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The London 1899 Public House & Publican Directory - D.

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Daisy, Charles Henry Waller, 33 Brompton Road SW
Dalby Tavern, William Hall, 7 Dalby Street, Kentish Town NW
Daniel Lambert, James Darmstatter, 2 Ave Maria Lane EC & 10 & 12 Ludgate Hill EC
Deacon’s Tavern, Walter Lester Parker, 3 Walbrook EC
De Beauvoir Arms, Joseph Dyke, 28 Stamford Road, Kingsland Road N
Delaware Arms, Charles Walker, 504 Oxford Street W
Denbigh Arms, Benjamin Green & Sons, 3 Denbigh Place, Pimlico SW
Desborough Arms, Albert William Guillan, 274 Harrow Road W
Devon Arms, William George Masters, 58 Morning Lane, Hackney NE
Devonport Arms, Arthur John Whitlock, Devonport Mews, Oxford Terrace, Hyde Park W
Devonshire Arms, Arthur George Atkinson, 10 Lancaster Street, Hyde Park W
Devonshire Arms, William Charles Britton, 10 Dupont Street, Limehouse Fields E
Devonshire Arms, Arthur Chapman, 1 Bristow Street, Hoxton N
Devonshire Arms, Leon Collingridge, 49 Devonshire Street E
Devonshire Arms, William Bignell Elliott, 21A Devonshire Street, Portland Place W
Devonshire Arms, Henry Hundertmark, 17 Denman Street W
Devonshire Arms, John Henry Ellis, 39 Ironmonger Row EC
Devonshire Arms, Joseph John Hough, 39 Kentish Town Road NW
Devonshire Arms, Charles Weeks Johns, 21 Duke Street, Portland Place W
Devonshire Arms, E. Levy & Co., 90 High Street, Notting Hill W
Devonshire Arms, James Alexander Middleton, 37 Marloes Road, Kensington W
Devonshire Arms, Frederick Walter Walden, 46 Moreton Street, Pimlico SW
Devonshire Arms, John Everitt Page, 20 Duke Street, Manchester Square W
Devonshire Castle, Robert Stanley Chattey, 320 Harrow Road W
Dew Drop Inn, William Sharpe, 72 Clifton Hill, New Cross Road SE
Diamond Reign, John William Lincker, 31 Fouberts Place, Regent Street W
Digby Arms, Arthur Dunn, 46 Digby Street, Globe Road E
Distillers’ Arms, Mrs. Emily Holland, 28 Hancock Road, Bromley E
Distillers’ Arms, George White, 63 Albert Embankment SE
Dockhead Stores, Thomas Gibbs, Dockhead SE
Dock House, Henry Wickes, 293 & 295 East India Dock Road E
Dog & Duck, William Harding, 18 Bateman Street, Soho W
Dog & Duck, Henry John Robert Taylor, Commercial Dock, Rotherhithe SE
Dog & Partridge, Thomas Branson, 249 Bow Road E
Dolphin, Alfred Barnes, 44 Red Lion Street WC
Dolphin, Alfred Ernest Cooper, Dolphin Court, 63½ Ludgate Hill EC
Dolphin, James Cooper, 85 Church Street, Bethnal Green Road E
Dolphin, Homer Brothers, 165 Mare Street, Hackney NW
Dolphin, John Henry May, 269 Oxford Street W
Dolphin, John Remington Martin, 61 Coleman Street EC
Dolphin, Henry Mulley, 6 Fitzalan Street, Kennington Road SE
Dolphin, Sidney Annen Penton, 47 Tonbridge Street WC
Dolphin, William Charles Hailstrap Williams, 50 Whitechapel Road E
Dover Castle, Henry Aley, 55 Sutton Street East E
Dover Castle, Alfred Brown, Deptford Broadway SE
Dover Castle, Charles George Hearn, 42 Little Surrey Street SE
Dover Castle, Frederick William King, 39 Rotherhithe Street SE
Dover Castle, William Long, 36 Commercial Road, Lambeth SE
Dover Castle, William Mitchell, 43 Weymouth Mews, Portland Place W
D’Oyley Arms, Marmaduke John Cowper, 34 Marlborough Road SW
Drapers’ Arms, George Samuel Pammell, 43 Barnsbury Street N

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