The History of Romford in Essex, East of London.

My family arrived in Romford in the 1890's and stayed! In fact, all my family links are tied into Romford, so I thought a little time spent on the area, probably worthwhile. We moved all the way to Hornchurch in the early 1970's.

A plethora of information can be gleaned from these pages; try the search engine at the bottom of each page, too, it all helps. A few personal recollections of Romford to follow. Plus a few Trade Directories to introduce the area! Plus, an insight to the working of Sainsbury & local politics.

Romford 1791 Universal Trade Directory

Romford 1839 Pigots Directory - Gentry & Clergy -

Trade in 1839 Academies to Bricklayers , Butchers to Gardeners , Grocers to Plumbers , Saddlers to Wine Merchants & Miscellaneous

Romford 1841 census  & the 1841 census search engine

Romford 1848 Whites Directory - Gentry & Others - Academies to Corn Dealers - Fruiterers to Wood Turners

Romford 1855 Post Office Directory

Private Residents in Romford in 1855   -   Private Residents  

Commercial Traders in Romford in  1855  (A _ F) -  (G - O) -  (P - Y)

Romford 1861 Census Enumerator Walk part 1Enumerator walk part 2 - Enumerator walk part 3 - Enumerator walk part 4

Romford 1862 Post office Directory - Private Residents - Commercial Traders

Romford 1874 Post Office Directory

Private Residents in Romford in 1874   (A - L)  -     (M - Z)

Commercial Traders in Romford  in 1874  (A - D)  -  (E - K) -   (L - P)(R - Y)

Romford 1882 Kelly's Directory part 1
1882 Kelly's Directory part 2

Private Residents in Romford in 1882  (A - F)   (G - O) - (P- Y)

Commercial Traders in Romford in 1882   (A - D) -  (E - K) -  (L - P) -
 (R - Y)

Romford 1886 Kellys Trade Directory part 1 - 1886 Kellys Directory part 2 - 1886 Kellys Directory part 3

Private Residents in Romford in 1886 (A - F) - (G - O) - (P - W)

Commercial Traders in Romford in 1886 (A - D) - (E - K) - (L - P) - (R - Y)

1886 Hamlets of Romford - e.g.  Collier Row, Hare Street, Noak Hill, Romford Common, Rush Green & Squirrels Heath

Romford 1914 Kellys Trade Directory - 1914 Kellys Directory part 2

Private Residents in Romford in 1914  (A - F) (G - 0) - (P - Y)

Commercial Traders in 1914 (A - F)  (G - M)  (N - S)  (T - Y)

1914 Directory:- Collier Row - Gidea Park - Romford Common - Rush Green - Squirrels Heath

 Romford 1919 Directory Lisiting

Romford Public Houses & Collier Row & Rush Green & Hare Street

The Romford War Memorial

Hornchurch changes in the last 30 years

Romford Market place in 1904 

Romford Market place in 1904

Kindly provided by Colleen

And lots more street scenes of Romford

There is a superb dancing school on the Romford - Hornchurch borders- Anthony Clifford Studios - this is not a history link

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