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The London 1899 Public House & Publican Directory - S.

This is a listing from the Public Houses section of the London Post Office Directory in 1899; it lists an alphabetical listing of these Public Houses in London, the Publicans and also has links to the relevant Public House page listing of the Licensees, Bar persons and Boarders and Lodgers etc. All information on these pages comes from London census, Post Office and Kelly Directory, plus any information and pictures supplied by You.

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Transcribed by Kevan

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St Andrew, Mrs Elizabeth Emily Nettleton, 70 George Street, Portman Square W
St Andrews Head, Mrs Annie Wootten, 86 Rhodeswell Road E
St Anns Coffee House, Wm Pratt, 66 Carter Lane EC
St Brides Tavern, Thomas Clothier, 13 Bride Lane EC
St George, Owen William Matthews, 14 Belgrave Road SW
St Georges Tavern, Edward James Burgess, 44 & 46 Lambeth Road SE
St Georges Tavern, King George French, 258 Fort Road, Bermondsey SE
St Helena Tavern, Solomon John Dibbs, 23 St Helena Road, Rotherhithe New Road SE
St James, James Cole & Co, 27 Broadway SW
St James Tavern, Edwin Aucott, 45 Great Windmill Street W
St James Tavern, George John Block, 72 St James Road SE
St James Tavern, Philip Young, 43 Duke Street, Aldgate EC
St John of Jerusalem, Mark Hildyard, 164 St John Street EC
St Johns Distillery, Miss Janie Anthony Jackson, 637 Holloway Road N
St Johns Tavern, Daniel Bushell, 91 Junction Road N
St Johns Tavern, Edward John Keen, 171 & 173 Tooley Street SE
St Leonards Arms, Charles Heath Mackrow, 162 St Leonards Road E
St Lukes Head, Thomas Frederick Barden, 90 Old Street, St Lukes EC
St Martins, Alfred William Ashplant, 12 & 13 Duke Street, Adelphi WC
St Martins Tavern, James Dewdney, 35 Pratt Street, Camden Town NW
St Pauls, Julius Urbach, 56 Chiswell street EC
St Pauls Tavern, Henry Burgess, 72 Villa Street, Walworth SE
St Stephens Tavern, William Alfred Needes, 10 Cannon Row, Westminster SW
Salisbury, Walter Keay, 22 Camomile Street, EC
Salisbury Arms, John Harris, 30 Salisbury Street, Bermondsey SE
Salisbury Arms, Wm Parsey, 135 Eastfield Street, Limehouse Fields E
Salisbury Arms, James Fredk Stammers, 111 Burdett Road E
Salisbury Stores, Moore & Thurston, 90 St Martins lane WC
Salmon & Ball, Oscar Wallace Deacon, 32 Lamb Street, Spitalfields E
Salmon & Ball, Walter Goody, 502 Bethnal Green road E
Salmon & Compasses, William Hy Hammett, 58 Penton Street N
Salmon & Compasses, Charles Laming, 13 Dorrington Street, Leather lane EC
Salutation, William Marcus Critchfield, 21 Coin Street, Stamford Street SE
Samsons Castle, John Martin Jones, 210 Grange Road SE
Sandford Tavern, Robert Kopel Kruse, 20 Upcott Street, Canterbury Road SE
Saracens Head, Basil Peffani, 7 Camomile Street EC
Sash & Cocoa Tree, James Sculthorp, 4 Whitecross Place, Wilson Street EC
Savoy Palace, Miss Agnes Mary Gilmott, Savoy Street WC
Sawyers Arms, William James Watson, 78 Marylebone Lane W
Scarboro Arms, Solomon Barnett, 11 St Marks Street E
Scarsdale Arms, Edwin Alfred Couper, 24 Edwardes Square, Kensington W
Scotch Stores, Henry Finch, 250 Oxford Street WC
Scotch Stores, William Higgins, 35 Whitefriars Street EC
Scots Arms, Wm Jn Green, 1 Wapping High Street E
Sea Lion, Mrs Julia Emms, 34 Wootton Street, Lambeth SE
Sekfords Arms, Mrs Sarah Ann Tenwick, 34 Sekfords Street EC
Sessions House Hotel, Charles Matthew Munyard, 120 Clerkenwell Road EC
Seven Stars, Mrs Sarah Elizabeth Baker, 159 North End Road W
Seven Stars, William Mark Grange, 94 High Street, Bromley E
Seven Stars, Mrs Sarah Ann Shacklady, 49 Brick Lane E
Seven Stars, Miss Kate Eliza Wright, 53 & 54 Carey Street WC
Seymour Arms, Mrs Mary Ann Townsend, 162 Seymour Street, Euston Square NW
Seymour Arms, Miss Elizh Mary Dunham, 77 Seymour Place W

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