgan Ann (Mrs.), secondhand clothes dealer, 7 St.Mary st
    Morgan Thomas, coal & wood dealer, Prospect row
    Morrison William, Prince William Henry, West street
    Myatt John, agent for Pickford & Co. 74 High street
    Nance Andrew, omnibus & fly proprietor, & railway agent, Broad street
    Nash Samuel, carver & gilder, 67 St. Mary street
    Nathan George, tobacconist. 28 Oyster street
    Neale Henry, Parade Pier hotel, Grand parade, near the Victoria pier
    Neale James, Victoria, Battery row
    Newland William Bingham, carver & gilder, prlntseller & paperhanger, 116 High street
    Newlyn George, grocer, 45 St. Mary street
    Newlyn John, solicitor, 95 St. Thomas street
    Nicholas John, tailor, 80 St. Thomas street
    Nichols Henry, beer retailer, Bath square
    Norkett Henry, hatter, 51 High street
    North George Charles, North's commercial coffee Sf dining rooms, 68 High street, Victoria pier
    Notting Elizabeth (Mrs.), Thatched House, Broad street
    Notting Robert, hairdresser, 36 Broad street
    Ogburn Joseph, Fitzclarence tavern, Green row
    Owen Henry, outfitter, 88 Broad street
    Owen Richard, watch & clock maker, 3 1/2 Broad street
    Oxenham William, beer retailer, East street
    Paddick Willhim, fruiterer, High street road
    Pafford Joseph, shopkeeper, Crown street
    Palmer Edwin, merchant shipping; butcher, East street
    Palmer Henry, linendraper, 102 High street
    Palmer Richard, greengrocer, Broad street
    Pappalardo Vincent, consulate for Brazil, Spain, Sardinia, Two Sicilies, Uruguay, Duchy of Parma, & United States of America, & agent to Austrian Lloyd's, 64 High street
    Parkinson Thomas, United Service hotel, 94 High street
    Parsons William, chemist & druggist, 31 St. Mary street
    Payne Samuel, Neptune & Mars, Broad street
    Pearce Richard, baker & grocer, 56 St. Mary street
    Peckham Edward, boot & shoe maker, 20 St. Mary street
    Peirce Jane (Mrs,), grocer & tea dealer, 103 High street
    Pellerin Julius, fruiterer & greengrocer, 28 Broad street
    Perin Hubert, fancy repository, 86 High street
    Pickford & Co. (John Myatt, agent), general carriers, 74 High street
    Piercey Moses, surgeon, 124 High street
    Pike, Spicer & Co. brewers & spirit merchants, Penny street
    Pink John, Shipping S; Mercantile tavern. Oyster street
    Pinn Thomas, artificial flower maker, 58 St. Mary street
    Pitt George, dining rooms, 5 Broad street
    Pittis Richard Mathews, baker & grocer, 59 St. Thomas street
    Poate Richard, portrait painter, Pembroke street
    Pope Stephen, grocer, 111 St. Thomas street
    Portsmouth S; Ryde United Steam Packet Co. (Alfred Heather, manager), Baltic wharf
    Pounds John, boot & shoe maker, 8 St. Mary street
    Powell George, gunmaker, 9 Pembroke street
    Prettejohn Nicholas, corn merchant & cattle dealer, 40 Broad street
    Prew Thomas, pork butcher, 66 Broad street
    Prince of Wales Club (H. J. Dorrien, esq. lion, treasurer; William Mincbln, hon. sec.), 34 High street
    Pritchard Edward, Vine tavern, 23 Lombard street
    Quinton John, Rodney's Head, & fly proprietor, St, Nicholas street
    Ralfs William Henry, blacking maker, White Horse street
    Randall Henry, tobacconist, 4 St. Mary street
    Raper William Augustus, M.D. St. Mary street
    Redhouse Attrill, beer retailer, 70 High street
    Reed James, ship chandler, Oyster st & 11 Wish st.8outhsea
    Reed Thomas, beer retailer, 11 High street
    Reynolds Thomas, shopkeeper, 38 Warbllngton street
    Richards George, government pilot, 3 Battery row
    Richards George, tobacconist, 7 Barrack street
    Richards Mary Esther (Mrs.).marlne store dealer,41 East st
    Richardson Knowles, Fountain commercial tavern, builder & undertaker, High street road
    Richman William, general dealer, 70 St. Mary street
