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History of Barking in 1886, Kellys Directory

History of Barking

Commercial Residents - P to Y

Parker Joseph, music smith, lead worker, iron-front frame maker, dealer in old lead, brass etc, Tanner Street
Parker William, beer retailer, Axe Street
Parsons Joseph, Bull PH, North Street
Partridge Mark, fishmonger, 8 East Street
Patch Thomas, market gardener, East Street
Pearson Edward, butcher, 60 North Street
Pearson Robert, butcher, 23 Heath Street
Pelling Thomas, grocer, 27 Heath Street
Pelling Thomas, grocer & baker, & agent for W & A Gilbey, wine & spirit merchant, Broadway
Perry Elizh (Mrs), seminary, 12 Wellington terrace, New Road
Perry George, shopkeeper, 44 Heath Street
Petmore Walter, shopkeeper, 66 Wakering Road
Phillips Arthur, grocer, East Street
Pigrome Emily & Clara (Misses), ladies school, 36 North Street
Pigrome Thomas, coffee rooms, 61 North Street
Piner Elizabeth (Mrs), shopkeeper, 64 Fisher Street
Pink John Thomas, ironmonger, 43 Broadway
Planner Charles, shopkeeper, 127 Fisher Street
Pope William, shopkeeper & carrier, East Street
Porter Allan, lodging house, Heath Street
Poupard Wallace, oilman & grocer, 33 North Street
Prince Henry, chimney sweeper, Back Lane
Probyn John, shopkeeper, 67 Fisher Street
Puplett Frederick George, furniture dealer, Broadway
Quash John James, hosier & glover, 10 North Street
Randall James, beer retailer, St Anns Road
Randall Walter H, shopkeeper, 43 Queens Road
Randells, Howell & Co, malt roasters, Fisher Street
Rayment George, marine stores, 3 Axe Street
Rayment John, shopkeeper, 36 Broadway
Reed Sophia (Mrs), milliner, 8 North Street
Reeds George, tobacconist, Broadway
Rich George, coffee rooms, 46 Fisher Street
Riches Sarah (Mrs), greengrocer, 175 North Street
Ridley T D & Sons, millers (water & steam). Town Quay
Roberry Thomas, shopkeeper, Tanner Street
Robins Thomas, grocer, 9 Heath Street
Rooke George, carpenter, 34 Heath Street
Roulton Henry, Beer retailer, 22 Heath Street
Russell William, painter & plumber, 40 North Street
Russell William jun, tobacconist, 46 North Street
Ryan Sarah (Mrs), laundress, Glenny Road
Sales Sarah (Mrs), laundry, Newport villa, Tanner Street
Sambridge Samuel, slater, St Margarets Road
Sansom Sarah (Mrs), wardrobe dealer, Broadway
Saunders Alfred, fishmonger, Fisher Street
Saunders Henry Richard, draper, 21 Heath Street
Saunders Samuel, furniture dealer, Broadway
Saville John, wardrobe dealer, 37 North Street
Sawkins Robert, shopkeeper, 30 Romford Street
Schrier Charlotte (Mrs), rope maker, 81 Axe Street
Scotcher Emma (Mrs),fishmonger, Broadway

Scotcher James, fishmonger, East Street
Seabrook Henry, Fishing Smack, Fisher Street
Servis George, tailor, 12 North Street
Sheliton Henry, general dealer, Heath Street
Sivell David, shopkeeper, 58 North Street
Sloan Hugh, travelling draper, Church Road
Smith J, builder, East Street
Smith Mary Ann (Mrs), shopkeeper, Barking creek
Smith Richard, shoe maker, Back Lane
Smorthwaite James, baker, 19 Heath Street
Snell George, blacksmith, Back Lane
Soul Charles Frederick, baker, 142 Axe Street
Soul Charles Frederick, grocer, Ripple Road
Spark Alexander, shoe maker, Back Lane
Spashett Alice (Miss), dress maker, East Street
Squirrell Benjamin, provision dealer, Axe Street
Stenning Frederick, stationer & news agent, 48 North Street
Stock A J, furniture dealer, North Street
Stratford Thomas, coffee rooms, Heath Street
Stubbins John, basket maker, Heath Street
Sutton Eleanor (Mrs), fruiterer, Broadway
Sutton Samuel, pork butcher, Banford Place, Wakering Road
Sutton William, fancy repository, Broadway
Tate James D, greengrocer, 145 North Street
Thomas Charles, shopkeeper, 33 Axe Street
Throssell William, baker, 107 North Street
Tracey Joseph M, Peto Arms PH, East Street
Trueman Henry, shopkeeper, 17 Axe Street
Turner Henry, shopkeeper, East Street
Van Henry, refreshment rooms, Heath Street
Vann & Co Limited, mineral water manufacturers, St Anns Road
Viney Walter, shopkeeper, Axe Street
Vurley William James, whitesmith, 141 North Street
Wade Elizabeth (Mrs), beer retailer, Broadway
Waite William, shopkeeper, St Margarets Road
Walesby Charles Edward, Rose & Crown PH & tailor, Fisher Street
Walker Joseph, watch maker, 38 Heath Street
Wallis Sarah (Mrs), dress maker, 92 North Street
Wallis William, boot & shoe maker, 92 North Street
Watson William, boot 7 shoe maker, 20 Church Road
Wehrle Otto, watch & clock maker, 52 North Street
West Edward T, saddler, 31 North Street
Whitbread Frederick, shipping agent, 20 Cambridge Road
Wilcox Annie (Mrs), shopkeeper, Fisher Street
Wilding Richard Daniel, wharfinger & registrar of births, marriages & deaths, 25 Linton Road
Willett John, pawnbroker, 22, 24 & 26 North Street
Williams William, grocer, East Street
Wilson & Whitworth, printers, Broadway
Wiseman William, shopkeeper, 42 North Street
Woodward Charles, shopkeeper, Ripple Road
Woolcott George, shopkeeper, 52 Queens Road
Wright George, shopkeeper, 20 Fisher Street
Yallop John, furniture broker, Church path
Young Thomas, mechanical engineer, Linton Road




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