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    Tunbridge Wells, Tunbridge, Tunbridge Wells

    Kent Villages, Towns & Public Houses - History, Genealogy & Trade Directories

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    Melvilles 1858 Directory of Kent.

    Public Houses in Tunbridge Wells

    GENTRY in 1858

    Traders in 1858 Melvilles Directory by surname

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    GENTRY in 1858

    Acres, John R., Esq., St. Cuthbert's, Camden park
    Allen, Mrs., Burlington House School, Mount Sion
    Allftee, Rev. Frederick Charles, B.A, Rose hill, London road
    Allfree, Rev. George' Frederick, B.A., Albion Cottage, London road
    Alltree, Thomas R., Esq., Romanoff House, London road
    Ash, Rev. Dr. Jarvis Holland, 24, Calverley park
    Auriol, Miss, Woodcote, Mount Ephraim
    Baker, Miss A., 5, Calverley Promenade
    Barry, Dr. Milner, Mount Epbraim road
    Bartram, Mr. George, Rocklands, Calverley, Sandrock road
    Beecham, Stephen, Esq., Percy Cottage, London road
    Biddies, 3. H., Esq., 9, Calverley park
    Biddulph, Mrs., Culverden green
    Bishop, Mrs., 7, Grove hill
    Booth, Mrs., Boyu e House, Mount Ephraim
    Bowers, Mrs., 11, Calverley Promenade
    Bramley, Rev. Thomas J., Neville park
    Briggs, Rev. William, Bath square, Parade
    Broadwood, Henry, Esq., Mount Sion
    Brook, Mrs., 5, Mount Ephraim road
    Browne, Eev. George, Wellington House, London road
    Bullen, Rev. John, Calverley Promenade
    Buttanshaw, John, Esq., Neville park
    Burney, Mrs, 1, Morsom place, Mount Pleasant
    Burrows, Mrs., Church road
    Burt, Miss E., Church road
    Burton, Mrs., Calverley road
    Buxton, Mr., Thomas, York road
    Caballero, Madame, Claremont House
    Galley, Mrs., 8, Mount Ephraim road
    Campbell, Mrs., Culverden Castle
    Campbell, Alexander, Esq., Somerset House, Mount Ephraim.
    Carnal, Miss, Belgrave Lodge, Grosvenor road
    Carr, Mrs., Mount Pleasant road
    Cavan, the Countess of, 4, Mount Ephraim road
    Chapman, William Robert, Esq., Arundel House, Clarence road
    Charrington, the Misses, Lloyd's House, Bishop's down
    Christmas, George Charles, Esq., Calverley park
    Clarke, Sev, Edward, Bishop's down
    Cockburn, Dr., Ephraim Cottage, Mount Ephraim
    Connell, Mrs., Bishop's down
    Cook, Lieutenant Thomas, Roselle, Mount Ephraim
    Courthope, the Misses, 18, Calverley park
    Cripps, Mr. Charles, Clifton villa, Camden park
    Cronk, Mrs., Park view
    Curteis, Mrs., 8, Calverley parade
    Dakins, Rev. Mr., Calverley place
    David, Mrs., York terrace
    Dawkins, the Misses, Mount Sion
    Deane, James, Esq., Mount Sion
    Delves, Mr. Henry, Parade
    Delves, Mr. William, Hargate Lodge, Frant road
    Delves, Joseph, Esq., Blenheim place, Mount Sion
    Delves, Mrs., Marlboro' Villa, Mount Sion
    Dick, William F., Esq., Holly Bank, Calverley road
    Dingley, Mrs., Priory, Church road
    Ditton, Mr. Thomas, Westminster lodge, Grosvenor road
    Dirs, Mrs., 3, Cal verier parade
    Doust, Mr. George, Mount Sion
    Duffield, Miss, Rockwell, Mount Ephraim
    Dyne, the Hon. Mrs., Calverley park
    Dyne, Benjamin, Esqn Calverley park
    Earnshaw, Rev. Joseph, Wesleyan minister, Essex House, London road
    Edwards, Miss, 8, Calverley park
    Edwards, Mr. Charles, Hungershall park
    Edwards, Mrs., Church road
    Edwards, Mrs., Elm Lodge, Mount Ephraim
