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    Traders in Woolwich, Woolwich / Greenwich, Greenwich

    Kent Villages, Towns & Public Houses - History, Genealogy & Trade Directories

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    Melvilles 1858 Directory of Kent.

    WOOLWICH is an extensive town ..

    Gentry in 1858

    Pubs in Woolwich

    Traders in 1858 Melvilles Directory by surname

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    Traders in 1858 Melvilles Directory by surname ( K to P)

    Keefe, James, confectioner, Cross street east
    Keen, Stephen, shopkeeper, Rodney street
    Keir, John, tailor, Sand street
    Keldy, Josiah, dealer in marine stores, Union buildings
    Kelly, Charles Louis, grocer and provision merchant, Artillery place
    Kelly, John, boot and shoe maker, Waterman's field
    Kelly, William L., baker, Albert road
    Kemp, Henry, accountant and house agent, King street
    Kemp, John, boot maker, Powis street
    Kennedy, Alexander, Steam Packet Inn, Bellwater gate
    Kersey, Jabez C., timber dealer, Upper Market street
    Kilby, George, boot and shoe maker, Church street
    Killeen, Madame Lorrelle, dressmaker, Brewer street
    Kimber, Henry, tripe dresser, High street
    King, Mrs. Caroline, confectioner, William street
    King, George, shopkeeper, Henry street
    Kinsey, Joseph, New Steam Packet, High street Kirby, Frederick, tobacconist, New road
    Kirby, Thomas H., dealer in marine stores, Market hill,
    Kirk and Parry, builders, Warren lane
    Kirkman, William T., bootmaker, Wellington street
    Kirkwood, James, grocer, &o, Frances street
    Knight, Henry, fruiterer, etc., Samuel street
    Knight, Henry, painter, Taylor's buildings
    Knowles, William, , tobacconist, High street
    Lacey, Robert T., Earl of Chatham, Thomas street
    Lake, John, confectioner, Jackson's lane, Woolwich common
    Lamb, Henry Thomas, watch and clock maker, Church street
    Land,' Misses, ,C. J. and H., ladies' school, Edward street
    Langden, James, eating house, Green's end
    Langham, William, coffee house, Beresford sstreet
    Langridge, William, draper, Church street
    Law, Thomas, baker, Market hill
    Leach, Miss Sarah, seminary, Minerva place
    Ledger, George, china and glass dealer, Wellington street
    Lee, Richard, tailor, Mulgrave place
    Lee, William, Shakspeare, Powis street
    Lee, Thomas, jun., Royal Oak, New road
    Lett, Mrs. Mary Ann, milliner, Powis street
    Lester, Mr., baker, Hare street
    Lever, John, shoemaker, Charles street
    Levy, Edward James, house and estate agent, Wellington street
    Lewis, John, tobacconist, William street
    Lintott, Henry, butcher, Powis street and Church street
    Lloyd, Thomas Henry, chemist, Albion road
    Lock and Son, tailors, etc., Powis street
    Lock, John, boot and shoe maker, etc., High street
    Lockhart, Joseph, grocer, St Mary street
    Lockwood, John, pork butcher, Richard street
    Loe, William Joseph, shopkeeper, Church street
    Logan, John, draper, Minerva place
    Logan, Robert, boot and shoe, maker, Mulgrave place and Artillery place
    Lohergan, Robert, bricklayer, Samuel street
    Long, Mrs. Caroline, haberdasher, Coleman street
    Long, William, furniture broker, Powis street
    Low, Robert, .blacksmith, Union street
    Luke, Miss Jane, linen draper, Prospect place
    Luntley, John, Golden Cross, Church street
    Lyons, Joseph, cap maker, Artillery place
    McBridge, Thomas, military tailor, Thomas street
    McConnell, Miss Agnes, straw bonnet maker, Brewer street
    McDonald, James, pastrycook, Powis street
    Mace, William, fishmonger, Lower road
    McFetridge, Miss Mary milliner, etc. Brewer street
    McGeorge, John, cabinet maker, Waterman's fields
    McKenzie, George, music seller, Thomas street
    McPherson, Hugh, manager to the Equitable Gas-light Company, Hardin lane
    Maidment, Charles, egg merchant Wellington street
    Maling, Thomas, saddle and harness maker, Artillery place
    Malings, Mrs. Hannah, shopkeeper, Mulgrave place
    Malings, Richard, cowkeeper, Rush grove
    Malings, Thomas C., superior racket and racket ball manufacturer, Frances street
