UK Pub history and historical street directory of London and the UK

Pub history of the last 200 years, and a historical street directory of London and the UK

London and the South is very well documented.

Search the pub history sites by licensee, address or pub. This is building into a historical street directory of parts of the UK, particularly in London
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The History of Pubs in London - page 12 of about 40.

This is one of a few index pages linking to a site I run on the history of Pubs, Taverns, Inns and Beer Houses in London. It is not exhaustive, but lists those drinking establishments that existed over the last 150 years, or so. It is just a simple index, with links back to the Pubs, and is listed by church parish, so can be entirely confusing as compared to the modern postal district, enjoy.

Index of forty pages of Historical Pubs in London  


Barnards Inn Tavern, 20 Holborn, Holborn No Yes
Bedford Arms, 1 BedfordStreet, Holborn
Black Bull, 122 Grays Inn Road, Holborn
Black Bull Tavern, 122a Holborn, Holborn
Bleeding Heart, 19 Charles Street, Hatton Garden, Holborn
Blue Posts, 10 Mount Pleasant, Holborn
Blue Posts, 47 Southampton Buildings, Holborn
Bricklayers Arms, 29 Eagle Street
Bull & Anchor, 92 High Holborn, Holborn
Castle Tavern, 26 Castle Street, Holborn
Chancery Restaurant, 310 High Holborn, Holborn
Cheshire Cheese, 61 Mount Pleasant, Holborn
City of Litchfield, Elen Street, Holborn
Clarence, 18 Grays Inn Road, Holborn
Coach & Horses, 20 Eyre Street, Holborn
Coach & Horses, 29 & 30 High Holborn, Holborn
Coach & Horses, 81 High Holborn, Holborn
Coach & Horses, 120 Holborn, Holborn
Crown, 11 Back Hill, Holborn
Crown Hotel & Coffee House, 41, 42 & 43 High Holborn, Holborn
Duke of Clarence, 1 Eyre Street, Holborn
Duke of York, 168 Clerkenwell Road, Holborn
Duke of York, 7 Henry Street, Holborn
Feathers, 1 Hand Court, Holborn
45 Fetter Lane, Holborn
Furnivals Lane, 139 Holborn, Holborn
General Wolfe, 8 Little Grays Inn Lane
George, 13 Brooke Street, Holborn
George & Dragon, 81 Leather lane, Holborn
Goat, 41 Verulam Street, Holborn
Golden Lion, 4 Warwick Place, Bedford Row, Holborn
Grapes, 18 Portpool lane, Grays Inn Road, Holborn
Grapes, 38 Red Lion Street, Holborn
Grays Inn Larder, 10 - 12 Warwick Court, Holborn
Grays Inn Tavern, 19 High Holborn, Holbron
The Griffin, Clerkenwell Road, Holborn
Grotto, 4 Southampton Buildings, Holborn
Hand in Hand, 57 High Holborn
The Havelock, 20 Grays Inn Road, Holborn
Hole in the Wall, 20 Baldwins Gardens, Holborn
Hole in the wall, 45 Chancery Lane, Holborn
Kent Arms, 1 Brownlow Street, Holborn
Kings Arms, 7 Chapel Street, Holborn
Kings Arms, 11 Little James Street, Holborn
Lamb, 94 Lambs Conduit Street, Holborn
Lincolns Inn, 305 High Holborn
Magpie & Stump, 56 Fetter Lane, Holborn
Mail Coach, 60 Farringdon Street, Holborn
Marquis of Granby, 78 Grays Inn Road, Holborn
Mitre, Mitre Court, Fleet Street, Holborn
Napier, 25 High Holborn, Holborn
Old Bell Hotel, 123 Holborn, Holborn
Old Cheshire Cheese, 61 Mount Pleasant, Holborn
Old Fish, 33 Baldwins Gardens
Old Holborn Bars, 333 High Holborn, Holborn
Old Horse & Groom, 103 Leather lane, Holborn
Old Kings Arms, 188 Grays Inn Road, Holborn
Old Leather Bottle, 1 Charles Street, Hatton Garden, Holborn
Peacock, 50 Grays Inn Road, Holborn
Pewter Platter, 41 Charles Street, Hatton Garden, Holborn
Queens Head, 22 - 23 High Holborn, Holborn
Queens Head, 52 Theobalds Road, Holborn
Radnor, 311 - 312 High Holborn, Holborn
Red Lion, 120 Grays Inn Road, Holborn
Red Lion, 72 High Holborn, Holborn
Red Lion, 22 Laystall Street, Holborn
Red Lion, 51 Shoe Lane, Holborn
Robin Hood, 9 Leather Lane, Holborn
Rugby Tavern, 1 Chapel Street & 19 Great James Street, Holborn
Salmon & Compasses, 13 Darrington Street, Holborn
Ship, 66 Grays Inn Road, Holborn
Sir Ralph Abercrombie, 13 Charles Street, Hatton Garden, Holborn
Six Cans, 33 High Holborn, Holborn
Southampton, 21 Southampton Buildings, Holborn
Sun, 160 Grays Inn Road, Holborn
Sun, 48 Portpool Lane, Holborn
Swan & Horseshoe, 176 Grays Inn Road, Holborn
Swan & Sugarloaf, 53 Fetter Lane, Holborn
Talbot, 138 Grays Inn Road, Holborn
Thatched House, 9 Red Lion Court, Holborn
Three Cups, 22 Sandland Street, Holborn
Two Blue Posts, 79 Mount Pleasant, Holborn
Two Brewers, 74 Shoe Lane, Holborn
Two Brewers, 9 Vine Street, Saffron Hill
Viaduct Hotel, 3 & 4 High Holborn, Holborn
Victoria Hotel, Farringdon Road, Holborn
Vintners Arms, 101 Fetter Lane, Holborn
Wellington, 28 & 29 Brooke Street, Holborn
Wheatsheaf, 2 1/2 hand Court, Holborn
White Hart, 2 Chancery Lane, Holborn
White Hart, 64 Fetter Lane, Holborn
White Hart, 39 High Holborn, Holborn
White Hart, 100 High Holborn, Holborn
White Hart, 64 Leather Lane, Holborn
White Horse, 90 Fetter Lane, Holborn
White Lion, 29 Leather Lane, Holborn
White Lion, 12 Little James Street, Holborn
William IV, 10 Beauchamp Street, Holborn
York Arms, 87 High Holborn, Holborn
Yorkshire Grey, 31 & 33 Grays Inn Road, Theobalds Road, Holborn

