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London (North) 1896 Suburban Beer Retailer directory listing - C

This is a listing from the Beer Retailer section of the UK North London Post Office Directory in 1896; This is one of the earlier London Suburbs directories that lists Pubs and street addresses as London instead of the local county.

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Cairns T. H. 40 Sidney road, Homerton NE:
Cakebread Richard A. 24 Beaconsfield street, Canning Town E
Callegare Mrs. Mary A. 104 Albert terrace, North Woolwich E
Camp W H, 29 Dagmar road, South Hackney NE
Campe Miss A. 223 Park lane, Tottenham
Canning Charles Harry, 111 Albert road, North Woolwich
Capp William Hy. Baker street, Enfield
Carpenter Henry, High street, Hampton hill
Carpenter Jesse, 65 High street, Walthamstow
Carter John, Bury street, Lower Edmonton
Carter Mrs. Mary Ann, 50 Buxton road, Walthamstow
Carter Thomas, Albert road, New Barnet
Carter William, 352 High road, Tottenham
Carter William, 1 Wellbourne road, Tottenham
Carter W. E. Kenton, The Hyde N W
Cartledge Griffin, 272 Victoria Dock road
Carwood George, 1 Bruce Grove road, Tottenham
Case J.W. Lower Fore street, Lower Edmonton
Chad Alfred, The Hyde NW
Challis C. W, 1 Queen's road, West Walthamstow
Chambers Hy. 26 Layton road, Stratford E
Chambers Hy. R. 204 Dawes road, Fulham
Chaplin Chas. N. 73 High street, Walthamstow
Chapman C. 1 Scott Street, Canning Town E
Chapman Mrs. Penelope, 65 Langford road, Fulham s w
Charlton Edwin, 64 Cornwall road, South Tottenham
Charlton Mrs. F. HaleEnd road, Woodford Green
Chatt George, Bell road, Hounslow
Cheesman Hy. 42 High street, Homerton N E
Chenery James, 22 Hornsey road N
Chilton Mrs. Elizabeth, 131 Angel road, Upper Edmonton
Chisnall Jsph. Chas. 3 Anne street, Plaistow E
Chivers W. Mandeville street, Lower Clapton NE
Churchill Charles Joseph, 149 Lancefield street, Queen's Park w
Clapham C. 2 Ringslade road, Wood Green
Clapham Henry, 1 Station road, Seven Sisters' road, South Tottenham
Clapton William Thomas, 1 Barclay road north, Leytonstone N E
Clare Miss Mary Ann, 149 Hermit road, Canning Town E
Claridge Mrs. Ann, Heston, Hounslow
Clark Alfred, 147 Fisher street, Barking
Clark Alfred, High road, Waltham Cross
Clark Mrs. E. 57 Plaistow road, West Ham
Clark F.W. 28 Howard road, Stoke Newington
Clark John, 27 Constance street, Plaistow E
Clark John, 1 Sussex terrace, White Hart lane, Wood Green N
Clarke G. 105 Church street, Stoke Newington
Clarkson William H. Highstone, Hadly. Barnet
Cleaver W.J. 24 Queen's road, Canning Town
Cleere Geo. 59 Hainault road, Leytonstone
Clements Henry, Barrack road, Hounslow
Clements Mrs. M. The Steyne, Acton W
Clements William, Victoria road, New Barnet
Cleverly Mrs. Elizabeth, Fountain place, Waltham Abbey
Cleverly Miss Elizabeth West, Woollard street, Waltham Abbey
Clubb J.W. 129 St. Ann's road, South Tottenham
Cocks Samuel, 92 & 94 Chandos road west, Stratford E
Cole Thomas, Alborough Hatch, Ilford
Cole William James, 84 Glenthorne road, Hammersmith w
Coles John, 4 Fortune green, Fortune Green road, Hampstead N w
Coles William Benj. Alperton, Ealing
Collett John William, 11 Retreat place, High Hill ferry, Upper Clapton N E
Collett Robert Sturch, Featherstone road, The Green, Southall
Collier William, Walpole road, Teddington
Collins Harry, Chase side, Southgate N
Collins Harry, Windmill hill, Enfield
Collins Joseph, Northolt road, Harrow
Colton Mrs. Emily, 21 East street, Stratford E
Commercial Brewery Co. (William Grocott, manager ), 245 Victoria Dock road
Compton Leonard William, 20 Bradmore Park road, Hammersmith
Conlan Mrs Fanny, 55 Linton road, Barking
Connor John, 171 Devonshire road, Chiswick
Conway Horace J. 23 High street, Ealing w
Conyard Mrs. C. South street, Ponders End
Cook Alfred, 13 Newton road, South Tottenham
Cook Amos, 4 Albert terrace, Ealing w
Coombs E. J. Beckton road, Canning Town E
Coombs W. Hermon hill, South Woodford
Cooper John, 96 Wood street, Walthamstow
Cooper William. 14 Lillie road, Fulham s w
Coote Robert Wm. 44 High road, Leyton
Copping Fred. 128 Wood street, Walthamstow
Coppings John, Western road, Southall
Copps George jun. High road, Whetstone
Cordery Mrs. Mary Ann, 47 Star lane, Canning Town E
Cornick Jn. C. Archway road, Highgate N
Coulton J.H. 83 Leytonstone road, Stratford E
Coward Mrs. E. High road, Waltham Cross
Cowdrey Henry Edward, 25 & 26 George street, Hammersmith w
Cownden. C. Windmill road, Hampton Hill
Cownden Frederick. 9 Alpha place, Kilburn N
Cox Benj. 38 Holmbrook street, Homerton NE
Cox Henry, Bounces road, Edmonton
Cox Hy. Wellington road north. Hounslow
Cox Hy. Arthur, 19 St. Ann's road. South Tottenham
Cox Mrs. Hy. Bentley heath, Potters Bar
Cox James, Stanmore
Cox T. 107 Greenhill grove, Manor Park
Craft Thomas, 65 Park lane, Tottenham
Crane Charles A. 186 Blackstock road N
Crate R H. 97 Leyton road, New Town. Stratford
Creedy William. 213 Seven Sisters road N
Cridland G. 75 Avenue road. N. Southgate N
Crook A. Nursery road, Sunbury Common
Cross George, 10 Burke Street, Canning Town E
Crouchman J. Enfield Wash, Ponder's End
Crow W. 33 Queen's road west, Walthamstow
Cullingford Charles, i Milton grove, Upper Holloway N
Cull James,41 Clyde road, South Tottenham'
Curran Chas. 164 Stoke Newington road
Cutler Jas. Hy, Market place, Enfield
Cutmore John, 22 Heath street, Barking

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