    Rickman William, tea dealer & grocer, bread & (biscuit baker, & shipper of bonded stores, 22 Broad street
    Riddett Mary (Mrs.), bricklayer, 53 St. Thomas street
    Ridlington Daniel, hairdresser, 4 1/2 Pembroke street
    Robinson Alfred Robert, Golden Cross, Broad street
    Rogers Edward, hairdresser, 78 St. Thomas street
    Rolph Thomas, M.D. 15 High street
    Roper William, fruiterer & greengrocer, Golden Lion lane
    Ross Thomas, shopkeeper, High street
    Rout George Clark, navy & army outfitter, 88 1/2 & 90 High street
    Rout Henry Robert, tailor, 89 St. Thomas street
    Routledge Eliza (Mrs.), Blue Posts, Pembroke street
    Russell Robert, shopkeeper, West street
    Ryley John, fruiterer, Pembroke street
    Sergeant Henry, plumber & glazier, 63 High street
    Sargeant William, soda water maker & foreign fruiterer, 36 High street
    Saunders Thomas, boot & shoe maker. East street
    Saunders William Henry, chemist & druggist. 113 High street
    Savaue William, locksmith & hellhanger, 18 Warbllngton st
    Savell William, beer retailer, High street road
    Sayer Joshua Saffery, wine & spirit merchant, 48 High street
    Sayer Wellington, agent to the Hants, Sussex & Dorset fire office, 48 High street
    Seally Samuel, shopkeeper. Armoury lane
    Seer Thomas, Ordnance Arms, & carver & gilder, 69 St. Mary street
    Shawyer James, mast & block maker,Town quay & Buteman's alley
    Selby Jane (Miss), tailor & outfitter, 49 High street
    Shearer John Rodney, Marine View hotel, 6 Grand parade
    Shepherd James, china dealer, 49 St. Mary street
    Sheppard David, leather seller, 21 St. Thomas' street
    Sheppard George, bootmaker, 85 High street
    Sheppard John, postmaster, Green row
    Shipley Sophia (Mrs.), tobacconist, 31 St. Mary street
    Shugar John Merritt, solicitor, 145 High street
    Sibert Justin, boot it shoe maker,3 Bathing lane
    Silver Stephen, butcher, 18 St. Mary street
    Silvester Eliza (Mrs.), Post Boy, St. Thomas' street
    Silvester John, hairdresser, 45 Warblington street
    Simmoiids George, linendraper, 120 High street
    Simpson James, beer retailer, 10 Warblington street
    Slatter William, gasfitter & tin plate worker, Pembroke st
    Slight Henry, surgeon, 100 High street
    Slight Julian. surgeon, 125 High street
    Smith Horatio Nelson, coal merchant, corn, malt & hop merchant, & railway carrier, 13 Warblington street
    Smith John, grocer, 69 Broad street
    Smith John, shoeing smith & farrier, 15 St. Mary street
    Smith Mary Ann (Mrs.), Queen Charlotte, Broad street
    Smith Sarah (Mrs.), Sir John Falstaff, Nobb's lane
    Smithers John Houghton, watchmaker & jeweller, 105 High street
    Snook & Edwards, silk mercers, 109 High street
    Snook & George, ejg merchants & fruiterers, 17 Oyster st
    Spalding John, beer retailer, West street
    Spencer, Browning & Co. opticians & engineers, 52 High st
    Spencer Joseph, lodging house, 20 Broad street
    Sprake James, Olive Branch, East street
    Squance Frederick, Wellington tavern, 62 High street, near the Victoria pier
    Stallard James, Old Blue Bell, 58 St. Thomas' street
    Stapleford John, undertaker & furniture broker, 1 Crown st
    Stebbing George, optician, 65 Broad street
    Stevens James, boot & shoe maker, 108 St. Thomas' street
    Stevens William, staymaker, 39 St. Mary street
    Stewart Elizabeth (Mrs.), dressmaker, 64 St. Mary street
    Stokes Richard, Kings Head tavern, Broad street
    Slow Samuel, hairdresser, 17 St. Mary street
    Surman William, shopkeeper, 57 St. Mary street
    Suter Ann (Mrs.), grocer & provision dealer, 38 Broad st
    Suter Matilda (Miss), berlin repository, Market place, High street
    Swiney Rebecca (Miss), seminary, 29 Oyster street
    Taylor Elizabeth (Mrs.), lodging house, 3 Keppel row
    Taylor Joseph, beer retailer, 112 St. Thomas' street
