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History of Barking in 1878, Post Office Directory

History of Barking

Barking & Rippleside 1878 Commercial Traders part 1

Kerridge Edward, greengrocer, Broadway
King Richard Hyde, confectioner, East Street
Kirkman Benjamin, cowkeeper, Kings Road
Knowles Annie Elizabeth (Mrs), ladies school, Church Road
Knowles Edard, grocer, North Street
Lake & King, drapers, Broadway
Lake William, boot maker, Broadway
Lawes Chemical manure Co Limited, artificial manure manufacturers (T Elborough, sec & manager), works, Barking creek; offices, 59 Mark Lane EC
Leftley Charles, carrier, 11 Nelson Street
Leftley John, baker, North Street
Leftley Joseph, carman, North Street
Levy Henry & Edward N & Co Limites (John Alexander, manager), jute spinners & sack makers, Abbey Works, Fisher Street
Liell Joseph, scrap iron & metal merchant, Tanner Street
Linsdell Henry, Ship, Heath Street
Long Joseph, shopkeeper, North Street
Lovett Alfred, Blue Anchor, Heath Street
Mabbett & Pink, ironmongers, Broadway; & at Romford
MacAlister Alexander, Britannia, Church Road
Mackreth Henry Williams, solicitor (attends Monday & Thursday, from 6 to 9 pm), Broadway; & at 19 Moorgate Street, City
McMurray Frederick, beer retailer, Broadway
McPherson William, shopkeeper, Fisher Street
Manor Ofice (J Arbuthnott Goldicutt), West Bank
Marden Mark, carpenter, Back lane
Martin Edgar, builder, Wakering Road
Mason Hugh Herbert, MRCS surgeon, Abbey laodge, East Street
Maynard Edward, Spotted Dog, East Street
Miller John, builder & grocer, Wakering Road
Millns & Son, grocers & earthenware dealers, North Street
Mills Edward, tallow melter & oilman, Axe Street
Milton John, greengrocer, Fisher Street
Moultrie John, grocer, Broadway
Murdoch's Patents Limited, patent boiler cleaner somposition manufacturers, New Street; & 2 Cowpers Court, Cornhill EC
Olive John, dining rooms, Heath Street
Parker Joseph, pianoforte smith, Tanner Street
Parr maria (Mrs), dressmaker & haberdasher, Church Path
Parsons George, Bull, North Street
Patch Thomas, market gardener, Faircross, East Street
Payne James, butcher, Heath Street
Peacock John Pickering, farmer, Longbridge
Pearson James jun, pork butcher, Heath Street
Pearson James jsen, butcher, Broadway
Pelling Brothers, grocers, Broadway
Perry Elizabeth (Mrs), seminary, 4 & 5 Wellington Terrace, New Road
Piercy George, wheelwright, Glenny Road
Piper & Clark, grocers & cheesemongers, Heath Street
Pinner Charles, hat & cap maker, North Street
Porter Allen, Still, Fisher Street
Prince Henry, chimney sweeper, Back Lane
Prowe Elizabeth (Miss), baker, North Street
Pyner James, greengrocer, North Street
Quash John Thomas, smack owner, Northbury house, North Street Randells, Howell & Co, malt roasters, Fisher Street
Randells, Howell & Co, malt roasters, Fisher Street
Reed Sophia (Mrs), milliner, North Street
Ridley T D & Sons, millers, Town Quay; & at Chelmsford
Roberts Frederick, shopkeeper, North Street
Rose Joshua, shoe maker, Fisher Street
Rowe Robert, corn dealer, Broadway
Russell William, painter & plumber, North Street
Russell William jun, tobacconist, North Street
Saddington Eunice (Mrs), shopkeeper, Fisher Street
Sales Sarah (Miss), laundress, North Street
Sansom George (Mrs), wardrobe dealer, Broadway
Saunders Alfred, shopkeeper, Fisher Street
Saunders Henry Richard, decorator & music seller, Fisher Street
Saunders Rosetta (Mrs), draper, Fisher Street
Schrier Thomas Robinson, rope maker, Axe Street
