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London Street Directory in 1921.

London Street Listings Index in 1921.

Kerbey Street, Poplar E14, 157 East India Dock Road

West Side.
Salvation Army Barracks
... here is Grundy Street ...
19 Kenney Dick, haberdasher
23 Wood Charles, wringer repairer
25 Mantella Charles, hairdresser
27 Oriscuolo Charles, corn dealer
29 Bines Arthur Edwin, builder
... here is Chilcot Street ...
... here is Ricardo Street ...
... here is Southill Street ...
53 Smith Miss Lavinia, chandlers shop
... here is Market Street ...
67 Ancell Richard, beer retailer
77 Mace Thomas, confectioner
79 Gladwell Jas, Granary, beer retailer
... here is Lion Street ...
81 Baker Robert, beer retailer
85 Hart Mrs Sarah Ann, draper
101 Blush John, chandlers shop
103 Sims P & Co, bakers
105 Nolan Dennis John, greengrocer
111 Hitchman John & Sons, dairy men
117 Clark Henry, carman
Griffin Patrick, carman (10 Rose cottages)
133 Watts Mrs Emma, chandlers shop

East Side.
8 Cox James George & Son, builders
14 Tulley & Carter, painters
... here is Grundy Street ...
Shaftesbury Hall
London city Mission
... here is Ellesthorpe Street ...
60 Ellerthorpe Arms, Augustus Charles Lovegrove
74 Anchor Co-operative society
... here is Southill Street ...
90 Harcourt Percy, boot repairer
... here is Cordelia Street ...
92 Warner George Thomas, painter
104a Cass Edmund, hairdresser
... here is Charles Street ...
114 Neal George Thos, chandlers shop
... here is Carmen Street ...
134 Berry Mrs Clara, beer retailer
... here is Bowen Street ...
146 Sweeney Edmund, marine store dealer
154 Kitchener George James, electric light engineer

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