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History of Barking in 1895, Kellys Directory

History of Barking

Commercial Residents - A to F

Ackland Elizabeth (Mrs), greengrocer, 46 Heath Street
Adams Henry, provision dealer, 55 Broadway
Albion Samuel, blacksmith, 74 East Street
Allen Edward, shopkeeper, 7 Church Road
Allison James, greengrocer, 65 Axe Street
Ambrose William John, draper, 1 Morley Road
Anderson Henry, grocer, Gascoyne Road
Argent David, beer retailer & builder, 108 North Street
Arrow Joseph, beer retailer, 9a East Street
Ash John, boot maker, 46 Fisher Street
Astraline Syndicate Limited (The), artificial wax manufacturers, Barking Creek
Auger James, baker, 127 Fisher Street
Baalam John, beer retailer, West Bank
Badsey Geo Wm, teacher ofmusic, 42 Wakering Road
Bailey Alfred, dairy, West Bank
Baker Henry, grocer, 79 Wakering Road
Barking Almshouses, East Street
Barking & East Ham Provident Dispensary (Hugh Herbert Mason, surgeon). Broadway
Barking Free Library (George Jackson, librarian; Josiah T Edwards, sec), East Street
Barking Gas Works (James Griffin, man), Hart Street
Barking Guano works (Daniel de Pass & Co, proprietors), Barking Creek
Barking Local Board (Charles J Dawson, surveyor; Charles E Wilson, clerk), East Street
Barking Public Baths (henry Frederick Van, proprietor), 76 Axe Street
Barking Stamp Office (Alfred Stephens, distributor), 6 Axe Street
Barking Town Hall (Samuel Glenny, clerk; John Barber, hall keeper), Broadway
Barking Working Mens Institute (Rev H H Henson, president), Fisher Street
Barleyman George, shopkeeper, West Bank
Barnard Henry, bird fancier, 7 Back Lane
Barnard Robert, beer retailer, 63 Broadway
Barnett & Bissell, ironmongers, 6 North Street
Barnett William, collector to Barking Gas Co, 45 Longbridge Road
Barton Charles, furniture dealer, 16 Axe Street
Barton Philip, indeemed pledge stores, 5 East Street
Barton Thomas, shopkeeper, Glenny Road
Bayfield Eliza (Mrs), shopkeeper, 120 Linton Street
Beacock Henry William, beer retailer, 82 Ripple Road
Beadell Alfred, tobacconist, 36 East Street
Beaumont Thomas, butcher, 14 North Street
Belfall Henry, beer retailer, 1 Linton Road
Bellamy James, painter, 90 Axe Street
Bennett John, fried fish dealer, 74 North Street
Bentall & Co, boot makers, 7 Heath Street
Bentley Henry T J, shopkeeper, 36 Heath Street
Bere Charles Edmund, greengrocer, 71 East Street
Berry Geroge, grocer, 114 Axe Street
Berry George, shopkeeper, 132 St Ann's Road
Berry John, beer retailer, 109 North Street
Berry Robert, beer retailer, 48 Queens Road
Binder David, baker, 10 Axe Street
Bishop Walter Henry, George PH, Broadway
Black James, boot maker, 23 North Street
Black James Leonard, boot & shoe maker, 13 Axe Street
Blackburn John, fried fish dealer, 66 Axe Street
Bonar Helen (Miss), restaurant, 22 Broadway
Bones Elizabeth (Mrs), shopkeeper, 175 North Street
Bones James, shopkeeper & cattle dealer, 137 Ripple Road
Boniface & Co, coal & coke merchants; depots, Fisher Street; & at G E R station, Wood Street, Walthamstow
Boswell David, cabinet maker, 98 East Street
Bosworth George, Red Lion PH, 66 North Street
Bowles Alfred, plasterer, 40 Linton Road
Bowles Anna (Mrs), dress maker, 40 Linton Road
Bowles Frederick, fishmonger, 58 Fisher Street
Bowyer Spencer, butcher, 1a East Street
Bracci Eugene, confectioner, 37 Heath Street
Brand David, boot maker, 30 North Street
British Anti-Fouling Composition & Paint Co Lim (The), paint manufacturers, Barking Creek
Brown Thomas, relieving officer for No 1 district & vaccination officer for the union of Romford, 22 Wellington Terrace, New Road
Bull Charles, shopkeeper, 145 Ripple Road
Bull Frederick W, plumber, 7 North Street
Bundock Philip, Queens Head PH, Broadway
Burn Edward, clothier, 33 Broadway
Burrell George, fishmonger, 31 Heath Street
Butler Charles, shopkeeper, 28 Heath Street
Byford John, builders material dealer, New Road
Carter Alfred, marsh bailiff, Essex sewers, 8 Cambridge Road
Carter John Ernest, butcher, 176 Ripple Road
