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The London Pubs, Census and Trade Directory Index Pages - St Martins Orgar to St Thomas Apostle

Parish Pubs Pic ?
St Martin Orgars 1 0
St Martin Outwich 0
St Martin Pomfroy 1 0
St Martins in Fields 104 29
St Martin Ludgate 5 1
St Martin Vintry 4 0
St Mary Abchurch 2 0
St Mary Aldermanbury 5 0
St Mary Aldemary 2 0
St Mary At Hill 4 1
St Mary Colechurch 1 0
St Mary Magdalen Milk Street 1 0
St Mary Magdalene Old Fish Street 4 0
St Mary Staining 1 0
St Mary Somerset 2 0
St Mary Woolnoth 3 0
St Michael Bassishaw 5 1
St Michael Cornhill 4 1
St Michael Crooked Lane 2 0
St Michael Queenhithe 2 1
St Michael le Querne 1 0
St Michael Wood Street 0
St Mildred Bread Street 1 0
St Nicholas Cole Abbey 2 0
St Nicholas Olave 1 0
St Olave Hart Street 10  2
St Olave Silver Street 3 1
St Pancras A - K  &  St Pancras L - Y 385 156
St Pancras Soper Lane 1 1
St Peter Cornhill 9 3
St Peter Westcheap 2 0
St Sepulchre 29 13
St Stephen Coleman 16 0
St Stephen Walbrook 1 0
St Swithin London Stone 4 2
St Thomas Apostle 1 0

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