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The London 1899 Public House & Publican Directory - Pl.

This is a listing from the Public Houses section of the London Post Office Directory in 1899; it lists an alphabetical listing of these Public Houses in London, the Publicans and also has links to the relevant Public House page listing of the Licensees, Bar persons and Boarders and Lodgers etc. All information on these pages comes from London census, Post Office and Kelly Directory, plus any information and pictures supplied by You.

Transcribed by Lyn Yates

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Plumbers’ Arms, Robert Dean, 3 Hastings Street WC
Plumbers’ Arms, David Frost, 14 Lower Belgrave Street SW
Plume of Feathers, Edward Cecil Moore, 116 Lambeth Walk SE
Plume of Feathers, Frederick Whitlock & Son, 229 Oxford Street W
Pocock Arms, Edward Telling, 468 Caledonian Road N
Ponsford Arms, William Wortley, 55 Malden Road NW
Pontefract Castle, Walter Holman, 48 Chapel Street, Edgware Road NW
Pontefract Castle, George William Perrym 71 Wigmore Street W
Porchester Arms Hotel, William Brewer, 3 Leinster Place, Bayswater W
Porcupine, Joseph Mills, 48 Charing Cross Road WC
Portland Arms, Charles Baker, 119 Portland Road W
Portland Arms, Mrs. Catherine Clarke, 54 Great Marylebone Street W
Portland Arms, Albert German, 72 Millman Street WC
Portland Arms, Edward John Hayward, 59 Westmoreland Road, Walworth SE
Portland Arms, Mrs. Agnes Sophia Hearn, 40 Great Portland Street W
Portland Arms, Frederick James Mackadam, 60 High Street, St. John’s Wood NW
Portland Arms, Frederick Naylor, 1 Long Lane EC
Portman Arms, Henry Healey Hudson, 21 Balcombe Street NW
Portman Arms, Mrs. Jane Caroline Egan, 422 Edgware Road W
Portman Arms, Augustus Jarvis, 18 Millbank Street SW
Portman Arms, Alfred C. Stock & Co., 117 Marylebone Road W
Portobello Tavern, Leonard Falkner Lamkin, 138 Portobello Road W
Portugal, Henry Weber Brown & Co., 154 & 155 Fleet Street EC
Post Office Tavern, Henry Hobson Finch, 2 & 3 Noble Street EC
Poulterers’ Arms, Henry Alexander Jager, 2 Freeman’s Court, Cheapside EC
Pride of the Isle, William Frederick Olley, 20 Havannah Street, Millwall E
Primrose, Ernest Peter Braun, 108 & 109 Bishopsgate Street Without EC
Primrose, Leon Harris, 53 Oxford Street W
Prince Albert, Mrs. Mary Ann Backlog, 16 Alfred Street, City Road N
Prince Albert, Edwin George Goodson Bax, 117 Edward Street, New Cross SE
Prince Albert, David Bloom, 6 Lincoln Street, Bow E
Prince Albert, James Brown, 163 Great College Street NW
Prince Albert, Edward Chamberlain, 11 Princess Road, Regent’s Park NW
Prince Albert, Louis John Chenery, 10 Woodfield Road, Harrow Road W
Prince Albert, Henry Clarke, 47 Hows Street, Kingsland Road NE
Prince Albert, Thomas Collingwood, 21 Brushfield Street E
Prince Albert, Culley & Woodham, 35 Weedington Road NW
Prince Albert, Felice Garrone, 31 Blackfriars Road SE
Prince Albert, Harry Glover, 2 Mape Street, Bethnal Green E
Prince Albert, Percy T. Hart, 37 Wharfdale Road, King’s Cross N
Prince Albert, William Huett, 221 Queen’s Road, Dalston NE
Prince Albert, William Jackman, Grove Walk, Hoxton NE
Prince Albert, William Walter Mott, 24 Heygate Street, Walworth SE
Prince Albert, James Newman, 29 Elmore Street, Islington N
Prince Albert, Isaac Solomon Parker, 5 Upper St. Martin’s Lane WC
Prince Albert, William Patch, 11 Hollingsworth Street, Liverpool Road N
Prince Albert, Philip Hugh Slater, 11 Cooper’s Row, Crutchedfriars EC
Prince Albert, Charles Wakefield, Orchard Place, 58 Blackwall E
Prince Albert, Samuel Edward Williams, 2 Acton Street, King’s Cross Road WC
Prince Albert Hotel, Walter Buxton, 11 Pembridge Road W
Prince Albert Hotel, William Henry Lowe, 11 Craven Road W

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