Carter Joseph, greengrocer, 147 North Street
Carwell Robert, shopkeeper, St Margarets Road
Castle james, confectioner, 48 Broadway
Chalk William, station master, East Street
Chapple M (Mrs), shopkeeper, 2 St Marys Road
Chisnell William, coal merchant, 49 Axe Street
Clark Charles & John, timber merchants, 5 North Street
Clark Alexander, shopkeeper, 1 Cobham Road
Clark Alfred, beer retailer, 147 Fisher Street
Clark Alfred, shopkeeper, 167 Fisher Street
Clark Charles, tailor, 41 Broadway
Clark Charles, Winning Horse PH, New Road
Clark John, grocer, 1 North Street
Clark Samuel, boot maker, 70 North Street
Claxton Charles, tailor, 14 Axe Street
Clayden Daniel, stationer, 48 North Street
Coad John, confectioner, 22 Fisher Street
Cole William, baker, Kings Road
Coleman Samuel, shopkeeper, 67 Fisher Street
Conlan Fanny (Mrs), beer retailer, 55 Linton Road
Cooper Eliza (Miss), fancy draper, 88a Axe Street
Co-operative Society (Alfred Archer, manager), 8 & 10 North Street
Cornell James, builder, 75 Wakering Road
Cosburn Albert, monumental mason, 172 Ripple Road
Cotton John, butcher, 21 Axe Street
Cotton Walter, hair dresser, 38 North Street
Crew John, bricklayer, 53 Axe Street
Cribb William, fishmonger, 8 St Marys Road
Crispe Shepherds, builder, 16 Longbridge Road
Crouch William, grocer, 2 & 4 Axe Street
Cuffin Mary Ann (Mrs), shiopkeeper, The Walk, St Marys Road
Cutmore John, beer retailer, 22 Heath Street
Daldy & Co, coal depot, East Street
Davey Alfred J, boot maker, Harpour Road
Davey Henry A, boot maker, 162 Ripple Road
Davey Henry Alex, wardrobe dealer, 42 Heath Street
Davey Robert, greengrocer, 25 North Street
Davey William, tar & cheical works, Barking Creek
Davis Anne (Mrs), shopkeeper, 16 North Street
Davis Thomas William, oil & colorman, St Pauls Road
Davy Ann (Mrs), shopkeeper, 4 St Marys Road
Dawson Charles James, FRIBA, architect & surveyor & surveyor to the Barking Town Local Board, 70 East Street
Dearof Frederick, butcher, 92 North Street
Deveson Charles, corn merchant, 14 Broadway
Digby John, fishmonger, 2 Back Street
Dockerill Robert, hair dresser, 44 Broadway
Dowsett Charles, fishmonger, 8 East Street & 14 & 16 Heath Street
Draine Samuel William, shopkeeper, 28 Coverdale Road
Drake Joseph, builder, 27 North Street
Duffield William, baker, 17 Broadway
Dyster Charles, baker, 59 Broadway
Earler George, butcher, 24 Heath Street
East London Water Works (Jas Bull, engineer), New Road
Edwards Josiah T, clerk to the school board, East Street
Ellis James E, hair dresser, 3 East Street
Elmore Joseph, greengrocer, 169 Fisher Street
Emberson Ann (Mrs), refreshment rooms, 147 Ripple Road
Emery Joseph W, shopkeeper, 12 St Marys Road
Essex Regiment (1st) Volunteer Battalion ( D Company) (Hon Major Samuel Glenny, commandant; Rev H B Henson, MA, acting chaplain); headquarters, Broadway
Evans Martha (Mrs), shopkeeper, 3 Church Road
Everard Henry, provision dealer, St Pauls Road
Fairbrass Harry, greengrocer, 145 North Street
Fairweather Robert, MA, LRCS, surgeon, Ripple Road
Fall Daniel, shopkeeper, 108 East Street
Fehrenbach Severin & Son, watch makers, 52 North Street
Fell Charles, shopkeeper, 59 New Street
Fenton Charles Francis, LRCPLond, physician & surgeon, 31 Linton Road
Fergusson Henry, boot maker, 11 Broadway
Fincham Jonathan, baker, 37 Broadway & 40 St Anns Road
Fincham Sidney, baker, 29 Heath Street
Firman James T, beer retailer, 18 North Street
Firman Jeanette (Mrs), dress maker, 26 Wellington Terrace, New Road
Firman William, corn miller (wind), New Road
Foresters Friendly Society (Jas Sheffield, sec), North Street
Forge Clara (Miss), stationer, 27 Broadway
Foster Herbert J, wharfinger, contractor, steam haulier & roller, timber, lime, cement & brick merchant, Town Quay Steam Wharf, St Margarets Wharf, & Morgans Quay.
Francis Eliza (Mrs), shopkeeper, 129 Fisher Street
Freeman Joseph, beer retailer, 13 Back Lane
Frost Isaac, Crooked Billet PH, Barking Creek
Fuller Rose Ann (Mrs), clothier, 4 East Street

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