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History of Barking in 1878, Post Office Directory

History of Barking

Barking 1878 Commercial Traders part 1

Ackland John, greengrocer, Heath Street
Adams & Glynes, farmers, Manor Farm
Albon Jane (Miss), dressmaker, East Street
Albon Samuel, blacksmith, East Street
Aldous Richard, beer retailer & butcher, Fisher Street
Andrews Charles, beer retailer, East Street
Argent David, Jolly Fisherman & builder, North Street
Atterton John, beer retailer & tailor, Fisher Street
Atterton Martha (Mrs), grocer, Fisher Street
Bailey Adolphus, dairyman, West Bank
Bailey Jesse, Peto Arms, East Street
Bailey William, grocer & beer retailer, Linton Road
Balchin Frank, commercial traveller, Cambridge Road
Barker Thomas, wardrobe dealer, Nort Street & Gorest Gate E
Barking Almshouses, East Street
Barking County Benefit Building Society (G C Challen, FSS sec), Broadway
Barking District Savings Bank (Charles Mumford, actuary), open 7 to 8 pm on tuesday; Broadway
Barking & East Ham Provident Dispensary, Heath Street
Barking Gas Works (William Barnett, manager), Hart Street
Barking Guano Works (Daniel de Pass, proprietor), Barking Creek; offices, 128 Leadenhall Street EC
Barking Town Hall (Wm Simmans, hall keeper), Broadway
Barnes John, plumber etc, North Street
Bartholomew Samuel, beer retailer, Linton Road
Bauckham Edwin, tailor, Heath Street
Bayfield Charles, shopkeeper & market gardener, Manor Road
Beadle Thomas, fishmonger, Broadway
Beaumont Thomas, butcher, North Street
Belcham Emma (Mrs), baker & grocer, Fisher Street
Bentall Martha (Mrs), haberdasher, Church Road
Berry John, beer retailer, North Street
Binks George Samuel, beer retailer, Axe Street
Birch William, pork butcher, Broadway
Bissell John, ironmonger, North Street
Blows John, baker, Broadway
Blyth Frederick, beer retailer, East Street
Bosworth George, Red Lion, North Street
Brand David, boot maker, North Street
Brand Emma (Mrs), grocer, North Street
Brand Henry, Rose & Crown, Fisher Street
Brewer Esau, dairyman, Heath Street
Bride & Dayton, pawnbrokers & clothiers, Broadway
Brown Thomas, whitesmith, North Street
Browning William, grocer, Broadway
Burrell George Augustus, corn, coal & lime merchant, Fisher Street & Tanner Street
Burt Edwin, auctioneer, surveyor & estate agent, Church Road
Bush Stephen, shopkeeper, Broadway
Cade John Robert, pork butcher, North Street
Callaway Edward, surgeon, Cambridge Road
Calles George Frederick, coffee house, Heath Street
Camfield Richard, carpenter, Kings Road
Carter Alfred, grocer & provision dealer, Heath Street
Carter George, beer retailer, Manor Road
Carter John, butcher, East Street
Chalk Albert, station master, Cambridge Road
Chalkley Thomas, baker, North Street
Chappell Thomas, shopkeeper, Heath Street
Claringhold Thomas, baker, East Street
Clark Alfred, The Hope, & lighterman; fresh water supplied by steam barge, Fisher Street
Clark Charles, lighterman & ship breaker, Fisher Street
Clark Charles, tailor, Broadway
Clark Henry, greengrocer, North Street
Coates Henry, Crooked Billet, Barking creek
Cole William, baker, Axe Street
Collier Edward John, manager, Wellington Mill, New Road
Collier Henry, fancy repository & general agent, Heath Street
Cooper Joseph, carpenter & undertaker, Axe Street
Cotton Henry, baker, Church Road
Cotton Walter, hair dresser, North Street
Crow Charles, shopkeeper, Broadway
Crow John, marine store dealer, East Street
Crowe Joseph, marine store dealer, East Street
Cutmore James, rope & twine maker, Axe Street
