UK Pub history and historical street directory of London and the UK

Pub history of the last 200 years, and a historical street directory of London and the UK

London and the South is very well documented.

Search the pub history sites by licensee, address or pub. This is building into a historical street directory of parts of the UK, particularly in London
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The History of Pubs in London - page 4 of about 40.

This is one of a few index pages linking to a site I run on the history of Pubs, Taverns, Inns and Beer Houses in London. It is not exhaustive, but lists those drinking establishments that existed over the last 150 years, or so. It is just a simple index, with links back to the Pubs, and is listed by church parish, so can be entirely confusing as compared to the modern postal district, enjoy.

Index of forty pages of Historical Pubs in London  

Billingsgate - St Botolph
Bell, 3 Lower Thames Street
Blue Anchor Tavern, 26 St Mary at Hill
Cock, 20 Love lane
Cow & Calf, 36 Eastcheap
Green Dragon, 2 Botolph Alley
Kings Head, 43 Eastcheap
Rose & Crown, 17 Love lane
Ship Tavern, 4 Talbot Court
White Hart, 27 Botolph Lane

Bow, East London
Addington Arms, 25 Addington Road, Bow
Albion Beer House, Bow
Black Swan, 148 Bow Road, Bow
Blue Anchor, 67High Street, Bow
Bombay Grab, 246 Bow Road, Bow
Brewery Tap, Bow
Bromley Arms, 41 Fairfield Road, Bow
Caledonian Arms, 62 Fairfield Road, Bow
Carlisle Tavern, 26 Mostyn Road, Bow
Clarendon, 119 BeeHive Road, Bow
Clay Hall, 497 Old Ford Road, Bow
Coach & Horses, 259 Bow Road, Bow
Coborn Arms, 8 Coborn Road, Bow
Dog & Partridge, 249 Bow Road, Bow
Earl of Lington, 40 St Stephens Road, Bow
The Five Bells, 535 Old Ford Road, Bow
The Gladstone, Bow
Hand Flower, 56 Parnell Road, Bow
John Bull, 202 / 490 Roman Road, Bow
Jolly Gun Maker, 9 Ranwell Street, Bow
Kings Arms, 167 Bow Road, Bow
The Lady Franklin, 381a Old Ford Road, Bow
Little Driver, 125 Bow Road, Bow
Lord Cardigan, 72 Eglinton Road, Bow
Lord Morpeth, 402 Old Ford, Bow
Lord Napier, White Post Lane, Bow
Lord Palmerston, 70 Hewlett Road, Bow
Marquis of Cornwall, 337 Old Ford Street, Bow
Mitford Castle, Wick Lane / Frances Terrace [Cadogan Terrace], Bow
Morpeth Castle, 69 Cadogan Terrace, Wick Lane, Bow
Needle Gun, 215 Roman Road, Bow
424 Old Ford Road, Bow
494 Old Ford Road, Bow
Old Ford Tap, 595 Old Ford Road, Bow
The Plough, Old Ford Road, Bow
Railway Arms, 421 Old Ford Road, Bow
Railway Tavern, 393 Old Ford Road, Bow
Ranelagh Arms, 279 / 599 Roman Road, Bow
Roman Arms, 260 Roman Road, Bow
Rose of Denmark, 322 Roman Road, Bow
57 St Stephens Road, Bow
Three Cups, 156 Bow Road, Bow
Three Tuns, Bow Road, Bow
187 Tredegar Road, Bow
White Hart, 413 Old Ford Lane, Bow
White Horse, 214 Bow Road, Bow
White Horse, 163 / 473 Roman Road, Bow
White Horses & Woolpack, 443 Old Ford Road, Bow
Young Prince, 164 / 448 Roman Road, Bow