    Elers, William, Esq., Mount Ephraim
    Elliot, Mr. John, Calverley place
    Slrington, Mrs,, Vale Royal
    Penning, Mrs., Mount Ephraim
    Field, Mr. John, Mount Ephraim
    Finch, John, Esq., Mount Ephraim
    Fisher, C. J., Esq., London road
    Fisher, Mrs. Jeddere, Mount Ephraim
    Fullerton, Miss, Longford House, Mount Ephraim road
    Furlong, Rev. Charles A., 1, Byron place, London road
    Franklyn, Rev. Thomas Ward, Mount Ephraim .
    Freedom, Mrs., Calverley promenade
    Freeland, Miss, 3, Westbourne terrace, Grosvenor road
    Garrett, Mrs., 1, Delhi place, York road
    Gillard, Mrs., Calverley promenade
    Glasgow, Bishop of, 5, .Neville park
    Gnorowski, Madame, fiosemout Cottage, Mount Ephraim
    Goldney, Rev. George, Southfield, London road
    Goldney, Miss, Mount Ephraim road
    Haly, Colonel, Sion place
    Hancock, Mrs., Calverley terrace
    Harman, Miss, Calverley road
    Harman, Miss, Mount Calverley Lodge
    Harrison, Mrs, Calverley parade
    Hartrup, Mrs Norfolk villas, York road
    Hasmer, Mrs, Bedford terrace
    Hawley, Miss, Calverley park
    Heather, Mr. William, Mount Sion
    Hoare, Rev. Edward, Parsonage, Calverley road
    Holmes, B.ev. W. R., Calverley parade
    Hone, Mrs., Woodbury park
    Hooper, Mrs., Mount Ephraim
    Hunter, Miss, York terrace
    Inglis, Mrs., Somerville House, Mount Ephraim
    Jacob, Rev. P., Grove Hill road
    Jacobs, Miss, 8, Mount Ephraim terrace
    Jacomb, Miss, Mount Ephraim
    Jaques, Miss, Eden villas, Mount Sion
    Jeffery, Mr. Edwin, Cumberland terrace
    Jones, Rev. George, Chapel House, London road
    Jones, Mrs., Grove hill
    Jones, Eobert, Esq., B.A., 3, Culverden colonnade
    Keene,Rev. Henry George, Mount Ephraim road
    Kindersley, Miss, Bishop's down
    King, Mrs., London road
    Kilvington, Mrs., Mount Ephraira road
    Koe, Rev. William Lewis, Grove villa, Mount Sion
    Lake, Mrs., Calverley fair, Mile road
    Langridge, Mr. George, Grove Hill road
    Lidbetter, Mr. William H., Belgrave place
    Lidgett, J., Esq., Kingsdown House, Calverley road
    Lister, Mrs., Calverley promenade
    Loring, Mrs. Bishop's down.
    Ludlam, Rev. Thomas, Wesleyan minister, Grove Hill road
    Lushington, Miss, Mount Sion
    Lutwidge, Mrs., 21, Calverley park
    Lyon, Rev. William P., Independent, Calverley place
    Maingay, Mr. William, Belvedere terrace, Church road
    Mander, Mrs., Mount Ephraim
    Marden, Rev. Owen, Marston Lodge, Mount Ephraim road
    Marsden, Mrs., Monson place, Mount Pleasant road
    Martin, Sir Henry, Calverley Park
    Mawley, Miss, Belvedere terrace
    Meade, Lady, Bloomfleld Cottage
    Meade, Lady, Cumberland terrace
    Mertens, Miss, Calverley parade
    Midlane, Mrs, York place
    Molyneux, Hon. P. G., Montague terrace, Mount Ephraim
    Molyneux, Lady, Montague terrace, Mount Ephraim
    Morton, Walter, Esq., Ashley House, Grove Hill road
    Muggeridge, John, Esq., 22 Calverley park
    Murrey, Rev. Thomas, Frant road
    Nation, Mrs., Sandrock road
    Neal, Miss, 2, Westbourne terrace, Gros venor road
    Newnham, Miss, Merivale House, High street
    Newton, John, Esq., Calverley park
    Nicholl, Mrs., Calverley terrace
    Norman, Mr. Francis, Maitland House
    Oakley, Mr. William, Ebenezer place, Grosvenor road
    Offley, Mrs., Forest prospect, Mount Sion
    Ogle, Miss, Melbourne Lodge, High street
    Packham, Mrs. Jane, Ebenezer Cottage, Grosvenor road