Dade Timothy, beer retailer, Heath Street
Daldy & Co, coal depot, East Street; & at Great Ilford, Romford
Davey Wm, tar distiller, Barking creek; & 69 Fenchurch Street
Deveson Edward, corn & cioal merchant, oil & cotton cakes, hay & straw depot, Broadway & Fisher Street
Dolby Benjamin, market gardener, Tanner Street
Dorrel Leo Francis, iron & brass founder, Hart Street
Dowsett Charles, greengrocer, Heath Street
Drain Sarah (Mrs), shopkeeper, Heath Street
Drake Joseph, bricklayer & builder, North Street & Church Road
Elmore Thomas, florist, Kings Road
Emblen George, hair dresser, Broadway
Farrow Samuel, shopkeeper & carter, Fisher Street
Farrow William, timber merchant, North Street & beer retailer, Fisher Street
Featherstonehaugh Eliza (Mrs), fishmonger & greengrocer, East Street
Ferguson Charles, pork butcher, Broadway
Firman James Thomas, beer retailer, North Street
Fitt & Son, pharmaceutical chemists, Broadway
Forge Thomas sen, draper, Broadway
Forge Thomas, watch maker & draper, Broadway
Forge Thomas jun, watch maker, Heath Street
Freeman Joseph, beer retailer, Back Lane
Gale Richard, shopkeeper, Heath Street
Garnell George, cooper, Broadway
Gay William, market gardener, East Street
Gibbard Esther Ann (Mrs), grocer, Manor Road
Gibbard Harriet (Miss), dress maker, North Street
Glenny Benjamin Wallis, contractor, merchant, timber, coal, lime, cement, bricks, tiles, pipes etc; goods shipped, landed, warehopused & carted, Town Quay Wharf
Glenny Edward, market gardener, Bifrons
Glenny Thomas Wallis, brewer, Linton Road
Glenny William Wallis, farmer, Cecil House
Goodaker John, beer retailer & wheelwright, North Street
Goodey Charles Henry, brick layer, East Street
Goodey James R, builder, Church Road
Goody William (Mrs), shopkeeper, North Street
Gosling Daniel, beer retailer, Queens Road
Grainger William, grocer, Broadway
Grant James, Blue Anchor, Heath Street
Granville Charles, boot maker, Broadway
Gray John Crowder, Queens Head, Broadway
Gregory John, corn dealer, Heath Street
Hall Henry, basket maker, East Street
Hamilton Mary (Mrs), dressmaker, Fisher Street
Harris Edward, farrier & smith, Broadway
Harris Richard James, grocer & china dealer, Fisher Street
Harris Thomas, grocer, Church path
Hart Joseph, butcher, East Street
Hart William, book seller & stationer, Broadway
Harwood Frank D, linen draper & outfitter, Broadway
Haseltine John, shoe maker, Heath Street
Heading john, boot & shoe maker, Heath Street
Heading Simon, boot maker, Kings Road
Hearne Francis, plumber & painter, North Street
Herd George, shopkeeper, North Street
Hewett Robert & Co Limited, steam ship owners, Fisher Street
Hockley Daniel, pawnbroker, Broadway; & draper & outfitter, Heath Street
Hole William, baker, Fisher Street
Holmes James, George Hotel & auctioneer, surveyor & appraiser, Broadway
Howard Hannah (Mrs), shopkeeper, Fisher Street
Howe John builder, Fisher Street & North Street
Hume Arthur, organ & pianoforte teacher, Wakering Road
Ingall Matthew, shopkeeper, West bank
Isbell Edith (Mrs), dress maker, North Street
Jackson Daniel Thomas, grocer, Axe Street
Jackson Joseph, growers salesman, Ivy Cottage, James Street
Jackson Mary (Miss), stay maker, Manor Road
Jaggers John, carrier & furniture remover, East Street
James George & Co, gunpowder lightermen, Park villa, Axe Street
Jarvis John, greengrocer, North Street
Johnson James, baker, Kings Road
Johnson Philip, tailor, Broadway
Joysey & Lee, boot & shoe makers, Heath Street


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