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    UK Pub history research and London historical street directory

    Search the historical London street directory, and London pub history site including early street addresses in London through the Victorian pub history of London. This search engine is broken, try address searches in the main google search to get better results. OR visit the London pub history directory index pages to which I am rapidly adding links

    History of Barking in 1886, Kellys Directory

    History of Barking

    Private Residents

    Andrews Wm, Hope villas, Linton Road
    Baalham Mrs, 40 Church Road
    Baalham Thomas, New Road
    Barnett Mrs, 48 Linton Road
    Beard Charles, 50 Linton Road
    Beney David Robert, 13 Linton Road
    Bentley Edward John, Florence villa, Wakering Road
    Berry Arthur, New Road
    Berry Henry, Linton villa, Linton Road
    Bewers William, Highfield house, East Street
    Bourne John Dupre, 27 Church Street
    Bowles Alfred, 64 Linton Road
    Box Rev Charles Francis [curate], 14 Cambridge Road
    Brooks Ambrose J, 11 Cambridge Road
    Butterfield John Cope, Westbury, Ripple Road
    Callaway Edward, 10 Cambridge Road
    Carter Samuel, Chestnut villa, Queens Road
    Chalk Mrs, 15 Cambridge Road
    Champness Thomas, 103 Axe Street
    Clarke James, 205 North Street
    Coates Henry, 18 Cambridge Road
    Covell Thomas, 26 Church Road
    Crawford Mrs, 30 Cambridge Road
    Cutmore Henry, 54 Linton Road
    Davey George William, Barking creek
    Davies Rev Thomas [Congregational], Wykeham house, Queens Road
    Davies Edward Alfred, Hope villas, Linton Road
    Davies Miss, James Street
    Davis George, 8 James Street
    Dawson Charles James, 13 Cambridge Road
    Deveson Edward, 1 Cambridge Road
    Donaldson James, New Road
    Dunsden Charles, 58 Linton Road
    Farr Francis, 9 Cambridge Road
    Fitt Mrs, Oak villa, Queens Road
    Ford Walter, 23 Linton Road
    Fowell Richard, 46 Cambridge Road
    Foyle Tom, 22 Cambridge Road
    French Henry, New Road
    Gibbard William, 48 Cambridge Road
    Gilligan Rev James [Catholic], The Presbytery, Linton Road
    Glenny Benjamin Wallis, White house, East Street
    Glenny Edward Henry, 21 Linton Road
    Glenny Thomas W, The Paddock, East Street
    Glenny William Wallis, JP, Cecil house
    Goodaker Henry, New Road
    Gordon Donald, Vicarage cottage, Ripple Road
    Gosling Joseph, 51 Tanner Street
    Granville Charles, 15 Church Road
    Gwalter Mrs, 24 Cambridge Road
    Hall Henry james, 56 Linton Road
    Harris Edward, Myrtle villa, North Street
    Hart Joseph, 16 Wakering Road
    Hatch William, 7 Hawthorn terrace
    Hayden Mrs, 6 Cambridge Road
    Hewett Robert, Roden lodge, North Street
    Hopkins Mrs, 6 Hawthorn terrace
    Horsley Miss, Darlington villa, Linton Road
    Howe Mrs, 6 James Street
    Hutchins William, 4 Hawthorn terrace
    Johnstone Charles, 32 Cambridge Road
    King Miss, 25 Church Road
    Knowles Edward, 60 Linton Road
    Knowles Henry W, Hawthorn house, North Street
    Knowles John, Roden villa, New Road
    Lamb Thomas, 1 Queens Road
    Louth Joseph, The Bays, Tanner Street
    McAllister Robert, 8 Hawthorn terrace
    McCaphin James, 44 Linton Road
    Marchant Mrs, 19 Linton Road
    Marchant William, Vicarage villa, Axe Street
    Martin Henry, Northbury house, Tanner Street
    Mason Hugh herbert, Abbey lodge, East Street
    Maynard Mrs, 44 Church Road
    Merrick Rev Robert MA [curate], Cambridge Road
    Mitchell Mrs, New Road
    Money Mrs, 34 Church Road
    Morgan James T, Chestnut house, Tanner Street
    Morgan Mrs, Fawley house, East Street
    New William, 32 Church Road
    Northcott Edward Chas, 7 Cambridge Road

    O'Connell John, Acacia villas, Queens Road
    Osborn William, 19 Cambridge Road
    Payne James Richard, Norfolk house, East Street
    Peake James, 28 Cambridge Road
    Pearson Robert, 8 Cambridge Road
    Pelling Thomas, 5 Cambridge Road
    Piercy George, Glenny Road
    Pitts David, 42 Wakering Road
    Price Edward, Kisborn house, East Street
    Pulleyn Mrs, Acacia villa, Queens Road
    Quash John T, Northbury house, North Street
    Richardson Rev John MA, Vicarage, Ripple Road
    Ridley Thomas Herbert, Town Quay
    Robinson Rev Geo [Wesleyan), Linton Road
    Scott William, 62 Linton Road
    Shellitoe Hnery jun, 2 Hawthotn terrace
    Shellitoe William, New Road
    Shering Miss, 46 Linton Road
    Skinley Joseph, Southbury house, Hart Street
    Smith Rev Vincent AKCL, Park house, Hart Street
    Smith david, 31 Linton Road
    Sougar Jas, Stamford villa, St Margarets Road
    Soul Mrs, 29 Church Road
    Stevens William, 52 Linton Road
    Tracey Mrs, Ash villa, Queens Road
    Traylen George, 1 Hawthorne terrace
    Tune John, 5 hawthorn terrace
    Venables William, 207 North Street
    Wagstaff Harry, 4 Cambridge Road
    Weller John, Clifton villa, Hart Street
    Wetherell Edward, 38 Church Road
    Willett John, Braintree house, North Street
    Woodhead Mrs, 14 Wellngton terrace, New Road




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