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History of Barking in 1862, Post Office Directory

History of Barking

Barking With Rippleside

Commercial Traders

Abbott Jabez, market gardener, Wall End
Albon Samuel jun, blacksmith, East Street
Albon Samuel sen, blacksmith, Rippleside
Aldous Richard, tripe dresser, East Street
Arrow James, carpenter, Heath Street
Atterton John, tailor, Fisher Street
Attewell George, beer retailer, Broadway
Bailey Adolphus, grocer, Station Road
Bailey Jesse, Peto Arms, East Street
Bailey John, beer retailer, Fisher Street
Bailey John Wm, sail maker, Heath Street
Bailey William, beer retailer, Axe Street
Barking Gasworks (Peter Brannan, manager), Hart Street
Barking Lending Library (Rev Henry Fortescue Seymour, MA, Librarian), Town Hall
Barnes Charles, shopkeeper, North Street
Bass Joseph, smack owner, Hart Street
Bauckham Charles, baths
Bauckham Edwin, tailor, Fisher Street
Bauckham Robert, beer retailer, Fisher Street
Baxter William, smack owner, Fisher Street
Beaumont Thomas, butcher, North Street
Bedford William, shopkeeper, Fisher Street
Belcham Isaac, baker, Fisher Street
Biggs Charlotte (Mrs), farmer, Manor House
Binks George, beer retailer, Axe Street
Bissell John, ironmonger, Broadway
Bolton & Hearne, plumbers, painters & glaziers, North Street
Bosworth John, Red Lion, North Street
Bowman Joseph, Queens Head, Broadway
Bradley Sarah (Mrs), shopkeeper, Nelson Terrace
Brady George, solicitor, North Street
Brand David, boot maker, North Street
Brand Richard, grocer, North Street
Brown John, tinplate worker, Fisher Street
Brown John Giles, baker, Broadway
Brown William, shoemaker, Church Road
Burrell George Augustus, corn & coal merchant & farmer, Fisher Street
Burt Edwin, auction, land, estate & valuation offices, Church Road
Butler William, beer retailer, North Street
Butterfield Chas, smack owner, Heath Street
Byford William, beer retailer, North Street
Cannon J, blacksmith, Axe Street
Carter George, Dukes Head, Wall End
Carter Theodore, grocer, Heath Street
Cast Thomas, hairdresser, Back Lane
Cawson Robert, carpenter, North Street
Chalk William, station master
Chuter James, shopkeeper, Heath Street
Claringbold Thomas, baker, Heath Street
Clark David, shoemaker, North Street
Clark John, tailor, Broadway
Clarke John, tailor, Fisher Street
Coates Henry, linen draper, Axe Street
Cobb Ann (Mrs), market gardener, Wall End
Cobb Mary Ann (Miss), ladies school, Wellington Terrace
Colbourn Wm Butter, shopkeeper, Heath Street
Cole John, rag merchant, Broadway
Cooper David, shoemaker, Axe Street
Cooper Joseph, carpenter, Axe Street
Coppen George, farmer, Rippleside
Coppen Thomas, farmer, Rippleside
Cotton Henry, baker, Church Road
Cotton William, hairdresser, North Street
Coultas Thomas, boot maker, Broadway
Croney James, smack owner, Fisher Street
Crow Sutton Edward, chemical works, Barking creek
Cutmore Henry, twine spinner, East Street
Davidson Frederick, physician & surgeon, East Street
Davies Jas Hill, smack owner, Fisher Street
Dawson Frederick Thomas, professor of music, Cambridge Road
Dawson Sarah (Mrs), haberdasher, Broadway
Dolby Hy & Benj, market gardeners, Tanner Street
Dolby benj, market gardener, Loxford cut
Earle Henry sen, smack owner, Fisher Street
Earle Henry William, Still, Fisher Street
Edwards Henry, butcher, Heath Street
Ellmore John, beer retailer, Faircross
Emblem George, hairdresser, Broadway
Emerson James, chemist, Broadway
Farrow William, beer retailer, North Street
Featherstone Jno Wm, greengrocer, East Street
Featherstone Edward Clifford, watch & clock maker, Heath Street
Fisher William, general dealer, Fisher Street
Fitt Edward, chemist, Broadway
Flack William, shoemaker, East Street
Forge Thomas, watchmaker, Broadway
Freeman George, beer retailer, Manor Road
Gale Richard, grocer, Heath Street
Gardner Edward, tobacconist, North Street
Garnell George, cooper, Heath Street
Garrard Thomas, shoe maker, Axe Street
Gay William, market gardner, East Street
Gibbard Esther A (Mrs), grocer, Manor Road
Gibbard Frederick, mast, block & pump maker
Gilderson Robert, wheelwright, Rippleside
Glenny Edward, market gardener, Bifrons House
Glenny Thomas (Mrs), market gardener & farmer, East Street
Goddard John, beer retailer, Broadway
Goldthwaite Chas Hy, grocer, Fisher Street
Goodaker Henry, wheelwright, North Street
Goodaker John, beer retailer, North Street
Goodey Edward, bricklayer, Back Lane
Goodey William, bricklayer, North Street
Gowar James, market gardener, Queens Road
Grainger William, grocer, Broadway
Granville Charles, bootmaker, Broadway
Gray Henry, farmer, Lodge Farm
Greaves Howgate, grocer, Broadway
Green Cornelius, surveyor, Rippleside
Gregory John, corn dealer, Broadway
Hale William jun, outfitter, Heath Street
Hale William sen, smack owner, Fisher Street
Hanneysee James, butcher, North Street
Harris edward, blacksmith, Broadway
Harris Thomas, grocer, Church path
Hart Henry, basket maker, Fisher Street
Hart Robert, butcher, East Street
Hayllar Mary (Mrs), baker, North Street
Heard David jun, carpenter, Heath Street
Heard David sen, carpenter, Heath Street
Hewett John, beer retailer, Loxford
Hewett Robert, smack owner, Fisher Street
Hobday Edgar, tallow melter, Axe Street
Hockley daniel, draper, Heath Street
Hockley Wm, beer retailer, Rippleside
Holland Thomas, market gardener
Holmes James, auctioneer, Broadway
Holmes James, George, Broadway
Holmes William, bricklayer, Axe Street
Honey Joseph, timber merchant & boat builder, Fisher Street
Horsley Wm, mast etc maker, Station Road
Houlton Robert Timothy Wildbore, miller, Town Quay
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