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    UK Pub history research and London historical street directory

    Search the historical London street directory, and London pub history site including early street addresses in London through the Victorian pub history of London. This search engine is broken, try address searches in the main google search to get better results. OR visit the London pub history directory index pages to which I am rapidly adding links

    History of Barking in 1886, Kellys Directory

    History of Barking

    Commercial Residents -  G to O

    Gale Sarah (Mrs), shopkeeper, 28 Heath Street
    Garland John William, shopkeeper, East Street
    Garnell George, cooper, 25 Broadway
    Gay Joseph, market gardener, 21 Cambridge Road
    Gay William John, market gardener, East Street
    Gibbard Esther (Mrs), shopkeeper, Linton Road
    Glenny Benjamin Wallis, wharfinger, contractor, timber, coal, stone, lime, cement, brick, tile & pipe merchant; goods shipped, landed, warehoused & carted; saw mills, Town Quay Steam wharf
    Glenny Samuel, market gardener, Greatfield, Ripple Road
    Glenny Thomas Wallis, brewer, Linton Road
    Glenny William Wallis, farmer, Cecil house, East Street
    Glynes John, farmer, Manor farm, Longbridge
    Goodaker John H, wheelwright, New Road
    Goodaker John Henry, beer retailer, North Street
    Goodes George, baker, 149 North Street
    Goodey Charles Henry, builder, Cambridge Road
    Goodey James Renil, builder, Church Road
    Goodliff Frances (Mrs), coffee rooms, 71 East Street
    Goodridge Frederick, shopkeeper, New Street
    Goody Daniel, brick layer, North Street
    Gower Walter F, baker, Tanner Street
    Grainger William, grocer, Broadway
    Granville Charles, draper, Broadway
    Gray John Charles, stationer, Broadway
    Gray John Crowder, Queens Head PH, Broadway
    Gregory John, corn dealer, Heath Street
    Grew John, brick layer, Axe Street
    Grice Dickenson, relieving officer (Barking district, Romford union), 13 Church Road
    Harding Thomas, shopkeeper, 16 Romford Street
    Harris Edward, farrier & smith, 41 Broadway
    Harris John, fishmonger, Back Lane
    Hart Joseph, pork butcher, Broadway
    Hassen Mrs, shopkeeper, 119 North Street
    Hawes Josiah Henry, tobacconist, 7 Church Road
    Heading John, boot & shoe maker, Heath Street
    Heading Simon, boot maker, Kings Road
    Heathcote Frederick, Spotted Dog PH, East Street
    Hewett Robert & Co Limited, steam ship owners, Fisher Street
    Hewitt Robert, iron ship builder, West bank
    Hicks George, shopkeeper, West bank
    Hockley Daniel, pawnbroker, Broadway; & linen draper & clothier, 13, 15 & 17 Heath Street
    Holland William, beer retailer & cow keeper
    Hollis Emily (Mrs), ladies school, 16 Cambridge Road
    Holmes Charles, shopkeeper, 193 Fisher Street
    Holmes Mary Ann (Mrs), George Hotel, Broadway
    Howgego Walter, baker, 14 Church Street
    Hume Arthur William, teacher of music, 23 Church Street
    Humphreys Mark, clothier, Heath Street
    Ingall Matthew, provision dealer, 42 Fisher Street
    International Tea Co (W Perrott, manager), grocers, 13 Heath Street
    Isbell Edith (Mrs), dress maker, 37 Heath Street
    Jackson Charles, shopkeeper, 65 Fisher Street
    Jackson Daniel Thomas, grocer, Axe Street
    Jackson George, baker, Broadway
    Jackson George, growers salesman, Ivy Cottage, James Street
    Jackson Mary (Miss), stay maker, Ivy Cottage, James Street
    Jaques Robert E S, printer, Broadway
    Jarvis John, greengrocer, 76 North Street
    Johnson Alfred, saddler, 35 Broadway
    Johnson Eliza (Mrs), sewing machine agent, East Street
    Johnson James, baker, East Street
    Johnson James, baker, Kings Road
    Johnson Phillip, tailor, 39 Queens Road
    Kerridge Edward, greengrocer, 1 Axe Street
    Kirkman Benjamin, cow keeper, Kings Road
    Lake & King, drapers, Broadway
    Lake William, house agent & collector to local board, East Street
    Laws Chemical Manure Co Limited ( T Elborough, managing director; J Morgan, sec), Barking creek
    Lee Edward Samuel, medical officer of health to local board, Abbey lodge
    Lee Jane (Mrs), shopkeeper, 44 Fisher Street
    Lee Joseph, greengrocer, 12 East Street
    Leftley Charles, carrier, 22 Nelson Street
    Leftley John, baker, 44 North Street
    Levy J, boot maker, Heath Street
    Linsdell Henry, Ship & wine & spirit merchant, 32 Heath Street
    Loder Charles, boot maker, Broadway
    Lowe James William, confectioner, 45 Broadway
    Lucas Henry, Crooked Billet PH, Barking creek
    Mallen Enoch, dining rooms, 30 Heath Street
    Martin Fredk, inspector of nuisances to local board, East Street
    Martin Henry, builder, 15 Wakering Road
    Martin John, cabinet maker, New Road
    Mason Henry Herbert, surgeon, Abbey lodge, East Street
    Mays Austin, stationer, Broadway
    Middleton Charles, grocer, Barking creek
    Millns & Son, bakers, 4 North Street
    Millns & Son, grocers, 28 North Street
    Mills Edward, tallow melter & oilman, 12 Axe Street
    Milton Sarah (Mrs), greengrocer, Fisher Street
    Moore John, shopkeeper, 79 Wakering Street
    Moss William, boot maker, 24 Heath Street
    Moultrie John, grocer, 31 Broadway & at Tanner Street
    Newman Annie (Mrs), fancy repository, East Street
    Newman James, builder, 79 Axe Street
    O'Connell Jn, inland revenue officer, Acacia villas, Queens Road
    Olive John, dining rooms, Heath Street




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