Scotcher James John, beer retailer, North Street
Scott Robert Fullarton, surgeon, Heath Street
Seabrook Henry, Fishing Smack, Fisher Street
Searling James, general dealer, Fisher Street
Servis George, tailor, North Street
Shelitoe Henry, outfitter, Heath Street
Shepheard William Henry, haberdasher, Broadway
Simmans William, tobacconist, Broadway
Sivell David, shopkeeper, North Street
Sloan Hugh, draper, Church Road
Smith Isaac, water carrier, Broadway
Smith John, beer retailer, West bank
Smith Mary Ann (Mrs), shopkeeper, Barking Creek
Smith Richard, shoe maker, Back Lane
Smith Walter Edward, grocer, North Street
Smith William, dairyman, West Bank
Smorthwaite James, baker, Heath Street
Spall Jacob, shoe maker, North Street
Sparks Alexander, shoe maker, Back Lane
Spashett Esther (Mrs), dress maker, East Street
Stalley William, shoe maker, Heath Street
Steane Edward, soap manufacturer, Fisher Street
Stenning Frederick, fancy repository, North Street
Stephens William Henry, grocer, ironmonger & post office, Pavement, Broadway
Stewart John, carpenter & pattern amker, Broadway & 4 Hawthorne Terrace
Stratford Thomas, coffee rooms, Heath Street
Sutton Samuel, greengrocer & fruiterer, North Street
Sutton Samuel Edward, coal merchant, Fisher Street
Sutton William Samuel, boot maker, Fisher Street
Tate James, marine store dealer, New Street
Throssell William, baker, North Street
Threw Thomas V, iron ship builder, Rolling yard,West Bank
Tunbridge Joseph, shopkeeper, East Street
Turner Henry Charles, shopkeeper, East Street
Van Henry Frederick, refreshment rooms, & mineral water manufacturer, Heath Street
Varley William James, whitesmith, North Street
Wade Elizabeth (Mrs), beer retailer, Broadway
Wagstaff Robert, clothier, Heath Street
Walesby Charles Edmund, beer retailer & tailor, Broadway
Wallis Sarah (Mrs), dress maker, North Street
Wallis William, boot & shoe maker, North Street
West Edward, saddler & harness maker, Broadway
Whitborne Francis, miller, Wellington Mill
White James, boot & shoe maker, Fisher Street
Wilcox Annesley (Mrs), shopkeeper, Fisher Street
Wilding Emily J (Miss), high class school, Linton Road
Wilding Richard Daniel, wharfinger & registrar of births, deaths & marriages, Linton Road
Willett John, pawnbroker, North Street
Yallop Mary (Mrs), shopkeeper, Axe Street
Yeoman George, shopkeeper, Church Road


Albon William, blacksmith
Brown Joseph, market gardener, Scrattons
Gilderson Caleb, wheelwright
Glenny Edward H, market gardener
Harvey & Thirtle, farmers, Mover's Farm
Higgs Samuel, Ship & Shovel
Hockley Sarah (Mrs), beer retailer
Holland William, market gardener
Humphreys Edw, farmer, Gale Street Farm
Keep Thomas, market gardener, Eastbury House
Kirk John, farmer, Mogg's Farm
Mills Walter, farmer, Lodge Farm; & at Great Ilford
Palmer Joseph, cowkeeper
Parrish William, farmer, Great Porters
Pool James, beer retailer
Read Joseph, farm bailiff to the exors of Mr John Circuit, Upney Farm
Rogers Charles, farmer, Ripple Hall
Waltham Edwd, farmer, Maybells Farm


What I am now attempting to achieve is the coverage of an earlier London street directory in 1832. This is unique, plus images of the 1842 Robsons directory which confirm earlier entries and also carry much more trade detail about a premises or person. Here is the index of streets in 1832, many with 1842 imagery added.
And next is the complete 1940 London street directory - this will take some months to complete, so bear with me!

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