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If you fancy an amazing 'free' evening of entertainment over the Easter weekend, there are three performances of the Passion Play in Hornchurch, alongside the Queens Theatre. The passion Play has been enacted for the past twenty years, about every five years, and is a very professional performance, poignant and free. If you can make it, it is a very moving piece of theatre, of the last few days of Jesus, and his resurrection. The play starts about 7.30 on Good Friday, Saturday and Easter Sunday. There is ample parking in the Queens Theatre, and Sainsbury car parks, both are very close to the performances.

London Pubs directory in 1944 - Hackney, Homerton E9

A listing of historical public houses,  in London, in 1944 Post Office Directory.  This excludes the 1944 Beer Retailers at present.

1944 Pub index

E9 Hackney, Homerton

E9,Adam & Eve, Harold Wm Morris, 155 Homerton High Street E9
E9,Albion, Harry L Hastings, 36 Lauriston Road E9
E9,Alexandra, Sidney S Harris, 162 Victoria Park Road E9
E9,Alma, Edward Chas Burslem, 41 Barnabas Road E9
E9,Bedford, Mrs Matilda Farrow, 220 Victoria Park Road E9
E9,Brunswick Arms, Albert E & Mrs Caroline F Poole, 237 Well Street, E9
E9,Clarendon Arms, Reginald Victor Hudson, 86 Balcorne St E9
E9,Duchess of Kent, Mrs Katherine Francis Lewis, 179 Morning Lane E9
E9,Duke of Cambridge, Ernest Hancock, 28 Loddiges Road E9
E9,Duke of Devonshire, Thos W Cole & J W C Lynch, 72 Darnley Road E9
E9,Duke of Wellington, Wm Maaser, 90 Morning Lane E9
E9,Duke of York, Mrs Florence May Cattell, 26 Berger Road E9
E9,Empress of India, Hy Cecil Hardy, 130 Lauriston Road E9
E9,Frampton Arms, Mrs Eva Leaver, 65 Well Street E9
E9,Green Dragon, Ernest Blow, 123 Well Street  E9
E9,Kenton Arms, Alfred Cuthbert, 38 Kenton Road E9
E9,Lamb & Flag, Fredk Wm Payne, 69 Homerton High street E9
E9,Lea Tavern, Alfred Chas Nicholls, 90 White Post Lane E9
E9,Lord Napier, Geo Edwin Moore, 25 White Post lane E9
E9,Lord Nelson, Mrs Frances Freedman, 143 Morning Lane E9
E9,Mitford Castle, Mrs Beatrice E Reilly, 129 Cadogan Terrace E9
E9,Morpeth Castle, Edward Albert Crouch, 69 Cadogan Terrace, Victoria Park E9
E9,Northumberland Arms, Geo J Sullivan, 78 Well Street E9
E9,Peacock, Mrs M A R Budge & S J Randall, 7 Homerton High Street E9
E9,Penshurst Arms, Fredk Rt Eldon, 25 Penshurst Road E9
E9,Plough, Ernest Wm West, 23 Homerton High Street E9
E9,Plough, Fredk Grover, 193 Cassland Road E9
E9,Prince Edward, Jesse Taylor, 97 Wick Road E9
E9,Queens, Mrs Mary E Evans, 274 Victoria Park Road E9
E9,Rising Sun, Herbert Evans, 226 Morning Lane E9
E9,Royal George, Leigh M Clarke, Wetherell Road E9
E9,Royal Standard, Hy Walter Tribe, 84 Victoria Park Road E9
E9,Spread Eagle, R V Goodhew Ltd, 224 Homerton High Street E9
E9,Stag, Mrs Leah L Higginson, 37 Brooksby's Walk E9
E9,Tiger Tavern, G S Templeman, 243a Wick Road E9
E9,Two Black Boys, Rt J Hiller, 171 Well Street E9
E9,Victoria, Patrick Donohoe, 359 Wick Road E9
E9,White Lion, Cyril Walter Aris, 331 Wick Road E9

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