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    UK Pub history research and London historical street directory

    Search the historical London street directory, and London pub history site including early street addresses in London through the Victorian pub history of London. This search engine is not brilliant, try address searches in the main google search to get better results. Searches on people names do appear to work, I think. Let me know!

    History of Barking in 1895, Kellys Directory

    History of Barking

    Commercial Residents -  G to P

    Galley Robert, temperance bar, 57 North Street
    Garland John William, fruiterer & grocerer, 8 Broadway & 72 East Street
    Garnell George, cooper, 25 Broadway
    Gas Economising & Improved Light Syndicate Lim (The), Barking Creek
    Gay William, market gardener, Greatfield, Ripple Road
    Gay William John, farmer, 43 East Street
    Gibbard Esther (Miss), shopkeeper, 61 Linton Road
    Gibbens Frank Edward, LRCPLond, surgeon & medical officer of health to the local board, 10 Cambridge Road
    Glenny Samuel, auctioneer, house, land, & insurance agent & vesrry clerk, 65 East Street
    Glenny Thomas W, brewer, 18 Linton Road
    Goodaker John Henry, beer retailer & wheelwright, 59 North Street
    Goodes George, baker, 149 North Street
    Goodey Daniel, bricklayer, 90 North Street
    Goodey James R, builder, 31 Church Road
    Goodhew William, painter, 112 East Street
    Goodman Charles, farmer, Faircross Farm, Longbridge Road
    Goodridge Frederick, shopkeeper, 1 & 3 New Road
    Gosling Alfred J, boot maker, 77 East Street
    Gower Walter Frederick, confectioner, 35 Linton Road
    Gray John Charles, stationer, 2 Broadway
    Gull James, tobacconist, 23 Axe Street
    Hale Robert, fishmonger, 26 Heath Street
    Hall Charles, shopkeeper, 1 Hardwicke Street
    Hall William George, greengrocer, 115 Fisher Street
    Halls Arthur James, greengrocer, 78 Axe Street
    Hamilton Edward, basket maker, 6 Tanner Street
    Hardwick Joseph Fredk, Blue Anchor PH, 52 Heath Street
    Harlow William, shopkeeper, 77 Axe Street
    Harris Edward, blacksmith, 41 Broadway
    Harrison Alice (Mrs), dress amker, 11 Linton Road
    Hart Joseph, butcher, 15 Broadway
    Harvey Charles William, tobacconist, 49 Broadway
    Hatchard William Henry, grocer, 94 North Street
    Hawkings Laura (Miss) & Ager Florence (Miss), milliners, 14 East Street
    Hawkings Nathaniel, carpenter & undertaker, 35 Heath Street
    Hawkings Thomas, undertaker, 6 East Street
    Hawkins James, tinman, 19 Morley Road
    Heathcote Frederick, Spotted Dog PH, Longbridge Road
    Henn Charles, builder, 124 Ripple Road
    Herington Charles, draper, 21 Heath Street
    Hewitt Robert & Co Lim, steamship owners, Fisher Street
    Hockley Emeline (Mrs), linen, draper, glas, china & furniture dealer, 11 to 17 Heath Street
    Hockley Emeline Mary (Mrs), pawnbroker, 29 Broadway
    Holland William John, beer retailer & shopkeeper, 174 Ripple Road
    Hollick Edith (Mrs), dress maker, 129 St Ann's Road
    Hollington Constance (Miss), dressmaker, 105 Axe Street
    Hollington William, wheelwright, 105 Axe Street
    Hollis Edmund, corn merchant, 26 Broadway
    Hopkins George, shoe maker, 5 St Marys Road
    Horden Thomas, shopkeeper, 52 Tanner Street
    Howard Caroline (Mrs), shopkeeper, 18 Heath Street
    Howe James, fishmonger, 151 North Street
    Howgego Walter, baker, 14 Church Road
    Hume Arthur, organist of St Margarets Church, 7 Cambridge Road
    Humphreys Mark, clothier, 3 Heath Street
    Hunt Robert, fishmonger, 46 Broadway
    Jackson Daniel Thomas, carmman & contractor, 81 Axe Street
    Jackson Daniel Thomas jun, house & estate agent, 81 Axe Street
    Jackson George, baker, 19 Heath Street
    Jackson George, school, Ivy Cottage, James Street
    Jackson Mary (Miss), stay maker, Ivy Cottage, James Street
    Jarvis Robert, hair dresser, 10 St Marys Road
    Johnson Alfred, saddler, 35 Broadway
    Johnson Elizabeth (Mrs), shopkeeper, 39 Church Road
    Johnson George, sign writer, 19 North Street
    Johnson William Horace, boot maker, 40 Heath Street
    Johnson James, baker, 26 East Street
    Johnson Philip, tailor and shopkeeper, 39 Queens Road
    Johnstone Robert, vegetable black manufacturer, 102 North Street
    Joynes Frank, animal & bird preserver, 34 Tanner Street
    Kavanagh John, boot maker, 24 Broadway
    Kelby James, shopkeeper, Gascoigne Road
    Kempton John Edward, temperance drink manufacturer, 19 Wakering Road
    Kingsford Charles, rag merchant, 19 Back Lane
    Kingsford Henry, rag merchant, 17 Back Lane
    Kirkman Benjamin & Sons, dairy & post office, 79 East Street
