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Kent Villages, Towns & Public Houses - History, Genealogy & Trade Directories

Kent Villages and Towns A - Z

Canterbury, Blean / Canterbury, Canterbury with Swale

Melvilles 1858 Directory of Kent.

Melvilles 1858 Directory of Kent.

CANTERBURY, A City and County of itself .. ; Canterbury Cathedral & church history ;  More history of Canterbury.

Public Houses in Canterbury

Traders in 1858 Melvilles Directory by surname
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Gentry in 1858 - A to K ; L to Y

Alford, Rev. Henry, Dean of Canterbury, Deanery
Archer, George S, Esq, St Dunstan's place, London road
Aris, John, Esq., St. George's place
Ashenden, Mrs. Mary, St. Dunstan's terrace
Austin, Henry George, Esq., the Grange
Austin, Mrs. Mary Ann, Old Dover road
Backhouse, Mrs., St. George's street
Baker, Mr. Edward, Longport
Baker, Mrs. Mary Ann, St. Stephen's
Baker, Mrs, Patience, St. George's place
Barber, Mrs. Mary, St. Peter's lane
Barker, Mrs., Old Dover road
Barlow, Miss Elizabeth Ann, Archbishop's Palace, Palace street
Barnard, Mr. Benjamin, Northgate street
Baskerville, William M. Esq., Broad street
Bax, Mr. Thomas, Dover lane
Bennett, the Misses, Brick Walk
Bentham, Admiral .George, Barton fields
Bentham, Mrs. Harriet, St. George's(place
Best, Mr. William, Rhode Horse town
Best, Mr. William, St. Dunstan's street
Bishop, Miss Mary Ann, St. George's terrace
Blackburn, John W. Esq., ,St. George's place
Boulton, Thomas Willson, Esq., Watling street
Bradstreet, Miss Susannah, St. Stephen's
Brailsford, Rev. Edward,, Rector of Fordwick, St. Dunstau's terrace
Bridges, Mr. Esius, Whitstable road
Bremer, Mrs. Elizabeth, St. Martin's hill
Brent, Harman, Esq., Barton mill
Brock, William, Esq., mayor, St. George's fields
Brookwell, Mrs. Ann, Broad street
Burch, Thomas, L., Esq., Old Dover road
Burgess, Misses Mary and Sarah, St. Dunstan's terrace
Burridge, Captain John, Barton terrace
Brent, Mr. John, jun., St. George's fields
Callaway, Mrs. Jane, St. George's terrace
Callaway, John, Esq., St. Margaret's street
Campbell, Mrs. Catherine, St. George's place
Carpenter, Rev. Jabez J. G., Minister of Countess of Huntingdon's Chapel, Watling street
Castleden, Mr. John Riohard, Green .court
Castleden, Mrs. Sarah, St. Dunstan's street
Chaffey, Miss Martha S., Water lane, Westgate
Chisholm, Mrs. Mary, St.'George's fields
Chesstiyre, Rev. William John, Barton court
Claris, Mr. John Chalk, Best lane
Clarke, 'Mrs. Anne, Beer-cart lane
Collard, Mr. Edward, Burgess street
Collard, George P., Esq., 37, Walling street
Collard, Misses Jane and Charlotte, 3, St. George's place
Collard, Mr. William, ,01d Castle, Castle street
Cox, Mrs. Ann, Wincheap street
Cooper, Henry, Esq., Wincheap street
Cooper, Mr. James, St. Martin's hill
Couchman, Mrs., Dane John
Court, the Misses,, Gothic Cottage, St. Peter's place
Croasdill, Mrs., Westgate House, Westgate street
Crow, Mr. William, St. John's-piace
Cullgn, Mrs. Susannah,, St. Peter's place
Cullen, Mr. Ambrose, St. Peter's place
Cullen, Mr. Robert, St. Dunstan's terrace
CurtSis,'George, Esq., Burgate street
Danvers, Mr. .Frederick S., Dane John gate
Davis, Mrs. Mary Ann, Watling street
Davis, Mrs. Sarah, St. George's place
Delmar, William, Esq., Old Dover road
Dean, Mrs. Ann, Orchard street
Delmar, James, Esq., St. Margaret's street
De Lasoux, Thomas, Esq., Upper Bridge street
