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    Traders in Margate , Thanet, Thanet with Dover

    Kent Villages, Towns & Public Houses - History, Genealogy & Trade Directories

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    Margate , Thanet, Thanet with Dover

    Melvilles 1858 Directory of Kent.

    Margate is a watering-place, sea port town, and ...

    Public Houses in Margate

    Gentry in 1858

    Traders in Melvilles 1858 Directory

    A to C ; C to F ; G to I ; J to O ; P to Se ; Sh to Y

    Abbott, Francis, wine and spirit merchant, 15 Cecil square, and 23 Harp lane, London
    Abram, Joshua, writing master, 1, Aldby place
    Adams, William, excise officer, 14, Vicarage place
    Adams, George, boot and shoe maker, 43, King street
    Adams, George, painter, plumber, and glazier, Duke's court, h crescent place
    Admans, George, bricklayer, etc., 16, Dane Hill row
    Admans, William, lodging house keeper, Clifton street
    Akhurst, George, hairdresser and perfumer, Bankside
    Akhurst, Mrs. Elizabeth, china and glass dealer, 38, King street
    Akhurst, James H., boot and shoe maker, Bankside
    Agar, John, boot and shoe maker, Crescent place
    Agar, William H., boot and shoe maker, High street
    Allen, Thomas, farmer, Rose Farm
    Allen, James, shipwright, Dane hill
    Alexander, Mrs. Charlotte, lodging house keeper, Addington Square
    Amos, George Hope, grocer and tea dealer, 6, Marine parade
    Amos, Henry Thomas, law stationer, King street
    Anderson, Thomas, tailor. Cliff terrace
    Andrews, Mrs. Mary, lodging house keeper, 2, Lower Clifton place
    Andrews, George, lodging house keeper, High street
    Andrews, John, lodging house keeper, 6, St. John street
    Ansell, Albert C., lodging house keeper, Bellevue place
    Archer, Mrs. Sarah, lodging house keeper, Caroline square
    Arnold, Miss M. E., lodging housekeeper, Churchfields place
    Arnold, John, lodging house keeper, 7, Cliff terrace
    Ashby, Miss Elizabeth, lodging house, Broad street
    Astle, Hugh G., grocer, etc., King street
    Atkinson, William B., surgeon, 5, Upper Marine terrace
    Austen, Mrs. Mary, lodging house keeper, Crescent place
    Austen, Mrs. Sarah, New Inn, New street
    Austen, Edward, shopkeeper, 5, Lombard street
    Austen, William, plumber, painter, and glazier, 2, Mill lane
    Avery, William, lodging house keeper,Garden row
    Baker, Richard, lodging house keeper, Princess street
    Baker, Richard, fishmonger, Zion place
    Baker Mrs. Ann, lodging house keeper, Northumberland crescent
    Balls, Miss Sarah, lodging house keeper, 27, Lower Marine terrace
    Baldry, John, lodging housekeeper, Princess street
    Bamford, Robert, lodging house keeper, Fort row ;
    Bamford, Mrs. Elizabeth, lodging house keeper, 8, King street
    Barnard, John James, railway station master, Lower Marine terrace
    Barnett, Mouish, optician, Broad street
    Barrett, Robert, boot and shoe maker, 1, Mill lane
    Basden, Mrs. Ann, corset maker, 2, New Cross street
    Bassett, Edwin, builder, etc., Union Crescent
    Bassett, George, lodging house keeper, 20, Union crescent
    Batt, James, lodging house keeper, the Dane
    Batley Richard, lodging house keeper, 8, Lower Clifton place
    Batsford, Miss Louisa, lodging house keeper, 33, Lower Marine terrace
    Bax, William, lodging house keeper, Cliff terrace
    Bayley, Mrs. Mary Ann, lodging house
    keeper, John street
    Bayley, Miss Harriet, ladies' boarding school, Union crescent
    Bayley, Frederick, bricklayer, Princess crescent
    Bayley, Richard, lodging house keeper, 15, Princess crescent
    Bayly and Son, grocers and tea dealers, High street, and Queen street
    Beale, Miss Elizabeth, fruiterer, etc., High street
    Beeching, Mrs. Mary, shopkeeper, Westbrook
    Beerling, Mrs., Elizabeth, lodging house keeper, Princess street
    Bell, Thomas P., grocer, etc., High street
    Belger, the Misses, ladies' day school, Vicarage place
    Bennett, William, lodging house keeper, Brook terrace
    Bentley, Daniel, William, and Thomas, ironmongers, smiths, bellhangers, and gas fitters, High street
    Bentley William, veterinary surgeon, Vicarage place
    Bentley, Daniel, cooper and brush warehouse, 129 High street
    Bird, John, lodging house keeper, Pleasant place
    Birch, Thomas, lodging house keeper, King street
    Bing, Miss Jane, lodging house keeper, Zion place
    Bishop, John R., baker, Love lane
    Bishop, Richard, lodging house keeper, Pleasant place
    Blackett, Mrs. Mary, lodging house keeper, Charlotte place
    Bloxham, Mrs. Ann, lodging house keeper, Lombard street
    Bloxham, Edwin, confectioner, Lombard street
    Boatwright, John, pork butcher, 17, High street
    Boatwright, Mrs. Mary Ann, lodging house
