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History of Barking in 1839, Pigots Directory

History of Barking

Barking 1839

Barking, with the villages of Great and Little Ilford, East Ham and neighbourhoods

Tradesmen - Academies to Butchers

Academies and Schools
Not otherwise described are Day Schools
Beckwith matilda, Heath STreet
Bruce Elizabeth (boarding), Ilford
Cooper John Henry, High Street
Fenner Susannah (boarding), North Street
Godfrey William Daniel (boarding), White House, Ilford
Hedger John (boading and day), Ilford
Infants School, Bull Street - Mary Crew, mistress
Infants School, Ilford - Elizabeth Slater, mistress
Infants School (parochial), High Street - Ann Arnold, mistress
Infants School, Fisher Street - Sarah Pynor, mistress
Lardner francis, Ilford
Martin John, Market House buildings
Morris John, Market House
National School (boys and girls), High Street - richard Daniel Wilding, master; Anne Widing, mistress
National School (boys and girls), east Ham - Henry Smith, master; Elizabeth Smith, mistress
Wilmott Emma, Heath Street

Dennes James, Ilford
Griffin Edmund (and clerk to the Board of Guardians)
Westlake George, Vine Cottage, Barking Lane

Auctioneers, Appraisers and Undertakers
Deeble James Thurston, Bull Street
Harvey Thomas, High Street, Ilford
Lambert Kames, High Street
Oldaker William, Ilford

Belchand Rebecca, fisher Street
Brown John (and biscuit), High Street
Bryant William, Heath Street
Claringbould Thomas, Bull Street
Clark William Henry, Axe Street
Collier Thomas, East Ham
Dear John, Ilford
Edwards David, Ilford
Gates William, High Street
Gattey John, Ilford
Gattey Wm Fage, Broadway, Ilford
Hart Mary, High Street
Hayllar mary Alice, North Street
Kelly William, East Ham
Moore Anne, Shop Row
Pates Joseph, Ilford
Smorthwaite Mary, Fisher Street

Baker Thomas, North Street
Grout Joseph
Hyde Joseph, Ilford
Kingsnorth Daniel, Ilford
Moss James, East Ham
Pearson William, Broadway
Rowland Richard, Ilford
Scrimes John, Fisher Street
Ship Joseph, Town Quay
Spicer John, Ripple Eard
Wade and Radley, Ilford

Book Sellers & Stationers
Brock Benjamin, Ilford
Meek Mary Ann, Ilford
Penn Jospeh (and library and newsagent), High Street

Boot and shoe Makers
Bailey William, Axe Street
Cook Edward, Ilford
Cooper David, Axe Street
Coultas Thomas, Shop Row
Coultas Thomas, High Street
Crowest Thomas, East Ham
Deeble Henry James, Heath Street
Edwards William, Heath Street
Everett James, Ilford
Finch Thomas, Heath Street
Fisk William, East Ham
Garrard Thomas, shop Row
Hull Charles, Ilford
Hull John, High Street
Jackson William, Heath Street
Jarvis james, Ilford
Lake John, High Street
Macro Thomas, Ilford
Miller Luke, North Street
Morris Henry Baggot, Ilford
Pigrome Charles & benjamin, High Street
Pyner Thomas, Fisher Street
Reed James, Ilford
Rowland John, Ilford
Sheldrick Henry, Shop Row
Wand Henry, Ilford
Wenlock Thomas, Bull Street
White James Henry, North Street

Flint Michael, Town Quay
Rose William, Ilford

Brick Makers
Kelvington William, Ilford
Thompson John Scrafton, Ilford

Brick Layers
Bosworth James, North Street
Curtis and son, High Street
Curtis William, Ilford
Fullham John, Ilford
Holmes William, Axe Street
Smith Charles, Ilford
Smith Henry, Ilford
Smith James, Aldborow Hatch

Ashmole William, Ilford
Curtis and son, High Street
Dangerfield Henry, High Street
Dangerfield James, Ilford
Suggers Robert, Heath Street
Withers james, Sams Green, Ilford

Allard William, Ilford
Barkley James, Bull Street
Beadle William George, Fisher Street
Beadle Wm George jun, Fisher Street
Coppen Thomas, Ilford
Death David, Bull Street
Knowles Edward, North Street
Matthews John, East Ham
Mumford Thomas, Ilford
Newton William
Pearson John, Broadway
Vaines Samuel, Heath Street
Wagstaff Thomas, Heath Street

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