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The London 1899 Public House & Publican Directory - N2.

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New Red Lion, Nathan Harris, 68 St. John Street Road EC
New Red Lion, John Thomas Shapcott, 181 Harrow Road W
New River Head, Mrs. Emma Eliza Davidge, 124 Stainsby Road E
New Stag, Sidney Hawkins, 2 Cumberland Market NW
New Tanners’ Arms, Miss Amelia Hone, 155 Grange Road SE
New York Stores, Mrs. Annie Morgan, 50 Upper East Smithfield E
Newberry Arms, Samuel J. Muncy, 40 Malden Road NW
Newcastle Arms, William Dobson Murley, 1 Newcastle Street, Millwall E
Newcastle-on-Tyne, William Hartwell, 55 Lexington Street, Golden Square W
Newington Arms, Mrs. Alice Goodale, 31 King & Queen Street, Walworth SE
Newton Arms, Robert Charles Johnson, 37 Newton Street, Holborn WC
Nine Elms Tavern, Noah Foster Bullimore, 33 Nine Elms Lane SW
Noahs Ark, Robert Samuel Chapman, Evelyn Street, Deptford SE
Noahs Ark, Miss Harriett Catherine Hearn, 92 Park Street, Borough SE
Noahs Ark, William Thomas Hearn, 216 & 217 Blackfriars Road SE
Noahs Ark, James Shepherd, 313 Oxford Street W
Noahs Ark, George Tipple, 380 Rotherhithe Street SE
Norfolk Arms, James Bishop, 10 Burwood Place, Edgware Road W
Norfolk Arms, Harry Byford, 28 Leigh Street, Burton Crescent WC
Norfolk Arms, Thomas Clark, 382 Essex Road N
Norfolk Arms, William Finch, 272 North End Road SW
Norfolk Arms, John Pohl, 288 Strand WC
Norfolk Arms, William Charles Smith, 10 New Norfolk Street, Bateman’s Row EC
Norfolk Arms, John William Walker, 15 Ivimey Street, Bethnal Green E
Norfolk Hero, Arthur Nelson Crouch, 92 Canton Street, Poplar E
Norland Arms, George John Copley, 1 Addison Road North, Notting Hill W
North Briton, Charles Reeve, 83 Bedford Street, Commercial Road East E
North Briton, Percy John Robinson, 10 New North Road N
North London Hotel, G. Whitehead & Son, 331 High Road, Kilburn NW
North Pole, Thomas Gale, Latimer Road W
North Pole, James Smith, 82 Elsa Street, Limehouse Fields E
North Pole, Benjamin John Hart, 190 New North road N
North Star, John Thomas Vincent, 104 Finchley Road NW
North Western, Richard Hadland, 27 Ferdinand Street NW
Northampton Arms, Edward William Carpenter, 205 Goswell Road EC
Northampton Arms, George Frederick Hine, 11 Northampton Street, Bethnal Green E
Northampton Arms, John Henry Mills, 279 Essex Road N
Northumberland Arms, Edward George Bailey, 109 Southwark Park Road SE
Northumberland Arms, Charles Bull, 78 Well Street, South Hackney NW
Northumberland Arms, Elliott & Wickenden, 77 Wells Street W
Northumberland Arms, Walter Holman, 141 King’s Cross Road WC
Northumberland Arms, Kennett George Shelitoe, 43 Goodge Street W
Northumberland Arms, Charles Frederick James Trew, 119 Tottenham Court Road WC
Northumberland Arms, Robert Trott, 9 Russell Street, Covent Garden WC
Northumberland Arms, John Young, 10 & 11 Northumberland Street, Strand WC
Northumberland Head, James Baldwin, 8 Fort Street, Spitalfields E
Notting Barn Tavern, Herbert Sherriff, 40 Silchester Road W

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