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London Pubs directory in 1944 - Kentish Town NW5

A listing of historical public houses,  in London, in 1944 Post Office Directory.  This excludes the 1944 Beer Retailers at present.

1944 Pub index

NW5 Kentish Town

NW5,Admiral Mann, Harold Macbeth, 9 Hampshire St, Brecknock Road NW5
NW5,Admiral Napier, Frederick George Hampton, 84 Weedington Road NW5
NW5,Assembly House, Fredc Joseph French, 298 Kentish Town Road NW5
NW5,Bull & Gate, Rolles Bros, 389 Kentish Town, NW5
NW5,Bull & Last, Walter Jn Hughes, Highgate Road, NW5
NW5,Carlton Tavern, George Jas Thorogood, 73 Grafton Road NW5
NW5,Crimea, Edward T Graham, 36 Inkerman Road NW5
NW5,Crown, Harry Bowers, 158 Prince of Wales Road NW5
NW5,Dalby Tavern, Mrs Gwen A Bonsor, 7 Dalby Tavern NW5
NW5,Dartmouth Arms, Hy T Hammond, 35 York Rise, Highgate Road NW5
NW5,Dreghorn Castle, Miss Minnie Eliza Carrington, 157 Queens Crescent NW5
NW5,Duke of Cambridge, Rolles Bros, 64 Lawford Road NW5
NW5,Duke of Cornwall, Alec Tanner, 11 Lismore Circus NW5
NW5,Duke of St Albans, Philip D Turner, Highgate Road NW5
NW5,Falkland, Harold Oldham, 66 Falkland Road NW5
NW5,Freemasons Tavern, Jn Rawlins, 37 Gilden Road NW5
NW5,George IV, Jn Christopher Dowling, 76 Willes Road NW5
NW5,Gipsy Queen, Herbert Spencer & Sons (Caterers) Ltd, 66 Malden Road NW5
NW5,Gloucester Arms, Arthur Clifford Garlick, 61 Leighton Road NW5
NW5,Gospel Oak, J R Murphy & Sons Ltd, 62 Southampton Road NW5
NW5,Grafton Arms, Cope's Taverns Ltd, 20 Prince of Wales Road NW5
NW5,Jolly Anglers, Rolles Bros, 227 Kentish Town Road NW5
NW5,Junction Tavern, Knowland Bros Ltd, 101 Fortess Road NW5
NW5,King Harold, William Geo Foreman, 22 Rochford Street NW5
NW5,Kings Arms, William Latliff, 263 Kentish Town Road NW5
NW5,Lord Palmerston, Leonard Gurr, 33 Dartmouth Park Hill NW5
NW5,Lord Southampton, Mrs Rovena M Harrison, 2 Southampton Road NW5
NW5,Malden Arms, Thomas Baldwin,  117 Malden Road NW5
NW5,Mamelon Tower, Seecombe & Eagles, 149 Grafton Road NW5
NW5,Mitre Tavern, Hy H Durrant, 242 Grafton Road NW5
NW5,Mother Shipton, Thomas Keys & Albert Victor Taylor, 1 Maiden Road NW5
NW5,Newbury Arms, William C Knight, 40 Malden Road NW5
NW5,Old Farm House, Hy D Widdicombe & Jn Chapman Guillan, 291 Kentish Town Road NW5
NW5,Oxford Tavern, J T C Phillips Ltd, 256 Kentish Town Road NW5
NW5,Pine Apple, Joseph George Spencer, 51 Leverton Street NW5
NW5,Ponsford Arms, William Jas Wright, 55 Malden Road NW5
NW5,Prince Albert, Mrs Cecilia Knight, 35 Weedington Road NW5
NW5,Prince of Wales, Frederick William Cull, 75 Prince of Wales Road NW5
NW5,Prince of Wales, Roger Beresford, 62 Wellesley Road NW5
NW5,Queens Arms, Hy Thomas Hammond, 2 Queens Crescent NW5
NW5,Royal Archer, Jn Edward Pluckrose, 42 & 44 Gaisford Street NW5
NW5,Sir Robert Peele, Henekeys Ltd, 108 Malden Road NW5
NW5,Tally Ho, Hy D Widdicombe & Horace Sinclair, 9 Fortess Road NW5
NW5,Torriano Arms, Chas William Johns, 140 Leighton Road NW5
NW5,Vine, Eric Thallion, 86 Highgate Road NW5
NW5,Wheatsheaf, Tom Jones, 3 Lismore Circus NW5
NW5,Wolsey Tavern, Rolles Bros, 180 Kentish Town Road NW5

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