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Essex 1863 Whites Trade Directory for  West Ham

Residents & Commercial Traders in West Ham 1863 - part 1

 West Ham Index

West Ham Parish Directory comprising Stratford, West ham, Plaistow, Forest Gate, Upton, Victoria Docks, Canning Town, Silver Town.

The capital letters show the situation of each street, 

C signifying Canning Town ; F. Forestgate; P. Plaistow ; P.M. Plaistow marshes; S. Stratford; S.N. Stratford Newtown; U. Upton; W.H West Ham; and V.D. near the Victoria Docks.

Holland Mrs Eiiz. 1 Railway terrace P.
Holloway Mr J.T.4 Woodgrange cottages
Holloway Rev. William, M.A. incumbent of St John's,Stratford.grove
Hopkins Rev. Evan, Silvertown
Horne Mrs, Stratford green
Houchin Mrs, 23 Upton place
Hovrards & Sons, manf. ohemists, Hst S
Howard Saml. Lloyd; h Loughton
Howling Mr T. Cphr.Leytonstone road
Hunt Jas.clerk of C.Church,Union st
Hunter Mr John, 1 Waddington ter
Hurry Pp. excise officer, West Ham
Hussey Chas. gent. 2 Upton place
Ibbotson Sl.farmer,Stratford Newtown
India Eubber Co. Abbey Mills, and London
Innes Rev. John Clarke, M.A. and Ph. Dr. curate, Stratford
Iremonger Mr Richard, Forest lane
Ireson Mrs, Upton
Jefferies Mr Joseph, 3 Globe ter. P.
Jenne Frederick Charles,elastic floor cloth, manufacturer, High st. S.
Johnson Rt. house agent, Suffolk st. F.
Johnson Mr Wm.J. 10 Idmiston villas
Jones Mr George.The Elms, Stratford
Jones Mr Saml. Jno. Ham Frith rd
Jones Walter, clerk, Graving Dock
Jutson Mrs & Edw. gent.
Kayess James, Esq. silk printer, Abley Print Works
Kayess Miss Eliz. Abbey rd.W.H.
Keen Mr John, Forestgate
Kelson Mr George, Greengate st. P..
Kempster Mr Edwin Jas.Woodgrange
Kennard Joseph,bone boiler, Marshgate, S; h Balaam street, P.
Kennedy Mr Samuel, Ilford road,S.
Kerbey Mr Edward, Upton
Kidder Mr John, Biohmond street
Kilner Miss, Forest lane
King Mr Frederick, Globe terrace,F.
King Chas. house agent, Maryland point
King John, sweep, Windmill lane
Kingham Mrs Margt, Cornwell place, S.
Kingston Rt. F. lamp dlr. High st. S.
Knaping Mr Chpr. Manbey park
Laundy Mr G. E. 1 Falmouth ter.F.
Leal Mr Josa, 18 Idmiston villas
Leather Cloth Co. Abbey road & London
Lee, Son and Smith, lime burners, cement mfrs. etc. High street, S.
Legg Jabez,Esg;. 1 Carnarvon ter.S.
Lemon George, contractor, Plaistow road, West Ham
Leppingwell Mr Geo. Rose ter. F.
Liddiard Wm. surveyor, Odessa rd
Lindsey Chas. clerk, 6 Eose ter. F.
Lister Jph. Jackson, Esq. Upton Hs
Littleship Mr J.Hy.6 Waddington terrace
Lockhart Thos. Esg. Upton lane
Lodge Mr Chas.Wm. Maryland point
Lorsont John Baptist Athanase, director of Leather Cloth Co, Abbey road
London Jas. nuisance inspector, W.Ham
Lovett Thos. plasterer, Plaistow rd
Low Stephen, salesman, Greengate st
Loxley Jno. solicitor; h Stratford gn
Ludwig Mr Targot, 22 Upton place
Lupton Mr Lewis, l Westgrange villas, F
Lynn Mr Chas. Stratford green
McDowall Archbd. relieving officer, Howard road, P.
McDonald Mr Hugh, Howard road P.
Machin Wm. farmer, Leyton road
Macguire Mrs, Hamfrith road
Mackmeikan Mrs, Hamfrith road
McPherson Mrs, Howard road, P.
McQuoin Rev. James (Catholic), Stratford grove
Mainland Capt. Dd. Stratford grove
Mainoni Mr Anthony, Green gate st
Malchar Miss Maria, 1 Richmond road
Mallinson Mr John, Forestgate
Maple Jas. ins. agt. Longthorne st
Marsh Mr George, Balaam street, P
Marsh Rev. Rd. Wm. Bishop, M.A. regr. and incumbent of Plaistow, Howard road