Dewell, Mrs. Mary, St. George's terrace
Dix, Miss Fanny, Hawke's lane
Diamond, Mrs. Sarah, St. George's terrace
Docker, Mrs. Delia, Dane John
Drewitt, William,. Esq., Burgate street
Dutton, Mrs. Sarah, Watling street
Eaden, William W., Esq., Dane John green
Eastes, Mr. George, Orchard place
Edmunds, Mrs. Christiana, Watling street
Epps, Mr. Henry G., Church street
Evcnden, Miss Sarah, North lane
Every, Mrs. Charlotte, Longport house
Fairman, Mrs Eliza, St George's place
Fielding, Rev. Henry, Victoria place
Fielding, Allen, Esq, Bridge street
Fea, Miss Mary, St Peter's street
Fill, Robert, Esq, Wuncheap street
Flint, Mr Rest, St Dunstan's street
Flood, Mrs Mary Ann, St George's street
Ford, Miss Sarah, St George's terrace
Foreman, Mrs Sarah, St George's terrace
Ford, Major William, St George's fields
Foord, Miss Elizabeth, Westgate street
Frew, John, Orchard cottage, London road
Francis, Robert, Esq, Ivy house, Old Dover road
Freeling, Miss, Cathedral yard
Frend, Miss Mary Ann, St. Peter's friars
Francis, Mrs. Esther, Oldham road
Furley, George, Esq., Barton terrace
Furley, Mrs. Elizabeth, St. George's street
Furley, Mrs. Eliza G., 4, St. George's place
Furley, William, H., Esq., the Paddock
Gardener, Mrs., Dane John
Garrow, Miss, Watling street
Glover, Mrs. Francis, 'Watling street
Garrett, Mrs. Mary Ann, Orchard street
Gilbert, Mrs. Sarah F., Mount Pleasant
Godston, Mrs. Mary, 16, St. George's place
Good, Mr. Harry, Castle street
Goodchild, John, Wineieap street
Gooch, W. H., Esq., M.D., Precincts
Goulden, Mrs. Mary, sen., St.George'splace
Goulden, Mr. William, Blackfriars
Greaves, Miss Susannah C., 20, Watling street
Hake, Rev. Robert, M.A., Minor Canon, Green court
Hales, Miss, Hales place, St. Stephen's road
Halliwell, Mrs. Elizabeth, Castle street
Hall, Mr. James, Wincheap street
Hardeman, Mr. Edwin S., Burgate street
Harnett, Mrs. Elizabeth, Wincheap villas
Harrison, Rev. and Venerable Benjamin, Archdeacon of Maidstone, Precincts
Harrison, Mrs. Elizabeth, New street
Harvey, Mr. William, St. Peter's place
Harvey, Miss Sarah, Wincheap street
Hayward, Mr. Morris, Orchard street
Hewitt, Mr. Thomas, Old Dover road
Hogben, Mrs. Sarah, St. Dunstan's terrace
Holland, Rev. Francis James, M.A., Vicar of St. Dunstan's, St. Dunstan's terrace
Holttum, Mr. Edward, jun., St. George's place
Homersliam, Mrs. Mary, St. Peter's stree;
Homersham, Miss Maria, St. Peter's lane
Hooker, Rev. William, B.A., St. George's place
Horn, Mrs. Ann, Orchard street
Horsly, Mrs., Dane John
Hope, Mrs. Elizabeth, Dover lane
Horsley, Major William ' Henry, St. Stephen's lodge, St. Stephen's road
Houlden, Mrs., Castle place, Castle street
Howland, William, Esq., Burgate street
Hunneyman, Miss Mary Ann, Blackfriars
Hurst, Mrs. Annie, Oaten hill
Hurst, Rev. Thomas, Minor Canon, Green court
Hunt, Captain Edward D., St. George's place
Jackson, Captain Fitzherbert, Adjutant East. Kent Militia, St. George's place
Jackson, Joseph, Esq., St. George's fields
Jennings, Rev. Mr.,, Unitarian Minister, New cut, Oaten hill place
Jermain, Mrs. Sarah, St. Dunstan's terrace
Johnson, John, Esq-, 7, St.George's terrace
Keeler, Miss Sarah, Dover lane
Kenna, Miss Catherine, King street
King, Thomas, Esq., St. G-eorge's terrace
Kingsford, Henry, C., Esq., Westgate tower
Kirtland, Rev. C., Baptist Minister, Wincheap street
Kingsford, Mr. Thomas, Barton house

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