    Taylor Robert, coach builder, 40 Penny street
    Terry John it Son, poulterers, fruiterers & greengrocers, Market place & 15 Lombard street
    Thomas Rees, Royal Swan tavern, Green row
    Thomas Samuel, carver & gilder, 10 St. Mary street
    Thomas William, beer retailer, 16 St. Mary street
    Tibbitts Jarvis Sowley, correspondent of the ' Times' newspaper, 5 Battery row
    Tilly William, soap manufacturer, 41 St. Thomas' street & Prospect row
    Tollerby George Hewlett, butcher, 25 Broad street
    Tompson Francis, Arethusa & Crice,' 3 Broad street
    Totterdell Edward M. & Co. outfitters to the royal family, & shirt makers, 107 High street, & 62 Queen street, Portsea
    Trayler James, tailor it outfitter, Pembroke street
    Treakell Joseph, music warehouse, 75 High street
    Trew William, umbrella maker, 2 Pembroke street
    Turner Alfred, Cross Keys tavern, St. Mary street
    Tyhurst Anne (Mrs.), glass & china dealer, 73 High street
    Ubsdell Robert Henry Clements, portrait painter, 135 High street
    Van den Bergh Louis Arnoldus & Son, merchants, ship brokers, & agents for the'Shipping & Mercantile Gazette,' Bath square
    Verrant Thomas, egg merchant, 24 Oyster street
    Vicat Thomas, tailor, 18 Penny street
    Vick Emma (Mrs.), lodging house, 69 St. Thomas' street
    Vick George Wiliam, tailor & outfitter, 37 High street
    Vickery James, Glaziers' Arms, St. Thomas' street
    Vine Charles, grocer & marine store dealer, 47 Broad street, & Bath square
    Walker John, shopkeeper, 2 West street
    Walker William Charles, Orange Tree tavern. East street
    Wallis William, fruiterer & dealer in game, Pembroke st
    Walters Isaac, shopkeeper, 11 St. Mary street
    Ward Harry, tailor, Broad street
    Ward Joseph, Phoenix tavern. King street
    Warrell Sherriff, Ship Kent, St. Mary street
    Way Caroline Sarah (Mrs.), seminary, 83 St. Thomas' st
    Way James, boot & shoe maker, 65 St. Mary street
    Way James William, commission agent, & agent to the Merchants & Tradesmen's Mutual life assurance, Plate Glass insurance office, & Unity tire association, 20 St. Thomas' street
    Way Richard James, relieving officer for Portsmouth, 83 St. Thomas' street
    Webb John, cornfactor, 100 St. Thomas' street
    Weeks Thomas, butcher, Warblinuton street
    Weeks William George, Bee Hive tavern, 34 Warblington street
    Wells William, beer retailer, 13 Lombard street
    Westmore John, confectioner, 5 Green row
    Wheeler John, birmingham & Sheffield warehouse, 67 Broad street
    Wheeler John William, linendraper, 88 High street
    Whitcombe Joseph George, pawnbroker, 36 St. Mary st
    White Maria (Mrs.), lodging bouse, 147 High street
    White Mary Ann (Miss), milliner & dressmaker, 76 High st
    White Richard, surgeon, 13 High street
    White Thomas, ship builder & engineer, 81 St. Thomas' st
    White William, East & West Country House,' Bath square
    White William, oyster dealer, 2 St. Mary street
    Wickenden William, shipping & custom bouse agent, & agent to the Havre steum packet company. Broad street
    Wilkinson James, zephyr hat manufacturer, 61 St. Mary st
    Williams Edward, carpenter & joiner, Lombard street, & 3 Newport street, Southsea
    Willis Thomas, plumber & glazier & blacking maker, 37 St. Mary street
    Wilson William, umbrella maker, 66 St. Mary street
    Windsor James, tailor, 48 Broad street
    Wood Thomas & Son, brass founders, 109 St. Thomas' st
    Wood Anne (Mrs.), teacher of the pianoforte, 146 High st
    Woollven Charles, chemist & druggist, 108 High street
    Wright William, chemist & druggist, 92 High street
    Wyatt Joseph, beer retailer, East street
    Young Ellen (Miss), seminary, 13 St. Thomas' street
    Young George, butcher, 46 St. Mary street
    Young James Miller, butcher, 47 High street

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