    keeper, 2, Middle Grosvenor place
    Bone, Mrs. Eliza, lodging house keeper, Aldby place
    Boswell, Mrs. Jane, lodging house keeper, 17, Cliff terrace
    Boulden, Joseph, boarding school for gentlemen, Dane Hill House
    Boulting, George, lodging house keeper, Clifton street
    Boulton, the Misses, laundresses, Bellevue place
    Bowman, Mr., lodging house keeper, Upper Marine terrace
    Boys, John Harvey, solicitor, registrar of the County Court, clerk to the Magistrates, clerk to the Local Board of Health, India House, Hawley street
    Boys, Miss Emma, ladies' boarding and day school,. Argyle House, Vicarage place
    Boys, Robert, tailor, Westbrook
    Brady, Thomas, hair dresser and toy warehouse, 2, Bridge street
    Brady, Thomas, coffee and eating house, 4, Bridge street
    Brasier, William Church, printer, bookseller, bookbinder, stationer, and stamp office, 20, High street
    Brett, William, lodging house keeper, Brook terrace
    Brett, Mrs. Maria, lodging house keeper, Lombard street
    Briee, Miss Jane, dress maker, Bellevue place
    Bricknell, William, Oak and Anchor, High street
    Brinkley, Thomas, coast guard, Westbrook station
    Bristow, Edward, lodging house keeper, High street
    Bristow, Mr., lodging house keeper, Addington street
    Broadbridge, Miss Harriet, milliner, etc., Queen street
    Brooke and Martens, solicitors & notaries public, Cecil square
    Brooke, the Misses, ladies' boarding establishment, 38, Hawley-square
    Brooks, John, lodging house keeper, High street
    Broom, George E., lodging house keeper, Melbourne house, Dane
    Broom, Mrs. Sarah, lodging house keeper, St. John street
    Broom, Mrs. Caroline, lodging house keeper, Dane hill row
    Brown, John, shoeing smith, New street
    Brown, William, corn chandler, 13, St. John's place
    Brown, John, carpenter, etc., Dane hill
    Browne, William, licensed to let horses for hire, St. James's square
    Brown, George, lodging house keeper, Pleasant place
    Bundock, Martin, carpenter, 108, High street
    Burden and Holbrow, linen drapers and silk mercers, High street
    Burch, John, Crown and Anchor Hotel, Zion place
    Burch, Thomas, lodging house keeper, Bath road
    Bursell, Francis, lodging house keeper, 5, Addington square
    Burton, Thomas, British Tar, Buenos Ayres
    Burton, Mrs. Jane, milliner and dress maker, King street
    Burton, Miss Mary, lodging house keeper, Churchfields place
    Bushell, William, builder and lodging house keeper, 1 Fort Paragon
    Bushell, John, lodging house keeper, 8, Pleasant place
    Bushell, George, lodging house keeper, 24, Port crescent
    Bushell, Stephen, shopkeeper, High street
    Bushell, Richard, bootmaker, 136, High street
    Bytham, Mrs. Mary, lodging house keeper, 5, Crescent place
    Cable, Joseph, coast guard, Westbrook station
    Cadby, John Phillips, chemist and druggist, 143, High street
    Cain, George, scripture reader, Addington street
    Candler, Joseph Thomas, chemist and druggist. High street, agent to the Promoter Life Assurance Company
    Canham, George, lodging house keeper, 2, Hawley square
    Cannaby, William, lodging house keeper, 10, Buenos Ayres
    Carpenter, James, tailor, 12, New Cross st,
    Carraway, Jesse, upholsterer and cabinet maker, Cecil street and Union crescent
    Carter, Mrs sarah, lodging house keeper, 3, Andrew's place
    Carter, Thomas, lodging house keeper, Clifton street
    Carter, Mrs. Mary, lodging house keeper, Trafalgar place
    Castell, William, boot and shoe maker, 1, High street
    Castle, Mrs. Mary, First and Last, Vicarage place
    Causton, Richard, confectioner, Queen street
    Chancellor, Matthew, baker and clerk to the Trinity Church, 20, Fort crescent
    Chancellor, Stephen S., lodging house keeper, 3, Lower Marine terrace
    Chancellor, Stephen S., jun., baker, 6, Bridge street
    Chancellor, Miss B. S, lodging house keeper, 9, Lower Marine terrace
    Chancellor, Francis, coal merchant, King street
    Chancellor, Mrs. Susannah, lodging house keeper, Fort road
    Chandler, Thomas, lodging house keeper, 19 and 20, Lower Marine terrace
    Chandler, Thomas, grocer, etc., New Cross street
    Chapman, George W., hair cutter and perfumer, 162, High street
    Chapman, Hart, Queen's Head, Market place
    Chapman, Mrs. Mary, lodging house keeper, 6, Lansell's place
    Chapman, George, builder, High street
    Chapman, Thomas Young, butcher, Hawley street
    Chapman, John, boot and shoe warehouse, 163, High street
    Cheeseman, William, brewer and maltster, Dane brewery
    Chexfield, George, superintendent and secretary to the Sea Bathing Infirmary, St. John's place
    Chidwick, Edward, tobacconist, plumber, glazier, etc., 128, High street

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