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History of Barking in 1874, Post Office Directory

History of Barking

Barking & Rippleside 1874 Private Residents

Alexander John, Park house, Hart Street
Anderson Mrs, Cambridge Road
Ault George Kenyon, North Street
Barwell James, East Street
Beves Walter Thomas, Cambridge Road
Bewers William, 2 Wellington Terrace
Biggs James Robert, Cambridge Road
Bingant Rev Charles [Wesleyan], Linton Road
Buckell Walter, 4 Hawthorne Terrace
Budd William, Linton Road
Burt Edwin, Church Road
Callaway Edward, MRCS, LSA, Cambridge Road
Challen George C, Cambridge Road
Chapple William, Cambridge Road
Collins Thomas Hugh, Hawthorn Terrace
Corbett Revd John Reginald, MA [curate], Cambridge Road
Crook William, Cambridge Road
Cutmore Henry, Linton Road
Davey James, Cambridge Road
Davies Edward Alfred, Victoria terrace, Fisher Street
Deveson Edward, Victoria terrace, Fisher Street
Dunsdon Mrs, Heath Street
Fiedler Gustave, Cambridge Road
Fisher Mrs, 3 Hawthorn terrace
Fitt Edward, Oak villa, Queens Road
Ford Howard, Linton Road
Gibbard William, Linton Road
Gilligan Rev James [Roman Catholic], Linton Road
Glenny Benjamin Wallis, East Street
Glenny Edward, Bufrons house, Axe Street
Glenny Mrs, Cecil house
Glenny Thomas Wallis, East Street
Glenny William wallis, Cranbourne Lodge
Goodaker Henry sen, North Street
Granville Charles, Church Road
Gurnett Henry John B. linton Road
Harris Edward, North Street
Hawes Daniel, 8 Hawthorn Terrace
Hewett Robert, Roden Lodge, North Street
Hewitt Mrs, 5 Hawthorn Terrace
Hopkins Mrs, 6 Hawthorn Terrace
Horsley Mrs, Linton Road
Ives John, Newport cottage, Church Road

Jones George, Tanner Street
King Mrs, Church Road
Knowles H W, Ash villa, Queens Road
Linsdell James, Southbury house, Hart Street
Linsdell Thomas, park cottage, Hart Street
Louth Joseph, Tanner Street
MacDonald Alexander Dall, East Street
Marchant Henry, Northbury house, Tanner Street
Marchant William, Vicarage cottage, Axe Street
Martin Henry, Wakering Road
Masters Charles, Rose cottage, West bank
Maynard James, Church Road
Moffatt James, Broadway
Morgan James Thomas, Linton Road
Morgan Mrs, Foley house, East Street
Parsons Francis Henry, East Street
Philcox Henry Frederick, Cambridge Road
Pulleyn Mrs, Acacia villa, Queens Road
Quash John Thomas, Northbury house, North Street
Rich Nathaniel Sanders, Linton Road
Ridley H, Mill house, Town Quay
Ringer Mrs, Darlington villa, Linton Road
Roper B T, Wykeham house, Queens Road
Rouse Charles, Tanner Street
Rumble Edwin Latimer, Queens Road
Scott Robert F, Haeth Street
Shelitoe Henry, 2 Hawthorn Terrace
Skinley Joseph, Linton Road
Smith David, Victoria Terrace, Fisher Street
Soul Daniel John, Myrtle cottage, Queens Road
Sunnaway James, Fisher Street
Traylen George, 1 Hawthorn Terrace
Wadham Francis, North Street
Wallace A R, Holly house, Tanner Street
Ward Joseph, North Street
Wells Francis Ross, North Street
Wetherill James, Heath Street
Whitbourn Henry, East Street
Willett John, Barintree house, North Street
Woodcott George Theophilus, Queens Road
Woodhead Mrs, 6 Wellington Terrace, New Road
Worthy Richard, West bank


Billings William, Hadfield cottage
Blomfield Rev Alfred MS [vicar]
Champness Thomas, Ripple Castle
Easum F, Great Porters
Hope William, Parsloes
Smith Willoughby, Westbury house
Tyser Miss, Ripple Castle

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