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The London 1899 Public House & Publican Directory - J.

The London 1899 Public House & Publican Directory - J.

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Jack of Newbury, William Snood, 25 Chiswell Street EC
Jacobs Well, John Ahrens, 25 New Inn roadway, Curtain road EC
Jacobs Well, Mrs Isabella Billinge, 127 Hanbury Street E
Jamica Tavern, William Chicken, 495 Southwark Park Road SE
Jamica Tavern, Thomas Harwood, West India Dock Road E
Jamaica Wine House, Edward John Rose & Co.St Michaels Alley, Cornhill EC
Jane Shore, Edward John Rose & Co 103 Shoreditch High Street E
Jew’s Harp, Phillip Turner Godfrey, 1 Redhill Street NW
Jobs Castle, Phillip Thomas Wilson, 40 White Lion Street, Norton Falgate E
John Bull, George Charles Busby, 287 Southwark Park Road
John Bull, Edward Clake, 64 Tyers St. Lambeth SE
John Bull, Mrs Elizabeth May, 2 Bath Street, Poplar
John O Groats, Arthur Roberts, 63 Gray St, Blackfriars Road SE
Johnson’s Arms, George Sears, 24 Johnson Street, Notting Hill W
Joiners Arms, Frederick Thomas Crabb, 154 Tredegar Road, Bow E
Joiners Arms, Herbert Reeves Lamport, 59 Westminster bridge Road SE
Jolly Anglers, Arthur Lewis Baker, 68 Bath Street, City Road E C
Jolly Anglers, Harry Rolles, 227 Kentish Town Road NW
Jolly Butchers, William Hy. Dearling, 261 Old Street,  EC
Jolly Butchers, Frank Albert Jennings, 157 Brick Lane E
Jolly Farmers, Albert Dyke, 118 Southgate Road. N
Jolly Farmers, John Wynne, 64 Cumberland Market NW
Jolly Gardeners, David Evans, Princes Road, Lambeth SE
Jolly Gardeners, Andrew William Pearce, 14 Cobourg Street, Euston Square NW
Jolly Miller, Edward Dickman, 50 Millbank Street SW
Jolly Sailor, Henry Hall, 182 St George Street E
Jolly Sailor, Henry Austen Lambert, 91 Lower Road SE
Jolly Sailors & Little Billet, Henry Sturke, 314 Cable Street E
Jolly Tanners, Sydney Tilbury, 1 Rothsay Street, Bermondsey New Road SE
Jolly Waterman, Henry Pocock 51 Rotherhithe Street SE
Jubilee, Digby Compton Whitehead, 3 Gee Street, Clarendon Square NW
Junction, Tom Barrett, 92 Tavistock Road W
Junction Tavern, Keates & Arnold, 101 Fortess Road NW
Junction Tavern, Frederick James Squires, 215 Cambridge Road, Kilburn Park NW

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