    Malings, William, dealer in wood, Mason street
    Malley, Mrs. Amy, haberdasher, Frances street
    Marlow, Thomas, shopkeeper, St. Mary's street
    Marsh, John E., beer retailer, Ordnance road
    Marshall, Henry, greengrocer, Artillery place
    Martin, Edward, eating house, High street
    Martin, Frederick, tailor, William street
    Martin, John, tailor, Market street
    Martin, Robert, umbrella maker, Edward street
    Martin, William, engineer, &c., Powis street
    Mascall, Miss Sarah, teacher of music, Wellington street
    Mase, Charles, baker, High street
    Mason, George, eating house, Market hill
    Mason, Aaron, confectioner, Hare street
    Masters, George H., glass and china dealer, Powis street
    Masters, James, coach builder, Green's end
    Mathews, Charles W., butcher, High street
    Mathews, John, butcher, High street
    Mathews, Mrs. Mary Ann, butcher, Church street
    Mathews, Owen, pork butcher, Hare street
    Mathews, William, North Pole, St. Mary's street
    Mathias, Mrs. Mary, seminary, Unity place
    Matthews, William, beer retailer, William street
    Mayes, Mrs. Elizabeth, general dealer, New road
    Mayhew, Joseph, carpenter, Chort street
    Maynard, Charles, boot and shoe maker, Mulgrave place
    Mayston, Edward, auctioneer and house agent, Wellington street
    Mead, John, eating house, Church street
    Mears, James, French polisher Charles street
    Mears, Mrs. Maria, workbox liner, Charles street
    Meggs, William, glass and china dealer, High street
    Meillear, John, poulterer, Powis street
    Mellor, William, wholesale and retail tobacconist, Green's end
    Melton, Charles, coffee house, Nelson street
    Melton, Charles, coffee and dining rooms, New road
    Merratt, Mrs. Martha, milliner, Richard street
    Micklefield, Miss Mercy, milliner, Thomas street
    Miles, Provis, and Hood, provision warehouse, Albion road
    Miles, Thomas E., tailor, Coleman street
    Millar, Charles, tobacconist, Albion road
    Millar, Charles H., general dealer, Artillery place
    Miller, Henry, baker, Warwick street
    Miller, Philip, dairy, Bedford, street
    Miller, Richard, academy, Nightingale vale
    Milligan, John, Cowkeeper, Spray's, buildings
    Mills, Thomas G., military tailor, Green's end
    Mills, Miss Sarah, straw bonnet maker, St. Mary's street
    Minors, George, watch and clock maker, Green's end
    Miskin, Mr., baker, Hill street
    Miskin, James S., bookbinder, Upper Market street
    Miskin, Miss Sarah, seminary, Upper Market street
    Miskin, Thomas S., baker, Chapel street
    Mitchell, James, butcher, Richard street
    Molley, Charles, grocer, Beresford street
    Monday, James, butcher, Richard street
    Monday, William J, corn dealer, Richard street
    Montague, Henry, Crown and Mason's Arms, Cannon row
    Moody, Archibald, academy, Rectory place
    Moody, William, baker, Samuel street
    Moore, Thomas Henry, cabinetmaker, upholsterer, and undertaker, Powis street
    Moore, Charles B., builder, etc., Wellington street
    Moore, Mrs. Helen, general dealer, Artillery place
    Moore, John, pawnbroker, Church, street
    Moreland, George, Uncle Tom's Cabin, High street
    Moreland, George, beer retailer, Beresford street
    Morgan,  Charles, grocer, etc., Richard street
    Morris, James, boot and shoe maker, Prospect row
    Morton, Henry, broker and appraiser Albion road
    Mortis, William, plumber, etc., High street
    Morton, Charles, hairdresser, Bowling green row
    Moseley, John, bootmaker, Wellington street
    Mott, William, beer retailer, St. Mary's street
    Mould, Nicholas, Kent Arms, Kent road
    Muckle, William R., tobacconist, High street
    Muckle, Richard, bookseller and tobacconist, George street
    Muggeridge, John, general dealer, Church Street
    Munnemury, Mr., beer retailer, High street
    Munyard, John, omnibus and fly proprietor, Chapel street
    Murphy, Mrs. Mary, shopkeeper, Sand street
    Murry, John M.V, Pier Tavern, and, wine and spirit vaults, High Street
    Musgrave, William, academy, Wood street
    Myers, John, tobacconist, Wellington street
    Nelson, William Crane, medical botanist, Plumstead road and High street
    Newhall, John W., ironmonger, Powis street
