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If you fancy an amazing 'free' evening of entertainment over the Easter weekend, there are three performances of the Passion Play in Hornchurch, alongside the Queens Theatre. The passion Play has been enacted for the past twenty years, about every five years, and is a very professional performance, poignant and free. If you can make it, it is a very moving piece of theatre, of the last few days of Jesus, and his resurrection. The play starts about 7.30 on Good Friday, Saturday and Easter Sunday. There is ample parking in the Queens Theatre, and Sainsbury car parks, both are very close to the performances.

The London 1899 Public House & Publican Directory - B6.

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Britannia, George Anson, 44 Kipling Street, Long Lane SE
Britannia, George Alfred Batchelor, 8 Portland Street, Soho W
Britannia, William Brakes, 212 Kingsland Road NE
Britannia, George Albert Bryan, 157 City Road EC
Britannia, Charles Adolphus Chapman, 1 Frederick Street, Westminster SW
Britannia, Henry Ellis Coffin, 95 Fairfax Road NW
Britannia, William Sl. Cranford, 117 Hoxton Street N
Britannia, Davis & Allen, 49, 50 & 51 Marine Street, Bermondsey SE
Britannia, Arthur William Davison, 123A Clarendon Road W
Britannia, Henry Devonport, 36 Fish Street Hill EC
Britannia, Henry Egan, 144 Southwark Bridge Road SE
Britannia, George Fearn, 28A Brown Street, Bryanstown Square W
Britannia, Mrs. Alice Kate Hubbard, 279 Mare Street, Hackney NE
Britannia, Edward Lock, 217 Latimer Road W
Britannia, John Myhill, 154 Tooley Street SE
Britannia, Frederick John Piper, 515 Fulham Road SW
Britannia, Charles Robertson, 759 Commercial Road East E
Britannia, Henry Charles Smith, 275 Grove Street, Deptford SE
Britannia, James Stokes, 185 Bow Common Lane E
Britannia, Herbert Thomas Stow, 87 Beaufort Street, Chelsea SW
Britannia, Josiah Rechab Tonsley, 232 Cable Street E
Britannia, Mrs. Louisa Ann Wakley, 187 High Street & 65 Park Street, Camden Town NW
Britannia, James William Whitaker, 74 Britannia Row N
British Lion, William Josiah Brooks, 14 Cavendish Street, New North Road N
British Lion, Herbert Franklin Welshman, 155 Central Street EC
British Oak, Alfred Edwards, 28 Oxford Street, Whitechapel E
British Oak, Frank Moody, 137 Westbourne Park Road W
British Prince, James Alfred Bennett, 49 Bromley Street, Commercial Road East E
British Queen, Thomas Burrell, 47 Halton Road, Islington N
British Queen, Mrs. Sophia Conway, 72 Huntley Street WC
British Queen, William James Jacques, 32 Prince of Wales Crescent NW
British Stores, Charles Frederick White, 7 New Street, Portland Town NW
Bromley Arms, William Edward Crichton, 84 Cleveland Street, Fitzroy Square W
Bromley Arms, Mrs. Annie Plummer, 51 Fairfield Road, Bow E
Bromley Hall Tavern, Samuel Charles Watts, 211 Brunswick Road, Poplar E
Brook Green Hotel, Robert Banyon, Shepherd’s Bush Road W
Brown Bear, Alfred Thomas Dealer, 154 & 156 High Street, Deptford SE
Brown Bear, Thomas John Easey, 43 Upper East Smithfield E
Brown Bear, John James Franklin, 65 Broad Street, Bloomsbury WC
Brown Bear, Mrs. Gertrude Fosse, 139 Leman Street E
Brown Bear, Thomas James Hinton, 71 & 73 Worship Street EC
Brown Bear, George Pocock, 32 Devonshire Street WC
Brown Bear, Charles Thomas Springthorpe, 82 Millbank Street SW
Brownlow Arms, George Thomas Harrison, 13 Betterton Street, Drury Lane WC
Brownlow Arms, Sydney Ambrose Smith, 10 Brownlow Street, Dalston NE
Brunswick Arms, Henry John Howell, 237 Well Street, South Hackney NE
Brunswick Arms, Thomas Moore Sheath, 25 Stamford Street SE
Brunswick Tavern, Alfred Arrowsmith, Brunswick Pier, Blackwall E
Brunswick Tavern, William Richard Pace, 148 Old Kent Road SE

Transcribed by Lyn Yates

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