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History of Barking in 1862, Post Office Directory

History of Barking

Barking With Rippleside

Commercial Traders


Hudson Thomas George, linen draper, Barking House, Broadway
Hunter Mary (Miss), laundress, North Street
Hymas newman, foreman to Mr Ridley, miller, Water Mill
Isbell James, shoe maker, North Street
Jones Abel, tailor, East Street
Keeys Samuel, Ship & Shovel, Rippleside
Kemp Elizabeth (Mrs), beer retailer, Heath Street
King Philip, plumber, Heath Street
King Richard Hyde, baker, North Street
Kirm Wm, Crooked Billet, Barking creek
Knight James, farmer, Padnal corner
Knowles Edward, grocer, North Street
Knowles Edward Bones, ship chandler, Town Quay
Knowles Hy Walter, sail maker, heath Street
Knowles William, rope merchant, Fisher Street
Lake John, bootmaker, Broadway
Lapage Jeremiah, shoe maker, North Street
Lawes john Bennett, superphosphate or patent manure manufacturer, Chemical works, Barking creek
Lee Thomas, jobber, Rippleside
Leftley John, baker, Nelson Terrace
Legassick Robert, pork butcher, Broadway
Linsdell James, house & estate agent, Heath Street
Luxford Absalom, jobber, Rippleside
Luxford William, jobber, Rippleside
Mabbett & Pink, ironmongers, Broadway; & Romford E
Manley & Davidson, surgeons
Marchant Henry, fish factor, East Street & at 105 & 118 Lower Thames Street, London EC
Marchant William, smack owner & salesman, Fisher Street; & at 105 Lower Thames Street, London EC
Marden Henry, greengrocer, Heath Street
Marsden Mark J, shopkeeper, Broadway
Martin George, auctioneer, estate agent, surveyor & agent to Atlas fire & life, General hailstorm, Norwich & London accidental death & Norfolk Farmers cattle insurance companies, Broadway
Martin Henry, builder & house agent, North Street
Maynard Edward, beer retailer, East Street
Mead Frederick, farmer, Great Porters
Metcalfe Richard, solicitor, Nappa House
Millns James Alfred, grocer etc, North Street
Mills James, ironmonger, Heath Street
Milton John, greengrocer, Fisher Street
Milton Louisa (Mrs), Rose & Crown, Fisher Street
Morgan James Thomas, smack owner & salesman, Heath Street
Morgan William, smack owner, Fisher Street
Mullett Robert, smack owner, Hart Street
Negus Mary A (Mrs), shopkeeper, Fisher Street
Norman Wm Green, bootmaker, Broadway
Palmer Joseph, shopkeeper, Axe Street
Parsons George, Bull Inn, North Street
Patch Thomas Wm, farmer, Rippleside
Peacock Jno Pickering, farmer, Longbridge
Pearson James, butcher, Broadway
Pool James, beer retailer, Rippleside
Porter Edward, boot & shoe maker, Broadway
Porter Thomas, Blue Anchor, Heath Street
Prentice Emma (Miss), beer retailer, Bull Street
Prier James, grocer, North Street
Quash john, smack owner, Hart Street
Rayment Hezekiah, beer retailer, North Street
Raymond Edward, dyer, North Street
Reed Charles, beer retailer, East Street
Revell John, shoe maker, Fisher Street
Ridley Thomas Dixon, miller, Town Quay Mill
Roberts William, shopkeeper, Broadway
Rogers Alfred, baker, Broadway
Rose Joseph, grocer, Broadway
Row Robert jun, corn dealer, Broadway
Row Robert sen, jobber, East Street
Russ Thomas, painter, Heath Street
Russell William, painter, Nelson Terrace
Rust William, carpenter, Broadway
Rust William Luke, shopkeeper, Fisher Street
Saggers Robert, carpenter, Heath Street
St Pier James, greengrocer, Fisher Street
Servis George, tailor, North Street
Shanks William, smack owner, Park House
Shelitoe Henry, outfitter, Heath Street
Shepherd Benj, Britannia, Church Road
Sibley Joseph, brazier, Broadway
Sibthorp John, shopkeeper, Fisher Street
Sims Richard, tailor, Broadway
Smith Isaac, greengrocer, Broadway
Smith Stephen, laundress, Rippleside
Smith Wm, beer retailer, Over the gates
Smorthwaite James, baker, Heath Street
Spashett Alfred, Ship, Heath Street
Spashett Alfred, mast & block maker & smack owner, near the Water Mill
Spashett Elizabeth (Mrs), dress maker, East Street
Spashett John, hairdresser, Broadway
Spashett William, block maker, North Street
Spurway William, shoe maker, Broadway
Stalley Wiliam, shoe maker, Pavement
Stephens William Henry, grocer & post office, Pavement
Sullings George, blacksmith, Heath Street
Sutton Samuel Thomas, mast & block maker, Fisher Street
Sutton William Samuel, boot & shoe maker, Fisher Street
Taylor Henry, shipbuilder, Waterside
Taylor Mary (Mrs), straw bonnet maker, Queens Road
Taylor William, shipbuilder, Fisher Street
Tomlinson & Budd, pawnbrokers, Broadway
Threadgold Foster, Crooked Billet, Padnal Corner
Tuck Misses, ladies school, Northbury House, Hart Street
Tunbridge Joseph, shopkeeper, East Street
Turner Henry, dealer in marine stores, North Street
Turner John, beer retailer, Axe Street
Turner Susannah (Mrs), shopkeeper, East Street
Turping Thomas Webb, butcher, Heath Street
Venables James, grocer, North Street
Wagstaff Robert, draper, Heath Street
Walesby Charles Edward, tailor, Broadway
Wall William, wheelwright, North Street
Wallis William, bootmaker, North Street
Ward Joseph, shoe maker, East Street
Ward Thomas, farmer, Padnal Corner
Warr Charles, bootmaker, North Street
Wase Nathaniel, shopkeeper, Heath Street
Webster James Thomas, licensed to let horses, Broadway
Weidiner Thomas, grocer, East Street
Welch Eliza (Mrs), fancy repository, Nelson Terrace
Wells John, beer retailer, Back Lane
Whitbourn Francis, miller & farmer, Wellington Mill
Whitbread Frederick Saunders, farmer, Eastbury House
White James, shoe maker, Heath Street
White Susannah (Mrs), shopkeeper, Heath Street
Whitham Edward, beer retailer, Barking New Road
Wigley James, baker, North Streeet
Wilding Richard Daniel, registrar of births, deaths & marriages, North Street
Willers Thos, harness maker, Broadway
Willett John, linen draper & pawnbroker, North Street & Broadway
Willsmore Charles Robert, beer retailer, North Street
Woodard James, school, North Street
Woodthorpe Sarah (Mrs), & Harriet (Miss), seminary, Linton Road
Yeoman George, shopkeeper, Church Road

What I am now attempting to achieve is the coverage of an earlier London street directory in 1832. This is unique, plus images of the 1842 Robsons directory which confirm earlier entries and also carry much more trade detail about a premises or person. Here is the index of streets in 1832, many with 1842 imagery added.
And next is the complete 1940 London street directory - this will take some months to complete, so bear with me!

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