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 St Georges in the East 1911 Census Summary

St George in East Index

A listing of historical public houses, Taverns, Inns, Beer Houses and Hotels in St George In East, London - in East London. The St George In East,  East London listing uses information from census, Trade Directories and History to add licensees, bar staff, Lodgers and Visitors.

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St Georges in the East 1911 Census Summary

Dis 1
134 Cannon Street Road, British Queen, Barker

Dis 2
25 Lower Chapman Street, PH, Jones - Chapman Arms
59 Richard Street, PH, Collins - Reindeer
35 Richard Street, BH, Beare - Sportsman
24 Jane Street, PH, Ladskeki - Green Man
19 Little Turner Street, Kinder Arms, Uninhabited

Dis 3
230 Commercial Road, Lord Nelson, Cooper
240 Commercial Road, Hungerford Arms BH, Tarbard
53 Buross Street, Refiners Arms, Hayes
15 Fenton Street, Bricklayers Arms (Late), Oldaker

Dis 4
246 Commercial Road, Warrior, Grybus
266 Commercial Road, Victory, Tranley
2 Morris Street, PH, Friensener - Star
77 Lower Chapman Street, Victoria Arms, Clegg

Dis 5
43 Watney Street, Volunteer, L Bromley
15 Watney Street, Coopers Arms, H W Axford
7 Watney Street, Masons Arms, S Salomon
2 Dean Street, Dean Swift, G Bowtell

Dis 6
373 Commercial Road, PH, Simmonds - George Tavern
15 Dean Street, PH, Morris - Bell
57 Tarling Street, PH, Poyton - Perseverance

Dis 7
72 Back Church Lane, Dog & Truck [Coach & Horses crossed out], Hintz
86 Back Church Lane, Coach & Horses [Dog & Truck crossed out], Bacon
68 Ellen Street, PH, Walker

Dis 8
44 Ellen Street, The Globe, Chubb
25 Philip Street, Prince of Orange, Webb

Dis 9, 10
62 Commercial Road, PH, Calchman - Boundary Tavern
104 Commercial Road, BH, Goss
107 Christian Street, PH, Andrews - Beehive

Dis 11
128 Commercial Road, PH, Bloom - Kings Head
96 Grove Street, PH, Cohen - Mallard Arms
52 Christian Street, PH, Schemensky - Black Horse

Dis 12
140 Commercial Road, The Dagmar, Millier
45 Grove Street, The Anchor, Bloomfield
45 Umberston Street, Captain Cook, Silverston

Dis 13
158 Commercial Road, PH, William Meyer - Mackworth Arms

Dis 14
135 Cannon Street Road, PH, Phillip Lederman - Golden Lion

Dis 15
109 Cannon Street Road, Roebuck, Edelovitch
7 William Street, Sir John Falstaff, Wraight

Dis 16
46 Sutton Street, BH, Uninhabited
87-89 Watney Street, BH, Coombes - Old House at Home
65 Watney Street, PH, Childenhouse - Nelson
57 Watney Street, BH, Bromley - Anchor & Hope
36 & 38 Martha Street, PH, Long - Duke of Kent
42 Dean Street, PH, Hill - Spencers Arms

Dis 17
37 Dean Street, BH, Williams - Gladstone
15 Shadwell Place, BH, Tydeman
68 Sutton Street, PH, Uninhabited
1 Sutton Street, PH, Clift - Flying Scud
55 Sutton Street, PH, Collins - Dover Castle

Dis 18
365 Cable Street, PH, Petitt - Princess Royal
357 Cable Street, PH, Gilford - Kings Arms

Dis 19
387 Cable Street, PH, R Fuggles - Ship
379 Cable Street, BH, F Thompson
30 Johnson Street, PH, Pearce - Princess Royal

Dis 20
44 Morris Street, BH, Weeks - Britannia
51 Tait Street, PH, Foss - King & Queen
95 Anthony Street, Railway Tap, Hatcher

Dis 21
84 Anthony Street, The Ship, Connor
18 Lower Chapman Street, PH, Huber - Australian Arms

Dis 22
80 Cable Street, Blue Anchor, A Gower
98 Cable Street, Magpie & Stump, Jacobs
1 Princes Street, Swedish Flag, S Leonard
196 & 197 St George Street, PH, Goldsteen - Red Lion
203 St George Street, PH, R Ellice - Rose & Crown
48 & 49 Wellclose Square, Eagle Brewery, not a dwelling
52 Wellclose Square, PH, Budde - Eagle Brewery

Dis 23
167 St George Street, German Flag, Schafer
172 Cable Street, The Crown, Wilkins

Dis 24
1 St George Street, PH, Brimm - White Bear
19 St George Street, PH, Plunkett - Artichoke
32 St George Street, PH, Parmenter - Crooked Billet Tavern
50-51 St George Street, PH, PH, Cottrell - Old Rose
54 St George Street, PH, PH, Tobin

Dis 25
9 Old Gravel Lane, Duke William, Mocock
105 St George Street, New Gun Boat, Radtke
112 St George Street, Hoop & Grapes, Biddle
116 St George Street, Bell, Cosnett
119 St George Street, Half Moon & Seven Stars, Wilson
131 St George Street, PH, Royal Crown, Crabb
14 Cannon Street Road, Wellington, Halsey
56 Cannon Street Road, Crown & Dolphin, Hunter
232 Cable Street, Britannia, Berringer

Dis 26
High Street, Globe, Brown
High Street, The Old 42, PH, not a dwelling
Little Hermitage Street, China Ship, Storey
37 Great Hermitage Street, Sugar Loaf, Steel
71 Great Hermitage Street,  - Prince of Wales

Dis 27
14 Old Gravel Lane, PH, Townsley - Dock House
30 Old Gravel Lane, PH, Uninhabited - White Lion
34 Old Gravel Lane, PH, Cummings
Watts Street, The Old Stag, Pinchon
20 Tench Street, PH, Johnson
64 Red Lion Street, PH, Parsons

Dis 28
83 Old Gravel Lane, PH, Bullen - Red Lion
66 Old Gravel Lane, The White Swan, Oliver
49 Green Bank, The White Lion, Moore

Dis 29
74 Pruson Street, PH, Mitchell

Dis 30-33, 34
# end ##

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