Holy Trinity Less
Crown & Anchor, 10 Kings Head Court, Shoe Lane, Holy Trinity Less
Falcon Tavern, Pemberton Row, Gough Row, Fleet Street, Holy Trinity Less
Farnham Castle, 29 Little Trinity Lane, Holy Trinity Less
Gentleman & Porter, 17 Great New Street, Fetter lane, Holy Trinity Less
George, 8 Goldsmith Row, East Hardong Street, Gough Square, Holy Trinity Less
Old Cheshire Cheese, 16 Wine Office Court, Fleet Street, Holy Trinity Less
Red Lion, Red Lion Passage, Fleet Street, Holy Trinity Less
Three Tuns, 22 Great New Street, Fetter lane, Holy Trinity Less
White Swan, 1 New Street Square, Holy Trinity Less

Great Ilford, Essex
Angel, High Street
Ash Grove, Green Lane
Bell, Ley Street
Black Horse, High Street
Bridge House, Goodmayes
Cauliflower, High Street
City of London
Coach & Horses, Ilford Road/Romford Road
Cranbrook, Cranbrook Road
Earl of Essex, Romford Road
General Havelock, Havelock Terrace/High Street
Great Spoon, Cranbrook Road
Greyhound, Chadwell Ward
Lord Napier, Green Lane, Goodmayes
Papermakers' Arms, Roden Street
Plough, Ilford Lane
Prince of Wales, Green Lane
Red Cow, Ley Street
Red Lion, High Street/Ilford Hill
Red Lion Tap, High Street
Rose & Crown, High Street/Ilford Hill
Seven Kings Hotel, High Road, Seven Kings
Star, Greenhill Grove
Three Rabbits, Ilford Road
White Hart, Chadwell Ward/Green Lane, Goodmayes
White Horse, High Street/Broadway

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