    Pearce, Frederick, Esq., Calverley plain
    Pope, Rev. William L., M.A., Incumbent of chapel of ease, Mount Sion
    Pratt, Lady Georgiana, Camden park
    Rayment, Mr. William, Spring Cottage, Calverley road '
    Read, Mr. Thomas, North Grove House
    Reed, Henry, Esq., Dunorlam House
    Richardson, Mr. William, Mount Ephraim
    Richardson, Mr. Herbert, Somerset place
    Richardson, Miss, 2, Summer Hill place
    Roberts, John, Esq., Gilead place, Mount Ephraim
    Robertson, David J., Esq., Bishop's down
    Rodwell, Mrs., London road
    Ross, Misses, 2, Bedford place, Mount Sion
    Rowe, Rev. William, Roman Catholic Priest, Grosvenor road
    Sawyer, Rev. W. C., Cambridge House School
    Scholes, Mr. Jabez, Alpha House, Grosvenor road
    Scrooby, Miss, Little Grove House, Mount Sion
    Sharp, Mr. John, Culverden hill
    Simco, Mrs., 1, Westbourne terrace, Grosvenor road
    Simpson, Thomas F., Esq., Westminster Lodge, Grosvenor road
    Smith, James Cott, Esq., Beeehwood park
    Smith, Mr; Thomas, Garden House, London road
    Smith, Richard, Esq., Calverley park
    Smith, Miss, York terrace
    Sprott, Mr. Walter, Abergavenny Lodge
    Stafford, Mr. William, Selby House, Ebenezer place, Grosvenor road
    Stapley, Mr. Henry, Merivale Lodge
    Starling Mr. R. J., Hanover House, Mount Ephraim road
    Steele, Alexander, Esq., Woodlands, Calverley road
    Stephens, Mrs, Grove Lodge, Mount Sion grove
    St Maur, Lady Henrietta, Asthwick lodge, Mount Ephraim road
    Stockwell, Mrs., York road
    Stone, Mr. William, Belvedere terrace, Church road
    Stothert, Miss, Bishop's down
    Straigth, Major, 7, Neville park
    Stroud, Mr. Henry P., Bank House, Clarence road
    Stuart, Mrs., London road
    Tatton, Misses, Belvedere terrace
    Taylor, Lady Sarah, Howard Lodge
    Taylor, William S., Esq., Howard Lodge
    Taylor, Mr. Thomas, Grosvenor House, Grosvenor road
    Thompson, Arthur Dyott, Esq., Belvedere House, Church road
    Thompson, Henry, Esq., 2, Calverley terrace
    Thompson, Miss, 1, Priory
    Thorne, Misses, 2, Byron place, London road
    Trollope, Mrs., York place
    Tucker, Miss, Balmoral Hbuse
    Turner, Richard, Esq., Montague place, Mount Sion
    Tyerman, Mrs., Gilead place, Mount Ephraim
    Yenning, Mrs., Clarence grove
    Waithman, John, Esq., Calverley park
    Walter, Thomas P., Esq., London road
    Walker, Mrs., Rose, Bank
    Walker, Dr., Sussex place, Parade
    Wallaston, Miss, Clarence road
    Wallinger, Rev. William, Culverden House.
    Ward, Misses, York road
    Warden, Mr. Henry, Dorset Villa, Church road
    Watson, Mrs., 11, Calverley promenade
    Weir, John Charles, Esq., Clarence road
    Whitelooke, Mrs., Prospect Lodge, London road
    Wild, Miss, Montague terrace, Mount Ephraim
    Wilkin, Mr. Henry, Calverley road
    Wilkinson, Miss, Earlswood Villa
    Wilkinson, the Misses,Calverley promenade
    William, Rev. Henry, Middle Grove House
    Williams, Mr. Henry, Sandrock road
    Williamson, Mrs., Carlton place, London road
    Wilmot, Dr., Parade
    Wilson, Mrs., 9, Grove hill
    Wilson, Joshua, Esq., Neville Park
    Wilson, Ford, Esq., Blacklmrst
    Wilson, Mr. W. B., 2, Carlton place, London road
    Winch, Rev. Henry, Mount Ephraim road
    Winham, Rev. Daniel, Rose Hill Park
    Wood, Mr. Henry, Clarence Villa, Clarence road
    Wright, Mrs., Rockwell, Mount Ephraim

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