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Pub history of the last 200 years, and a historical street directory of London and the UK

London and the South is very well documented.

Search the pub history sites by licensee, address or pub. This is building into a historical street directory of parts of the UK, particularly in London
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The London 1899 Public House & Publican Directory - B.

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Bacchus, Frederick Edwin Gedge, 177 Hoxton Street N
Bag of Nails, Henry Guest, 6 Buckingham Palace Road SW
Bagnigge Wells, Henry Bacon, 39 King’s Cross Road WC
Bakers Arms, Alfred Franklin, 75 North Street, Hackney NE
Bakers Arms, Charles Hall, 44 Warner Place, Hackney Road NE
Baker & Basket, John McKinley, 16 Leman Street E
Baker & Basket, Joseph Rivers, Appold Street, Finsbury EC
Bald Faced Stag, John Henry Brakes, 64 Clifton Street, Finsbury EC
Balloon Tavern, Edward Orbell Musk, 114 Lots Road SW
Balmoral Castle, Richard Maurice Jones, 1 Rutland Terrace, Pimlico SW
Balmoral Castle, Alfred Tull Whalley, 427 Caledonian Road N
Bank of England, Edward Goulter, 29 South Wharf Road, Paddington W
Bank of Friendship, George Cole, 22 Harford Street, Mile End Road E
Baptist’s Head, James Gibbons Robertson, 30 St. John’s Lane EC
Baring Arms, Edwin Anderson, 55 Baring Street N
Barking Dogs, James Wilson, 67 Tabernacle Street EC
Barkworth Arms, Henry Meyer, 63 Barkworth Road, Rotherhithe New Road SE
Barley Mow, Frederick William Bevan, 39 Duke Street, Grosvenor Square W
Barley Mow, Alfred Gurney Busbridge, 30 Errol Street EC
Barley Mow, John Charles Collins, 111 Drury Lane WC
Barley Mow, John Goodliff junior, 135 Salisbury Square EC
Barley Mow, Thomas Heath, 104 Horseferry Road SW
Barley Mow, Frank Hollis, 50 Long Lane EC
Barley Mow, William Joel, 133 Narrow Street E
Barley Mow, Arthur Peddie, 8 Dorset Street, Portman Square W
Barley Mow, Edward Hugh Thomas, 31 Popham Road, Islington N
Barley Mow, John Tomlin, 67 & 69 Paradise Street, Rotherhithe SE
Barnards Inn Tavern, Mrs. Eliza Mary Nelthorpe, 20 Holborn EC
Barnsbury Castle, Jeffrey Browne, 22 St Clements Street, Barnsbury N
Barons Arms, William Dobson, 1 Cornbury Road, Rotherhithe New Road SE
Basing House, Christopher Wakefield, 27 Kingsland Road NE
Bath House, Mrs. Mary Sumpton, 96 Dean Street, Soho W
Battle of the Nile, Frederick Alleston, Albion Street, Rotherhithe SE
Baxendale Arms, Charles Wood, 164 Columbia Road, Bethnal Green E
Baxter Arms, William Gannon, 30 Baxter Road N
Bay Malton, William Walter Wooder, 158 Great Portland Street W
Bay Tree, Harry Smith, 112 Roman Road, Bow E
Baynard’s Castle Tavern, George Southee, 148 Queen Victoria Street EC
Bazaar Tavern, Mrs. Fanny Shipwright, 10 King Street, Portman Square W
Beaconsfield, Edward John Rose, Blithe Road, West Kensington W
Bear & Rummer, Isaac Miles, 43 Mortimer Street W
Bear & Staff, Harry Sykes, 11 Bear Street WC
Beaumont Arms, Clark & Braid, Uxbridge Road W
Beaumont Arms, William Joseph Dorman, 52 White Horse Lane, Stepney E
Beckford Arms, John Burles, 104 Hertford Road N
Beckford Head, Charles Butterworth, 122 Old Street, St. Luke’s EC
Beckford Head, William Payne, 274 Tabard Street SE

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