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    Kent Villages, Towns & Public Houses - History, Genealogy & Trade Directories

    Kent Villages and Towns A - Z

    Canterbury, Blean / Canterbury, Canterbury with Swale

    Melvilles 1858 Directory of Kent.

    CANTERBURY, A City and County of itself .. ; Canterbury Cathedral & church history ;  More history of Canterbury.

    Gentry in 1858 - A to K ; L to Y

    Public Houses in Canterbury

    Traders in 1858 Melvilles Directory by surname
    A to B ; C to D ; E to H ; I to M ; N to Si ; Sk to Y

    Inge, Edwin, baker, Canterbury lane
    Irons, William, Malt Shovel, Broad street
    Isaac, Judah, Jewish Rabbi, Northgate street
    Jackson, Thomas, smith and ironmonger, Northgate street
    Jackman, John, tailor and woollen draper, Palace street
    Jacobs, James, linen manufacturer, Burgate street
    Jacobs, Nathan, Birmingham and Sheffield warehouse, Sun street
    Jacobs, the Misses Ann and Elizabeth, drapers, Sun street
    Jeffery, James, watch maker, Orange street
    James, Thomas, Eight Bells, London road
    James, William, baker and confectioner, Castle street
    James, Miss Eliza, shopkeeper, Castle street
    James, Thomas, beadsman at Cathedral, Cathedral yard
    Jebb, Henry, shoemaker, Church street, Northgate
    Jennings, William, printer and publisher of the East Kent Times, St. Georges street
    Jennings, Jesse, butcher, Butchery lane
    Jennings, Alfred, butcher, Palace street
    Jennings, Henry, butcher, Church street, Northgate
    Jennings, William John, butcher, Borough of Staplegate
    Jennings, John, butcher, Butchery lane
    Johnson, Benjamin, miller, Borton Old mill
    Johnson, Charles, hairdresser, Burgate street and St. Margaret's street
    Johnson William, ostler, Watling street
    Jones, Henry, statuary and mason, Adelaide hall, Castle street
    Jordan, John, White Hart, Castle row
    Jull, John, poulterer, Castle street
    Keen and Co., smiths in general, Upper Bridge street
    Keel William, baker and beer house, Watling street
    Keeler, Edward, shopman, Watling street
    Kelson, James, builder and surveyor, Monastery street
    Kelson, Thomas, carpenter, Monastery street
    Kelley, John, boot and shoe maker, Palace street
    Kemp, John L., hair cutter and ginger beer manufacturer, White-horse lane
    Kempton, Castle, lay clerk of Cathedral, Broad street
    Kennedy, Andrew, shopkeeper, Union street
    Kenny, Henry, boot and shoe maker, St. George's street
    Kennett, Frederick, cabinet maker and broker, Westgate street
    Kennett, Thomas, cabinet maker, North lane
    Kennett, George, Cathedral gate-keeper, Cathedral yard
    Kennett, Thomas, furniture broker, Palace street:
    Kennett, Mrs. Ann, St. John's lane
    Kennett, Thomas G., merchant's clerk, Watling street
    Keyes, Frederick, house agent and accountant, Dane John
    Ker, George, silk dyer, Stour villa
    Kingsford, Thomas, miller, Bprton mill
    Kingsford and Wightwick, solicitors, clerks to Justices of Herne Division, to the Commissioners of Taxes, to the Trustees of Canterbury and Sandwich roads, to the Commissioners of Sewers, solicitors to the Gas Company, and stewards of the Manor of Faversham, Watling street
    Kingsford, George, solicitor, h Watling street
    Kirby, George H., watch maker, Canterbury lane
    Kingsland, William, Wheatsheaf, wheelwright and smith, Wincheap street
    Kingsland, Mark William, miller, St. Martin's hill
    Knowler, William, builder, North lane
    Knott, Edward, shopkeeper, Old Dover road
    Knowler, James, Maiden's Head, Wincheap street
    Krantzcke, John G., tailor and habit maker, agent to the Mutual Life and Imperial Fire and Assurance Companies, Palace street
    Ladd, Gibbon, ale, porter, and cyder merchant, Burgate street, and Westgate street
    Ladd, George W., bookseller, stationer, news agent, and general toy warehouse, Burgate street
    Lamb, William, fruit and fish salesman, St. Peter's street
    Laming, William, Seven Stars, Orange street
    Laming, John, tailor, Palace street
    Laming, Charlotte, shopkeeper, Artillery street
    Ladson, Alice, milliner and dressmaker, Palace street
    Laming, John, cabinet maker, St. Peter's friars
    Lancefield, George, builder, lime merchant, and brick maker, Lower Bridge street
    Lancefield & Marshall, plumbers, glaziers and painters, Burgate street
    Lancefield Edward, confectioner, Northgate street
    Laslett, John, grocer, King street
    Lavender, Thomas, boot and shoe maker, and shopkeeper, Military road
    Lawford, James, shopkeeper, New Huttington lane
    Lawrence, William, tea dealer and grocer, St. Margaret's street
    Lawranoe, Edward, butcher, Northgate street
    Lawrance, Benjamin, blacksmith, Dover lane
    Lazarus, Nathaniel, Clothier, Sun street
    Lea, Charles and Co., tea dealers and coffee roasters, 13, Parade
    Leach, Robert, upholsterer, auctioneer etc., Palace street
    Leach, Henry, coal dealer and greengrocer. King street
    Lee, William, pork butcher, Ivy lane
    Lee, Hannah, shopkeeper, St. Dunstan's street
    Lefevre, George, greengrocer, Wincheap street
