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Hornchurch 1882 Kellys Directory

 History of Hornchurch


Ainsworth Henry, watch maker
Alabaster Walter Goddard, carpenter
Arnold John, plumber & painter
Arnold Nicholas, farmer, Hardley Green
Bacon James, beer retailer
Baker Charles Henry, grocer & draper
Ball John, Old Oak
Beard Wm Henry, baker & corn dealer
Beckett George, saddler
Belcher Henry, brick layer, Hardley Green
Blewitt Edward Robert, farmer, Doverís Farm, Southend
Bonnett William, farmer, Southend
Brewster Alexander, boot maker
Bridge Jane (Mrs), hurdle maker & wheelwright, Haveringwell
Bruorton William, surgeon, public vaccinator & medical officer of district
Burrell John (Mrs), baker
Cattermole Henry, Harrow Inn
Chester William (Mrs), shopkeeper
Collin Albert, tailor
Compton William, drill instructor, Essex rifle volunteers
Cracknell Benj, farmer, Beamlands Farm
Cross Hannah (Mrs), beer retailer, Butts Green
Dale Jas, farmer & straw dealer, Butts Green
Davis Geo (Mrs), shopkeeper, Harold Wood
Dear Jane (Miss), shopkeeper
Denny Geo, shopkeeper & cab proprietor
Dockrill Robert & Sons, carpenters
Drake Joseph, cow keeper
Ellis William, beer retailer & grocer, Hardley Green
Essex (1st) Artillery Volunteers ( Henry Holmes, capt)
Essex (1st) Rifle Volunteers ( H company) ( H P Fry, capt)
Ferguson Margaret (Mrs), dress maker
Ferguson John, boot & shoe maker
Franklyn George, butcher
Franklyn Henry, shoe maker
Frost Charles, wheelwright
Gardner Samuel, brick & tile maker
Gate Robert, farmer, Beverage's Farm
Gaywood Louisa (Mrs), butcher
Gentry James, reed layer, Southend
Gooch Brooks, farmer, The Hall
Goodrum Charles, carrier
Grout Daniel, Crown, Haveringwell
Harold Wood Brickfield Co, Harold Wood
Hesman Thos, Cherry Tree, Southend
Hill Alfred, baker
Hilsden Thomas, florist, Butts Green
Hollington William, farmer, The Sewerage farm; residence, East Ham
Holmes Henry & Benjamin, brewers
Hook Annie (Mrs), grocer & draper
Hyde John, pork butcher
Idiens Watson, saddler & harness maker, general repairs
Laws George, farmer, Haveringwell
Lee Walter, farmer, Priors Farm
Love James, greengrocer
Manning Thomas Edward, farmer, Hubbards Farm
Markwick George, shopkeeper
Martin Stephen Thomas (Mrs), plumber
McGibbon William, tailor
Mills David, White Hart hotel
Mitchell Edward, miller, Hornchurch Mills
Moore Wm, King Harold, Harold Wood
Oliver Geo, Good Intent, Southend
Parish John Ockley, shopkeeper
Patience William George, Bridge House inn & carrier
Pearce Thomas, smith & ironmonger
Perrin Samuel, farmer, Southend
Pinchon Mary (Mrs), grocer
Pound Philip Giles, farmer, Lillyputs Farm
Pritchard Eliza, milk seller, Kyme Road
Raven William, Cricketers
Robinson Henry, beer retailer
Roper Adam, farmer, New Redincourt
Russell Robert, farmer, Mardyke Farm, Southend
Shuttleworth Daniel, farmer, Whych Elms
Sibthorp George, builder
Smith Edward, plumber & shopkeeper
South Benjamin, farmer, Great Garden Farm
Stevens Wm, pork butcher, Butts Green
Stratford Frederick Adolphus, grocer & china dealer, rate collector, & agent for Liverpool & London & Globe
Townsend James, blacksmith
Tunbridge William Henry, Bull
Tyrrell Mary (Mrs), baker
Venables Jas, smith & farrier, Southend
Vines Anthony, farmer, Wyebridge Farm
Wedlake Thomas William & Co, engineers, millwrights, iron & brass founders, manufacturers of steam boilers, corn mills & machinery for export; only places of business, Union iron works, Hornchurch, & branch foundry & depot at Romford
Wenn John, beer retailer, Back Brentwood Road
Whittaker Thomas, Canteen, Southend
Wolfe George, Kings Head
Wolfe Pritchett (Mrs), shopkeeper
Wood Hy, Spencerís Arms, Hardley Green

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