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The London 1899 Public House & Publican Directory - B5.

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Blue Posts, Edward Buxine Foscolo, 73 & 75 West India Dock Road E
Blue Posts, Mrs. Agatha Grisp, 47 Southampton Buildings WC
Blue Posts, George Hall, 2 Great Portland Street W
Blue Posts, Joseph Maier, 81 Newman Street, Oxford Street W
Blue Posts, Eli Perry, 6 Tottenham Court Road W
Blue Posts, Frederick Schlette, 13 Cork Street, Bond Street W
Blue Posts, Richard Thomas Smith, 6 Bennett Street, St. James’ W
Blue Posts, Samuel Annesley Wesley, 54 Charlotte Street, Fitzroy Square SW
Blue Posts, Horatio William Wibrow, 88 & 89 Cowcross Street EC
Blue Pump, Mrs. Minnie Newman, 51 Sumner Street SE
Boar’s Head, John McKenzie, 157 Cannon Street EC
Bolton Abbey, Edward Savill Peters, 48 Lonsdale Road, Bayswater W
Bolton Hotel, Ernest Maddicks, 230 Earl’s Court Road SW
Bombay Grab, George Peter Hans, 246 Bow Road E
Boot, Charles Pinn, 47 Wells Street, Oxford Street W
Boot, Edward Speedy, 116 Cromer Street WC
Borough Distillery, Arthur Frederick Sullivan, 64 Borough High Street SE
Boston, Walter Lewis, Junction Road N
Boston Arms, Benjamin Burkin, 33 Boston Street, Dorset Square NW
Boundary Tavern, Frederick James Fryer, 62 Commercial Road East E
Bow Bells, James William Gibbs, 116 Bow Road E
Box Tree, Samson Joseph Britton, 5 Gravel Lane, Houndsditch E
Bramcote Arms, William John Huxley & Co., 58 Bramcote Road, Rotherhithe New Road SE
Bramley Arms, Albert William Guillan, 1 Bramley Road, Notting hill W
Brazen Head, Jacob Newport, 69 Lisson Street NW
Brazen Serpent, John Edwards Barber, 49 Richardson Street, Bermondsey SE
Brecknock Arms Tavern, Charles Macarthy, 227 Camden Road NW
Brewers Arms, Henry Seymour, Morgans Lane, Tooley Street SE
Brewers Arms, Frederick Stanley, 53 Millbank Street SW
Brewers Hall, Arthur Norris, 59 Charrington Street, Somers Town NW
Bricklayers Arms, Mrs. Mary Ann Ashton, 95 Whitecross Street EC
Bricklayers Arms, Henry Avis, 65 Narrow Street E
Bricklayers Arms, Edward George Beck, 7 Edward Street, Soho W
Bricklayers Arms, Philip Brinkman, 63 Charlotte Street, Old Street EC
Bricklayers Arms, William John Carlisle, 3 Lollard Street, Kennington Road SE
Bricklayers Arms, Thomas Corthine, 31 Gresse Street, Rathbone Place W
Bricklayers Arms, Francis Charles Deeks, 26 Cable Street E
Bricklayers Arms, Mrs. Harriet Farnie, 12 Union Street, East India Dock Road E
Bricklayers Arms, Thomas Gill, 128 New North Road N
Bricklayers Arms, Samuel Goddard, 6 New Quebec Street W
Bricklayers Arms, Mrs Elizabeth Hesford, 33 North Street, Marylebone W
Bricklayers Arms, William Henry Hobbs, 40 Parker’s Row, Dockhead SE
Bricklayers Arms, William Henry Jones, 46 South Molton Street W
Bricklayers Arms, James Kent, 22 Little Clarendon Street NW
Bricklayers Arms, Frederick Lovegrove, 37 Adam Street, Rotherhithe SE
Bricklayers Arms, William Murray, 36 Hassard Street, Hackney Road E
Bricklayers Arms, William Nay, 92 Collingwood Street, Bethnal Green E
Bricklayers Arms, Henry Edwin Sambrook, 37 & 39 Old Kent Road SE
Bricklayers Arms, Joseph Martin Sbolles, 34 Settles Street, Commercial Road East E
Bricklayers Arms, Mrs. Mary Ann Sole, 15 Fenton Street, Commercial Road East E
Bricklayers Arms, Forester Walker, 4 Elizabeth Street, Eaton Square SW
Bricklayers Arms, David Wardell, 38 Lowell Street, Commercial Road East E
Bridge House, Charles Burton, 13 Westbourne Terrace Road W
Bridge House, Louis James Cooper, 20 Wharf Road, City Road N
Bridge House, Frederick Hurdle & Co., Vauxhall Cross SE
Bridge House, William Oyler, 55 Whitmore Road, Hoxton N
Bridge House, Mrs. Mary Polley, 30 Borough Road SE
Bridport Arms, John Johnson, 101 Harrison Street WC
Brighton, William Thomas Wade, 111 High Street, Camden Town NW
Brighton Wine Stores, Mrs. Grace Lane, 32 Glasshouse Street W

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