    Newman, Mrs. Maria, Berlin wool and fancy repository, Wellington street
    Niblock, Mrs. Mary, shopkeeper, Mulgrave place
    Noble,William, stay manufacturer, Richard street
    Nokes, William, solicitor, Rectory place
    Nokes, William Taylor, solicitor, Rectory place
    Norman, Nathaniel and Benjamin, florists, Bull fields
    Normington, Joseph, outfitter, High street
    Nunn, John', fancy repository, Powis street
    Oakley, Mrs. Mary, Royal Albert, Prospect place
    Old, A., shopkeeper, New road
    Orr, Matthew, bookseller, Wellington street
    Orton, Mrs. Mary, shopkeeper, Mill lane
    Oulton, William, ironmonger, Powis street
    Owen, Edward, bookseller and stationer, Powis street
    Owen, Abraham P., grocer, Beresford street
    Owen, Robert, shopkeeper, &c., Frances street
    Owen, William, shopkeeper, Rushgrave street
    Pain, John, Royal Standard, High street
    Palfreman, Mrs. Elizabeth, dressmaker, St. Mary-street
    Palmer, Charles E., accountant, Prospect place
    Panchen, Mrs. Mary Ann, stationer, George street
    Pankhurst, Benjamin, butcher, High street
    Panter, John, fruiterer, Church street.
    Parker, Miss Ellen, straw bonnet maker, Prospect place
    Parkes and Son, chemists and druggists, Richard:street
    Parkes, Henry, chemist. and druggist, Green's end
    Parnell, Thomas, boot and shoe maker, Rppeyard rails
    Parsons, Mrs Susannah, Crown and Cushion, Market Hill
    Park, Joseph, boot and shoe maker, Richard street
    Pateman, Miss Sarah, shopkeeper, High street
    Patemore, John W., tobacconist, George street
    Patte, Joseph, clothier, High street
    Pattenden, Mrs. Ellen, coffee house, Market hill
    Paviour, William, confectioner, Artillery place
    Pairtt, Henry, linen draper, Richard street
    Paxton, James, army baker, Artillery place
    Payne, James, boot and shoe maker, New road
    Pearce, James, solicitor, etc, Rectory place
    Pearce, William, chimney sweeper, Church street
    Penhallow, Samuel, boot and shoe maker, Thomas street
    Pepper, William, linen and woollen draper, High street
    Percival, Thomas James, watch and clock maker, High street
    Perry, William, coffee house, Market hill
    Perry, Mrs. Mary, shopkeeper, Upper Sand street
    Peters, John, fishmonger, etc, Richard street
    Petey, William M., bootmaker, William street
    Phillips, Thomas, Anchor and Hope, Market hill
    Phillips, John, tin plate worker, Wellington street
    Pideock, Richard, solicitor, Church hill
    Pilkington, Thomas, draper, Lower road
    Pinder, John, haberdasher and toy dealer, Richard street
    Pines, George, greengrocer, Jackson's lane, Woolwich common
    Pinney, Mrs. Mary Ann, greengrocer, High street
    Piper, James, stationer, Prospect row
    Plaisted, Thomas, Coopers' Arms Spirit Vaults, High street
    Plant, Charles, Powerful Tavern, Chapel street
    Polley, William, greengrocer, Artillery place
    Poole, Joseph, boot and shoe maker, Sandy hill
    Porter, Benjamin, and Son, bakers, Charles street
    Postle, Thomas, furniture broker, Wellington street
    Postle, William, baker, Upper Market Street
    Potter, James, clothier, etc, Chuvoh street
    Potter, John, agent to the County Fire Office, St. Mary's street
    Potter; John, blacking maker, Waterman's fields
    Power, Miss Betsy, Haberdasher, King street .
    Prater, Augustus, M.D., surgeon, Thomas street
    Preble, Mrs. Sarah, shopkeeper, station road
    Prest, Thomas, saddler and harness maker, High street
    Price, Charles M., billiard rooms, Brewer street
    Price; Mrs. Elizabeth, professor of music, Brewer street
    Price, Mrs. Elizabeth, shopkeeper, Church street
    Pugh, James, turncock to Kent waterworks, Henry street
    Pullen, William, Wheatsheaf, Henry street
    Pulman, Mrs. Mary, ladies' school, Brewer street
    Puplett, Joseph G. Duke on Horseback, High street
    Purcell, James, saddler and leather cutter, Artillery place
    Purchase, Mrs. E. F., ladies' school, Coleman street
    Purland, William, surgeon, George street
    Purves, Thomas, grocer, Green's end
    Pye, Miss Margaret, hardware dealer, Artillery place

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