    Lefevre, Benjamin, wool sorter, Orchard street
    Lefevre, James, greengrocer, Westgate street
    Lefevre, James, coal and wood dealer, Rose lane
    Leman, Charles, baker, Northgate street
    Leslie, Elizabeth, milliner and straw bonnet maker, Broad street
    Lewis, Samuel, upholsterer, Castle street.
    Lidbetter, William, Royal George, Northgate street
    Lidley, George, Waggoners' Arms, Whitstable road
    Lemar, Catharine E., milliner and straw bonnet maker, Burgate street
    Linford and Son, chemists, 35, Burgate street
    Linom, William Henry, linen and woollen draper, Sun street
    Linton, Thomas, broker, turner, &c., Burgate street
    Lochee, Alfred, surgeon, Oaten hill
    Longley, John, statuary and mason, St. George's place
    London and County Joint Stock Branch Bank, Clarke, Henry A. Esq,, manager, Parade
    Lumsden, Catharine A., shopkeeper, Northgate street
    Lyons, Myer, clothier, Northgate street
    Lyon, Oharlesj professor of music, and pianoforte warehouse, St. Margaret's street
    Mace, Edward, hop planter, Wincheap street
    Maidlow, Miss Elizabeth, boarding school, Watling street
    Major, David B., surveyor, Watling street
    Malke, John, shopkeeper, Broad street
    Manuel, James, shopkeeper, Old Dover road
    Manning, Benjamin Joseph, lay clerk, London Road
    Marrell, Stephen, butcher, Forthgate street
    Marsh Richard, corn dealer, Union street
    Marsh, Arthur, Good Intent, Artillery street
    Marsh, Thomas, baker and corn dealer, Orange street
    Marsh, John, draper, etc,, Northgate street
    Marsh, Edward, boot and shoe maker, Broad street
    Marshall, John, carpenter and builder, Westgate street
    Marshall, Charles, post office clerk, Best lane
    Marshall, John, coal dealer, Gas street
    Marten, Charles, printer and publisher of the Kentish Times, King's Bridge, High street
    Martin, Henry, baker, Whitstable road
    Martin, Charles, St. Peter's street
    Martin, Stephen, butcher, St, George's street
    Martin, James, Lodging house, North lane
    Martin, John, Gardener, Westgate street
    Maskell, Michael, Orchard street
    Mason, Charles, silversmith and watch maker, St. George's street
    Mason, Martha, boarding school, the Cedars, Wincheap street
    Masters and Son, landscape gardeners, nursery and seedsmen, Exotic Nursery, Canterbury, and Fant Nursery, Maidstone
    Masters, Frank, registrar of births and deaths, Westgate
    Maxon, John R., veterinary surgeon, Church street
    Maxsted, George, shopkeeper, Oaten hill
    Matthews, James, S., repository for Berlin wool and fancy goods, Mercery lane
    Matthews, David, chemist and druggist, surgeon dentist, etc., Cathedral gate
    Matthew, John Drayson, tea dealer, Love lane
    May, James, Plough, Pound lane
    May, William, tobacconist, Palace street
    McCoom, John, pork butcher, Northgate street
    Mead, Brothers,. Wool staplers, Lamb, lane
    Merritt, William, clock maker, Watling street
    Miles, William, Fleece Inn, Parade
    Miles, John, eating house, Sun, street
    Miller, Stephen, Black Boy, Cattle street
    Mills, Robert, grocer, Stour street
    Mills, Daniel, butcher, Castle street
    Mills, James, gun maker, Westgate street
    Mills, Robert, grocer, Ivy lane
    Miskin, Henry and George, fancy repository, china and glass warehouse, High street
    Miskin,. Henry and George, Birmingham and Sheffield warehousemen, High. street
    Minter, Lucy, day school, Butter market
    Mittell, Henry, grocer and cheesemonger, Burgate street
    Monk, Thos,, shopkeeper, St. Peter's street
    Monti, Anthony, watch and clock maker, Jeweller, cutler etc, Palace street
    Moore and Hiolden, drapers, Burgate street
    Morgan James, Blue Anchor, Dover street
    Morgan, Giles, fishmonger, etc., St. Margaret's street
    Morris, J6hn, pork butcher, Burgate street
    Morris, Thomas, blacksmith, Winoheap street
    Mose, Thomas, draper, St. George's street
    Mothershead, Jasper, merchant's clerk, Victoria grove, Hawke's lane
    Mount, George, carpenter and joiner, St. Radigund street
    Mount and Fielding, solicitors, Watling street
    Mount, Richard Fielding, clerk to the
    trustees'of the Canterbury and Whitstable turnpike roads, of the Hurry street and Herne Bay turnpike road, and of the Canterbury and Ashford, Faversham, and Hythe turnpike roads, Watling street
    Mount, James, musician, Blackfriars
    Mount, William, chemist, Church street, Staplegate
    Moys, James, Plasterers' Arms, Northgate street
    Moys, Thomas, plumber, glazier, and painter, Northgate street
    Moys, Thomas, smith. New Ruttington lane
    Moy, John W., cabinet maker, Hawke's lane
    Mudford, Amelia, Kentish Observer and Canterbury Journal office, St. George's street
    Muirhead, William, draper, Palace street
    Mullen, Robert Joseph, Falstaff Inn, Westgate street
    Mummery, William R., currier and leather merchant, Palace street
    Murphy, John, Carpenters' Arms, Black Griffin lane
    Mutton, Thomas, sexton to St. Mary Northgate, Northgate street
    Mutton, Benjamin, leather seller, and grindery warehouse, Palace street

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