    Kirkman Benjamin, cowkeeper, Kings Road
    Kitson Walter John, Britannia PH, Church Road
    Knowles Lavinia (Mrs), shopkeeper, 7 Fisher Street
    Lake &King, drapers, 1 & 3 Broadway
    Lake William, collector to Local Board, 30 Longbridge Road
    Lamb George, architect & surveyor & deputy registrar of births, deaths & marriages, Barking town, sub-district, Romford union, 76 East Street
    Lamb Thomas, school attendance officer, 54 Linton Road
    Lawes Chemical Manure Co Lim (T Elborough, managing director; J Morgan,, sec), Barking Creek
    Lee Joseph, greengrocer, 12 East Street
    Lee William, shopkeeper, 38 Heath Street
    Leftley Charles & Son, carriers, 22 Nelson Street
    Leftley Isabel (Mrs), carman & contractor, 86 North Street
    Leftley John, baker, 44 North Street
    Leftley John, shopkeeper, 15 Linton Road
    Linard W J & Sons, seaborne coal & coke merchants, wharfingers & carmen, corn & forage contractors, Linards steam wharf, Fisher Street
    Lowe James W, tobacconist, 45 Broadway
    London & South Western Bank Limited (J H Swann, manager), 2 East Street
    London Alfred Henry, mantle dealer, 34 Broadway
    Luck George, shopkeeper, 133 North Street
    McDonald Edward, hair dresser, 1 Fisher Street
    McNaley William, beer retailer, 59 Fisher Street
    Marshall Elizabeth (Mrs), shopkeeper, 85 North Street
    Marshall Robert, confectioner, 31 Axe Street
    Martin & Townsend, coal merchants, carmen & contractors, 205 North Street
    Martin David, umbrella maker, 21 North Street
    Martin Fredk, sanitary inspector to Local Board, East Street
    Mason Hugh Herbert, surgeon & public vaccinator & certifying factory surgeon, No 3 district, Romford union, 17 & 19 East Street
    Mason John, baker, 20 Tanner Street
    Masters Thomas, reporter, 64 Linton Road
    Mays Austin, stationer, 57 Broadway
    Merchant Tailors Guide, tailors, 1 East Street
    Metropolitan Police Station (William Faulkner, inspector), North Stret
    Middleton Charles, grocer, Barking Creek
    Millns James P, baker, 4 North Street
    Mills Edward, oil & colour merchant, 12 Axe Street
    Mills John, tobacconist & stationer, 20 Heath Street
    Milton Joel, laundry, 30 East Street
    Milton William, shopkeeper, New Road
    Milvin Alice (Mrs), draper, 4 Heath Street
    Mitchell Samuel, shopkeeper, 40 East Street
    Mitchell Samuel, shopkeeper, 35 North Street
    Molenkamp John, watchmaker & jeweller, 19 Broadway
    Moore John, secondhand clothes dealer, 44 Fisher Street
    Mothersole William, draper, 9 Heath Street
    Moultrie John, grocer, 31 Broadway, & draper, 17 Tanner Street
    Neeve Frank, boot maker, 8 Heath Street
    Newman James, builder, 7 Axe Street
    Nichols William, beer retailer, 113 Fisher Street
    North Africa Mission (Edward H Glenny, hon sec), 19, 21 & 29 Linton Road
    Northwood Wilson, chemist, 18 Broadway
    Oakley Martha (Mrs), shopkeeper, 119 North Street
    Olive John, dining rooms, 1 Heath Street
    Osborne William, provision dealer, 42 Fisher Street
    Parish Arthur, shopkeeper, Ilford Lane
    Park Hall, Axe Street
    Parker G (Mrs), shopkeeper, 32 St Pauls Road
    Parker Joseph, music smith & lead worker, 50 Tanner Street
    Parsons Joseph, Bull PH, 2 North Street
    Patent Cork Pavement Co (Alfred Stuart, managing director), Barking Creek
    Patmore Alfred, baker, 25 Axe Street
    Patmore Alfred J, baker, Glenny Road
    Patmore Jane (Mrs), shopkeeper, 11 Tanner Street
    Patmore Walter James, fishmonger, 69 East Street
    Payne Etherington, sewing machine agent, 38 East Street
    Payne James Richard, butcher, 14 Longbridge Road
    Payne William, butcher, 60 North Street
    Pearson Edward, butcher, 28 East Street
    Pelling Thomas, grocer & agent for W & A Gilbey Lim, wine & spirit merchants 9, oil & color merchant 21 Broadway
    Pelling Thomas, grocer, 27 Heath Street
    Perry George, shopkeeper, 44 Heath Street
    Piercey Sarah (Mrs), laundress, Glenny Road
    Pilberg Joseph, glazier, 9 East Street
    Pink John T, ironmonger, 43 Broadway
    Pink William, registrar of borth, deaths & marriages, Barking town sub-district, Romford union, 110 Longbridge Road
    Poole John, fruiterer, Gascoigne Road
    Poole William, shopkeeper,. Kings Road
    Pooley John, shopkeeper, Glenny Road
    Pomfret S E, recruiting sergeant for Barking & district, 114 East Street
    Porter Alice (Mrs), shopkeeper, 158 Ripple Road
    Porter John, bird fancier, 14 Back Lane
    Poulter Daniel, shopkeeper, Harpour Road
    Prechtel Gustave, hair dresser, 30 Heath Street
    Preston Stanley R, solicitor, 17 Linton Road
    Prince Henry, chimney sweeper, 25 Back Lane




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