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The History of Hornchurch in the Essex, East of London.

I thought it time to add a few items of history for Hornchurch , as I have lived in the area for nearly fifty years. This always starts with a few Trade Directories, it gets my mindset working and introduces the area to myself, adding a great wealth of historical data that I was not really aware of! If only I had taken pictures of the various places I visited 20, 30 or 40 years ago, even last year sometimes. The vivid impressions in ones memories can never be replaced, but how does one share these simple pictures with others?

St Andrews Church, High Street, Hornchurch in 2007

St Andrews Church, High Street, Hornchurch in 2007

Anyway, Here are a few Directory listings:

Hornchurch 1832-33 Pigots Directory

Hornchurch 1841 census  & 1841 census search engine

Hornchurch 1848 Whites Directory - 1848 Commercial & Private Residents

Hornchurch 1855 Post Office Directory & Private residents  - 1855 Commercial Traders

Hornchurch 1861 census - enumerators walk part 1 - enumerators walk part 2 - enumerators walk part 3

Hornchurch 1862 Post Office Directory & Private Residents - 1862 Commercial Traders

Hornchurch 1866 Imperial Gazetteer

Hornchurch 1874 Post Office Directory1874 Private Residents - 1874 Commercial

Hornchurch 1878 Kelly's Directory1878 Private Residents - 1878 Commercial

Hornchurch 1882 Kelly's Directory  - 1882 Private Residents - 1882 Commercial

Hornchurch 1886 Kelly's Directory  - 1886 Private Residents - 1886 Commercial

Hornchurch 1894 Kelly's Directory1894 Private Residents - 1894 Commercial

Hornchurch 1902 Kelly's Directory1902 Private Residents - 1902Commercial

Hornchurch 1910 Poster of Contents sale at the Good Intent

Hornchurch 1914 Kelly's Directory - 1914 Private Residents - 1914 Commercial

In the Great War (the First World War), Hornchurch was an important place for not only the locals, who formed many Battalions involved in this war, but also was an important base for the troops from New Zealand, and a convalescent home for the same. I have enjoyed reading a book on this subject, and it is now available online - through the Gutenberg project.

The burial plot alongside St Andrews church, in Hornchurch, still has many New Zealand graves, and the convalescent home at Grey Towers, now largely a set of allotment plots, has not been built over. The Battalion Headquarters would be the current site of Langtons, opposite the new Queens Theatre.

The Church at St Andrews., St Andrews web site

Hornchurch Public Houses , South Hornchurch Public Houses , Harold Wood Public Houses, Squirrels Heath Public Houses , Upminster (parts listed in Hornchurch)

Hornchurch changes in the last 30 years

There is a superb dancing school on the Romford - Hornchurch borders- Anthony Clifford Studios - this is not a history link

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