Bishopsgate - St Botolph, London
26 Artillery Row, Bishopsgate
Ben Jonsons Head, 95 Houndsditch, Bishopsgate
Black Bull, 39 Dunnings Alley, Bishopsgate
Black Raven, 136 Bishopsgate Street, Bishopsgate
Britannia, 13 Britannia Place, Bishopsgate
Bull, 18 Devonshire Street, Bishopsgate
Catherine Wheel, Bishopsgate Street, Bishopsgate
Citizen, 70 Houndsditch, Bishopsgate
Duke of Wellington, 153 Bishopsgate Street, Bishopsgate
George & Dragon, 104 Houndsditch, Aldgate
Green Dragon, 188 Bishopsgate Street, Bishopsgate
Hoop & Grapes, 14 Widegate Street, Bishopsgate
Kings Arms, 128 Bishopsgate Street, Bishopsgate
Kings Stores, 14 Widegate Street, Bishopsgate
Lord Nelson, 114 Bishopsgate Street, Bishopsgate
One Swan, One Swan Yard, Bishopsgate
Primrose, 109 Bishopsgate Street, Bishopsgate
Railway Tavern, 9 & 10 Liverpool Street, Bishopsgate
Refreshment rooms, Liverpool Street, Bishopsgate
Robin Hood & Little John, 66 Skinner Street, Bishopsgate
Shades, 53 Bishopsgate Street, Bishopsgate
Ship, 14 Artillery Row, Bishopsgate
Ship, 67 Sun Street, Bishopsgate
Sir Paul Pindar, 169 Bishopsgate, Bishopsgate
Skinners Arms, 10 Skinner Street, Bishopsgate
Sugar Loaf tavern, 25 Great St Helens, Bishopsgate
White Hart, 199 Bishopsgate, Bishopsgate
Wiltshire Arms, 95 Sun Street, Bishopsgate

Broad Street
Red Lion, 17 Bevis Marks
Talbot, 64 & 65 London Wall

Bromley by Bow
Alberfeldy Tavern, 357 - 359 East India Dock Road, Bromley
The Alma, 27 Cobden Street, Bromley
Ancient Britain, 22 Glaucus Street, Bromley
Bee Hive Tavern, 80 Empson Street, Bromley
Bowbells, Bow Road, Bromley
Brewery House, High Street, Bromley
Bromley Hall, 211 Brunswick Road, Bromley
Builders Arms, 162 Grundy Street, Bromley / Poplar
Byrons head, 17 Railway Street, Bromley
Cherry Tree, 321 Brunswick Road, Bromley
Childe Harold, 20 Railway Street, Bromley
162 Chrisp Street, Bromley
Distillers Arms, 28 Hancock Road, Bromley
Dock House Tavern, 293 - 295 East India Dock Road, Bromley
Duke of Cambridge, 21 Devons Road, Bromley
Duke of Edinburgh, 73 Devons Road, Bromley
Duke of Wellington, 145 St Leonards Street, Bromley
Elder Tree, 119 Chrisp Street, Bromley
Fishing Boat, Three Mill Lane, Bromley
Forresters Arms, 253 St Leonards Street, Bromley
General Havelock Arms, 16 St Leonards Street, Bromley
George Tavern, 13 Tapley Street, Bromley
The Grave Maurice, 18 St Leonards Street, Bromley
Guildford Arms, 92 Guildford Street, Bromley
Imperial Crown, 50 St Leonards Street, Bromley
Iron Bridge Tavern, East India Dock Road, Bromley
Kings Head, Bow Road, Bromley
Life Boat, 283 East India Dock Road, Bromley
Lord Nelson Tavern, Robin Hood Lane, Bromley
Lord Raglan, 100 Chrisp Street, Bromley
Moulders Arms, 50 Bromley High Street, Bromley
Mulberry Tree, 161 St Leonards Street, Bromley
Napoleon III, 88 St Leonards Street, Bromley
Paper Makers Arms, 17 St Leonards Street, Bromley
Priory Tavern, 37 St Leonards Street, Bromley
Prince of Wales, 163 St Leonards Street, Bromley
Prince of Wales, 47 Marner Street, Bromley
Queen Victoria, 179 St Leonards Street, Bromley
Rose & Crown, Devons Road, Bromley
Royal Albert, 116 St Leonards Street, Bromley
Royal Charlie, 116 Chrisp Street, Bromley
Royal Oak, 102 St Leonards Street, Bromley
Royal Standard, 77 St Leonards Street, Bromley
36 St Leonards Road, Bromley
148 St Leonards Road, Bromley
152 St Leonards Road, Bromley
199 St Leonards Road, Bromley
213 St Leonards Road, Bromley
Seven Stars, 94 Bromley High Street, Bromley
Smiths Arms, 32 St Leonards Street, Bromley
Star of Devon, 1 Glaucus Street, Bromley
Tenterden Arms, 224 Devons Road, Bromley
The Tiger 79 Kerbey Street, Bromley
Wellington Arms, 32 & 34 Wellington Street, Bromley
The Wheatsheaf, 2 Dyer Street, Bromley
White Swan, 121 Devons Road, Bromley
White Swan, Willis Street, Bromley
The Whitethorn, 15 Whitethorn Street, Bromley
Widows Son, 75 Devons Road, Bromley
Windsor Castle, 8 Bowen Street, Bromley
Woolsack, Ida Street, Bromley
Young Prince, 77 Chrisp Street, Bromley

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