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The London Pubs, Census and Trade Directory Index Pages

Parish Pubs Pic ?
Stoke Newington 35 15
Stratford 95 43
Strand 12 1
Thames Haven 1 0
Tottenham 59 11 
Tooting Graveney    
Tower 5 0
Walthamstow 45 38
Wandsworth 48 8
Wapping 40 1
West Ham 18 7
Westminster - St James 127 25
Westminster - St John 74 16
Westminster - St Margaret 47 14
Whitechapel 124 36
Whitefriars 7 2
Woolwich 75 15

Aldgate - East Ham , Forest Gate - Spitalfields , St Alban - St Margarets, St Martin - St Thomas , Stoke Friars - Woolwich

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