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What is New on the London & UK South Pub History Site

A reminder of who started this site - thanks Ian.

January 2017 - I have just updated most ot the Rotherhithe pages thank to Ewan who runs the pubology site. I know that this pub history site is far from useful for mobile users, and really do not know how to make this better. Any suggestions are very welcome.

December 2016 - Boxing Day : Again, I rarely update this page, whilst the site does get updates every day. Most recently I have been concentrating on the Licensed Victuallers Association records with significant numbers of early records in 1825 and so on; these are mainly linked to London pubs. Lots of other areas are always seeing updates, e.g. Leicester, Hampshire, Kent, Hertfordshire etc etc.

May 2016 : It has been 5 months since last updating what is new on the site page. There is masses of additional detail everywhere including recent additions of Leicester, Gosport, Tonbridge, Brighton, all of London etc. (including parts of Surrey ,  Southwark etc & Kent, eg Greenwich, Canterbury & Deptford). And bits of Hampshire, particularly Southampton, & Gloucestershire & Dorset. I don't think I know from one day to the next where I have been updating; and often fall asleep on the computer doing just this. At the weekend, I started an update of Mitcham at 7am as I could not sleep, and finished very late that night. My updates are never complete, but they are updates and additions. The pub history site now covers so many areas, I could add a whole town or just an era for a place, or  a few interesting records for a pub, it makes no difference to me, it's all pub history.

I do sadly lack the modern detail (to me). Most people refer to pub history as what a pub was called in the last 25 years. I refer to whether a building was a pub 100 years ago, and am missing the last 90 years! I don't have the detail, or reference etc; c'est la vie! And I seem to tweet a lot about politics, hey ho, another interest of mine with the current government wrecking the average persons life.

There are a few people helping me out still, particularly Ewan of the pubology site. Top Man.

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