Marshall Edward, gent. Forest lane
Marshall Jph. Gilbert Blair, surveyor to Board of Health, 7 Vicarage ter
Martin Mr George, Forest lane
Martin William, gent, Hford. road
Martindale Rev Robert, curate, 10 Custom House terrace
Mason Mr Wm. Dl. Church st.W.H.
Maw Jas. brick, tile, lime, etc. merchant, High st. S.; h Norris place
Matthews Wm. blind mkr.High st.S.
Meeson Mrs, High street, Stratford
Meeson John & Co. lime burners, cement mfrs. &c. High st. S
Meggs Jno. ladder bldr, High st.S.
Mein Andrew, engineer, Station st.S.
Meyrick Rev. Maurice, incumbent of Barking road
Middlemost Mr Henry R. 5 Westgrange villas
Mills Mr John, Upton cottage
Mills Capt. Hy. Hopling, shipping superintendent, Victoria Docks
Moore Col. Theodore, Greengate st
Moore George, clerk, 8 Rose terrace F.
Moore Mr John, 4 Upton place
Morphett Frederick,music professor, 1 Idmiston villas, Forestgate
Mott Mr Chas. Leytonstone road
Munt Mr Geo. Wm. Hamfrith road
Mure Pp. Wm. & Co. gin distillers, Three Mills, West Ham
Murphy Jas. & Co. benzole mfrs. Marshgate, Stratford
Napier Mr James, Manbey park
Needle Women's Institution, Mrs A. Talbot, superintendent, 8 Custom House ter. P.M.
Newman Mrs, Elm House, P.
Newman Mr John, The Abbey
Newton George, coach trimming manufacturer, High street, S.
Nicoll Mr John Geo. Stratford green
Nightingale Saml. police inspector W.H.
Nix Jno. manager of Victoria Docks Gas Works, North Woolwich
Nixon Wm. John, sec. to Gas Co.; h 6 Belgrave villas, S.
North Saml. gent. Hford road, S.
Norton Mr Wm. Abbey road, W.H.
Oddy Mr James, Leytonstone road
Ohren Miss, 10 Upton place
O'Leary John G. & Mrs, supt. and matron of Whitechapel Industrial Schools, Forestgate
Oliver Misses, Stratford grove
Orchard Mr Francis, Essex street, F.
Ortner Mr Lewis, Field road, F.
Osborn Thos. librarian, Angel lane
Ough Mr Henry, Maryland point
Page Mr Wm. Saml. Leytonstone road
Pallett Mr Robert, Forest lane
Palmer Mrs, High street, P.
Palmer Jno. umbrella maker. Angel lane
Palmer Mr Jph. 6 Idmiston villas.F.
Pawnbrokers' Almshouses, Forestgate
Pearson Jas. contractor, Roscoe st
Peck Rd. omnibus supt. Stratford green
Pedley Saml. Esq. Stratford green
Pedrick Athr.sweep, Church st.W.H.
Pelly Capt. Richard Wilson, R.N. The Willows, Plaistow
Pelly Mr Henry H. Barking road
Perfect Rev.Ts.(Independent) Albert road.P.
Perkins Mr John, Balaam street, P.
Perry Win. carrier, Barking road. P.
Petch Mrs, Montague House, W.H.
Peters Mr Peter, Balaam street, P.
Peto, Brassey and Peto, railway etc, contractors, and lessees of the Victoria Docks, Ashburton ter.P,
Pick Mr James, Ilford road, S.
Pidgepn Mr Jonas, Stratford green
Pinchin Mr John, Forest lane
Pitt Rt. foreman, High st. Stratford
Plaxton Mr Rd. Stratford green
Pollett Mr Geo. K., Howard road.P.
Ponder Mr Henry, Forestgate
Pountain John, clerk,Victoria Docks
Poupard Chas. manager, High st.S.
Pratt Chs. Victoria Docks station master
Preece Rev. Bj. (Bapt.) Abbey ter.P.
Press Mr Jas. Howes, West Ham lane
Pritchard Peter, congreve rocket maker, Stratford Marsh,

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