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The outline of the pub history site is to list ALL pubs of the last 200 years with detailed information on each, including their occupants and staff members; i.e. it is a genealogical search tool. It is never exhaustive, but it's pretty damned good so far. Please help me make it better if you have anything to add. Use the search engine to find pubs by name, publicans and bar staff by name, or just use it as a historical street directory - all detail on one site of about 50 thousand pages and over 10 thousand images. The site lists all counties in England, but some are sparse in content, whilst London and the South is very well documented. Use the links above to traverse the site; and if a search fails, type your search into google, find the relevant page on Ewans pubology site and it brings you back here again!

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The Portsmouth 1898 Street directory

Directory of Pubs in the UK, historical public houses, Taverns, Inns, Beer Houses and Hotels in Hampshire . The Hampshire listing uses information from census, Trade Directories and History to add licensees, bar staff, Lodgers and Visitors.

Pub History & Directories 1855 to 1875

Far from complete, but I add a few pages every day (thanks to & historical directories )

Abbotsford terrace  , Abercrombie street, Abingdon road, Acorn terrace, Adames road, Addison road, Adelaide street and Agincourt road
Albany Road and Albany Grove
Albert road east side (odd numbers)
Albert road west side (even numbers)
Albert Hall chambers, Albion street, Alexandra place, Alexandra road, Alfred road, Alfred street, Alhambra road, All Saints road, All Saints street, Allens road,  and Alpha street
Alver road , Amelia street, Anchorgate road,  Andover road, Angerstein road, Anglesea road, Arcade, Arnaud street, Arthur street and Arundel place
Arundel street north side (odd numbers)
Arundel street south side (even numbers)
Ashburton road , Ashby place, Auckland road, The Avenue, Aylesbury road and Aylward street

Bailey road , Baker street, Balliol road, Barnes road, Barrack street, Bath square, Battery row and Beach road
Beach Farm road , Beatrice road, Beaufort road, Beck street, Bedford road, Bedford street, Beeston street and Belgrave street
Bellevue Terrace to Bishop street
Blackfriars road to Bradford road
Bramble road to Britain street
Britannia Road, southsea
Broad street to Brompton road
Brookfield road to Buckingham place
Buckingham street to Byerley road

Cairo terrace to Campbell road

Commercial Road, Landport (West side - odd numbers)
Commercial Road, Landport (East side - even numbers)
Common Street to Cosham Street.
Cottage Grove & Cottage View.
Craneswater park to Cross Street
Crown Street to Delhi Street

Eselemont Road to Exmouth Road
Fawcett Road west side
Fawcett Road east side
Felstead Terrace to FlathouseRoad
Florence Road to Fraser Road & Fratton Grove
Fratton Road west side
Fratton Road east side
Fratton siding to Fyning street

Gains Road to Garnier street
George street to Gloucester view

Hanover Street to The Hard
Harley Street to Havant Street
Havelock Road to H M Dockyard
Herbert Street to Heyward Road
High Street, Portsmouth

Lots more to follow :

Queen street north side
Queen street south side
Queens crescent to Queens place
Queens Road

The Thicket to Tipnor street
Toronto road to Trevor road
Twyford Avenue east side
Twyford Avenue west side

Unicorn Road to Union Street
Upper Arundel street to Upper Swan street

Victoria Chambers to Victoria Mews
Victoria Road North - west side
Victoria Road North - east side
Victoria Road South
Victoria Street to Waltham Street

Warblington Street to Waverley Grove
Waverley Road to Welch Road
Wellington Place to Wickham Street
Wilberforce Road to Wiltshire Street
Wimpole Street to Worsley Street
Worthing Road to Yorke Street

Milton 1898

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