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London Street Directory in 1921.

London Street Listings Index in 1921.

Mile End Road E1 & E3 (Stepney), continuation of Whitechapel Road to Bow Road - North Side #5 to #221
(Nos 1 to 357 & 2 to 510 E1; Nos 359 & 510a & upwards E3)

North Side
Hospitals Association Ambulance
1 White Hart, Davis Kazanoski
3 Levey Henry & Samuel, tobacconists
5 Martin Joe, ladies tailor
7 Gusofsky Marks, milliner
9 Hodgkins William, fruiterer
11 Spielsinger Abraham, baker
13 Tauber Albert Myer, printer
15 Bedak Joseph, hairdresser
19 Adler Simon & Sons, leather bag makers
21 Rosen & sons, ladies underclothing manufacturers
23A Levene Samuel, tobacconist
23 Dunn Mrs Louisa, stay & corset maker
25 Jackson Levi, dress maker
27 Labovitch Barnett, furniture dealer
27A Bartle George William
Trinity Almshouses
29 Tilley Wesley
29 Pemberton-Barnes Estate Office
31 Charrington Frederick Nicholas
Great Assembly Hall, Fredk N Charrington, hon supt
Great Assembly Hall Book Saloon, Frk Nicholas Charrington, hon supt
Popular Oratorio Concerts & Musical Festivals, Geo Day Winter, director
Tower Hamlets Mission Provident Club, Fredk R Williams, sec
Tower Hamlets Mission Office, Edwin Hy Kerwin JP, sec
33 Moore C C & T, auctioneers
35 Avila James, pawnbroker
Vintners Almshouses
39 Wiseman James, mail cart maker
Childrens Hall, Fredk N Charrington, hon supt
43 Newsome & Co Ltd, builders merchants
... here is Brunswick Place ...
45 Three Cranes, Ge Hy d'Aurial
47 Miles John R & Son, paint manufacturers
49 & 642 Alexandra Laundry Co
51 Gilbert Alec, hairdresser
51 Spearman Miss Martha, milliner
53 Nicholls Stores Ltd, ironmongers
53A Nicholls Stores Ltd, china dealers
55 Hillier James, hatter
57 Pearks Dairies Ltd, provision merchants
59 & 65 Alexanders Alec, perambulator maker
61 Adelman Israel, watch dealer
63 Home & Colonial Stores Limited
65 & 59 Alexanders Alec, perambulator maker
67 Old Red Cross, Samuel Leewarden
... here is Cleveland Street ...
69 to 79 Wickhams (C Barker) Ltd, drapers
81 Spiegelhalter Bros, watch & clock dealers
83 Hall Edward, boot maker
85 to 89 Wickhams (C Barker) Ltd, outfitters
91 London Joint City & Midland Bank Ltd
91 Bugler Alfred
93 Lesi Mrs Mary, furniture dealer
95 Empire Music Hall
99 National Cigar Makers Union
101 Levy Alfred, confectioner
103 Persky & Sons, tailors trimming dealers
... here is Eagle Place ...
105 Roseman Mrs Golda, blouse maker
107 & 116 Rind Mrs Bessie, corset maker
109 Levy Lewis & Son, pawnbrokers
111 & 111A Stone J & Co, blouse manufacturers
113 Corner Matthew Cursham, physician & surgeon
115 Rigby Eugene, tobacconist
117 Lamb George Humphrey, fancy repository
118 Grow Frederick, beer retailer
121 Price Misses M J & S, baby linen warehouse
123 Ramage Leonard Victor, newsvendor
125 Henster Herbert, dining rooms
127 Harwood William
Charrington & Co Lim, brewers
... here is St Peters Road ...
131A Owen Joseph, MRCS, LRCP, physician & surgeon
131 & 528 Scottish Sanitary Laundry (East London) Ltd
133 & 135 Edwick George, corn merchant
137 Francis & Sons, printers
139 Union of Stepney Ratepayers, Samuel La Vierge, sec
Cowell A E & Co, building material dealers
... here is Stayners Road ...
169 Rogers R J & Co, leather merchants
169 Black Boy, Mrs Kate Marock
District Railway (Stepney Green Station)
... here is Globe Road ...
191 Old Globe, Chas Weeks Johns
193 Cohen Morris, tobacconist
195 Halls Frank, saddler
197 Woolf Mrs Fanny, provision dealer
199 Bull Thomas Daniel, butcher
... here is Frimley Street ...
201 Bekow Max, furniture dealer
203 Sanders Bros, corn merchants
207 Weber Solomon, ladies tailor
209 Leveen David, who grocer
211 Renson Herman, dental surgery
Welsh Calvanistic Methodist Chapel
221 Rudstein Samuel, confectioner
... here are Drivers buildings ...

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