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The London 1899 Public House & Publican Directory - C5.

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Coachmakers Arms, Mrs. Fanny Hitter Bygrave, 6 Belgrave Mews East, Chapel Street SW
Coachmakers Arms, William Edward Layborn, 88 Marylebone Lane W
Coachmakers Arms, Robert Edwin Pilgrim, 33 Bryanston Street W
Coalmeters Arms, Robert Newstead, 62 Heath Street, Stepney E
Cobden Arms, George Molyneux, 62 St Katharines Road, Notting Hill W
Coborn Arms, Alexander John Stokes, 8 Coborn Road, Bow E
Coburg Arms, James George Messer, 19 Webber Street SE
Cock, Edward John Arpthrop, 20 Love Lane, Eastcheap EC
Cock, Edwin Bear, 12 Stanhope Street NW
Cock, William Bennett, 1 Market Street, Jermyn Street SW
Cock, James Boulter, 45 Whitechapel High Street & 9 Commercial Road East E
Cock, Henry Lee, 3 & 5 Broad Street, Ratcliff E
Cock, Joseph Pragnell, 596 Holloway Road N
Cock, James Sands, 58 Old Street EC
Cock, Bertram William Taylor, 62 Chalton Street NW
Cock Tavern, Thomas Andrews, 259 Upper Street N
Cock Tavern, Frederick William Cates, 340 Kennington Road SE
Cock Tavern, William George Dickinson, 125 High Road, Kilburn NW
Cock Tavern, William Bignell Elliott, 27 Great Portland Street W
Cock Tavern, Thomas Girling, 315 Mare Street, Hackney NE
Cock Tavern, Miss Ellen Kate Tripp, 134 Shaftesbury Avenue W
Cock Tavern, Thomas George Walker, 234 & 235 Central Markets EC
Cock & Bottle, Mrs. Annie Edith Browne, 94 & 96 Cannon Street EC
Cock & Bottle, Alfred Gates, 13 China Walk SE
Cock & Castle, George Johnson, 58 Mansford Street, Hackney Road NE
Cock & Hoop, John Edward Bateman, 158 Hanbury Street E
Cock & Lion, Mrs. Bessie Bidgood, 62 Wigmore Street W
Cock & Lion, David Grubb Kidd, Lower East Smithfield E
Cock & Magpie, William Watson, 72 Wilson Street, Finsbury EC
Cock & Neptune, George Christian Ditzel, 211 St. George Street E
Cock & Woolpack, Robert Callingham, 6 Finch Lane EC
Codrington, Mrs. Jane Gate, 17 Kensington Park Road W
Coffee Pot, Thomas Keeble, Warwick Lane EC
Colet Arms, Mrs. Jane Frances Craighead, 94 White Horse Street, Stepney E
Colleen Bawn, Henry Fitt, 196 Southwark Park Road SE
College Arms, Frederick Austin, 2 Crownsdale Road NW
College Arms, George Lakeman, 99 Old Bethnal Green Road E
Collingwood, Tom Powell, 93 Hall Place, Paddington W
Colosseum, William White, 198 Great Portland Street W
Colville Hotel, George Francis Skinner, 186 Portobello Road W
Colville Tavern, James Crimmen, 72 King’s Road, Chelsea SW
Commercial Dock Tavern, Thomas Joseph Kent, 101 Plough Road, Rotherhithe SE
Commercial Tavern, Walter Davies, 119 King’s Road SW
Commercial Tavern, William Blumsom, 142 Commercial Street E
Commercial Tavern, John Groh, 1 Pennyfields, Poplar E
Comus, Harry Taylor, 102 Bemerton Street N
Conant Arms, Morton William Miller, 41 Stainsby Road E
Connaught Arms, Ranger & Devereux, 262 High Holborn WC
Connoisseur, Thomas Jefferies, 3 & 4 Philip Lane EC
Conquering Hero, James Lyons & Co., 73 Upper Grange Road SE
Constitution, James Henry Hughes, 123 Drury Lane WC
Constitution, William Henry Snook, 63 Long Lane, Bermondsey SE
Constitution, Mrs. Annie Walker, 11A Great James Street NW
Constitution Tavern, Arthur Dovey, 42 Churton Street SW
Constitutional, William Anderson, 42 King’s Road, Camden Town NW

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