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History of Barking in 1886, Kellys Directory

History of Barking

Commercial Residents -  R - Z

Randall Annie (Mrs), dress maker, 104 East Street
Randall Joseph, fruiterer, Gascoigne Road
Randall Mary (Mrs), shopkeeper, 43 Queens Road
Randell James, beer retailer, 88 Linton Road
Randells & Co, malt roasters, Fisher Street
Rann Benjamin, butcher, 7 Braodway
Rawlings Samuel, shopkeeper, James Street
Rayment Henry, shopkeeper, Ripple Road
Rayment Joseph, china dealer, 25 Heath Street
Rayner William, boot maker, 37 Axe Street
Rayner William, boot maker, 10 East Street
Reed James, marine store dealer, 12 Back Lane
Reed Samuel T, saddler, 34 East Street
Reeds H, tobacconist, 7 East Street
Reynolds John, Barking Cross PH, 6 Fisher Street
Rich George, coffee rooms, 48 Fisher Street
Ridley T D & Sons, millers (water & steam), Town Quay
Ridley Charles Henry, chemist, 5 Broadway
Rist George, builder, 59 Wakering Road
Roberts Arthur, hair dresser, 74 East Street
Robinson Henry, photographer, 58 North Street
Robinson Sarah Ann (Miss), shopkeeper, 30 New Road
Rook George, carpenter, 34 Heath Street
Rowland Henry, Ship PH, 32 Heath Street
Russell William, tobacconist, 46 North Street
Ryan George F, grainer, Glenny Road
Ryan John W, tobacconist, 46 North Street
Ryan John William, shopkeeper, 75 East Street
Ryan Sarah (Mrs), laundress, Glenny Road
Saggers Sarah (Mrs), caretaker of St Margarets church, 49 North Street
St Margarets Burail Board (C H Mills, clerk), East Street
Sales Sarah (Mrs), laundry, 32 Tanner Street
Sambridge & Son, slaters, St Margarets Road
Saunders Alfred, fishmonger, 65 Fisher Street
Saunders Samuel, furniture dealer, 36 & 38 Broadway
Schrier Charlotte (Mrs), rope maker, Grove place, East Street
Scotcher James, fishmonger, The Walk
Scott Walter, shopkeeper, St Pauls Road
Seabrook Henry, Fishing Smack PH, Fisher Street
Servis George, tailor, 17 North Street
Shackell Richard, butcher, 39 Broadway
Shalder Thomas, basket maker, 116 East Street
Sheffield James, watchmaker, 48 Linton Road
Shelitoe Emma (Miss), shopkeeper, 6 Heath Street
Siegburg Henry, hair dresser, 27 Axe Street
Sills Jabez, beer retailer 36, & ironmonger 34, New Street
Smith James, confectioner, 56 North Street
Smith John, builder, 56 Longbridge Road
Smith Mary A (Mrs), shopkeeper, Barking Creek
Smith Matthew, shopkeeper, 27 St Pauls Road
Smith Richard, shoe maker, 6 Back Lane
Smithyes Walter Robert, coffee tavern, & school attendance officer, Heath Street
Snell George, blacksmith, 31 Back Lane
Snell Richard, shopkeeper, Ilford Lane
Soul Charles Frederick, grocer, Ripple Road
Soul Elizabeth (Mrs), confectioner, 67 East Street
South Essex Water Works, Water tower, Queens Road
Sparks Alexander, shoe maker, 20 Back Lane
Spashett Alice (Miss), dress maker, 59 East Street
Spellman Edward, fishmonger, 51 Broadway
Stahl Charles, butcher, 23 Heath Street
Stephens Alfred, postmaster, 6 Axe Street
Stevenson Thomas, cycle agent & manufacturer, Barking Cycle works, 40 North Street
Stratford Thomas, apartments, 50 Heath Street
Stubbins John, basket maker, 80 East Street
Sutton Samuel, pork butcher, Banford place, Wakering Road
Swindells Edgar, LRCPLond, surgeon, 23 Broadway
Swindley Richard, beer retailer, 75 Axe Street
Taylor James, saddler, 31 North Street
Tate James D, shopkeeper, 61 North Street
Taylor William, greengrocer, 54 North Street
Thomas Charles, shopkeeper, 33 Axe Street
Thomas James, hair dresser, 102 East Street
Thompson Henry J, oilman, 33 North Street
Thorrington Jas, inland revenue officer, 24 Longbridge Road
Throssell William, baker, 107 North Street
Titmus Alfred, beer retailer, 12 East Street
Townley John F, boot maker, 135 North Street

Tracey Joseph M, Peto Arms PH, 118 East Street
Trueman Henry, fishmonger, 15 & 17 Axe Street
Trueman John, beer retailer, 30 Broadway
Trueman John, fruiterer & greengrocer, 28 Broadway
Truman Joseph, greengrocer, 33 Fisher Street

Van Henry, refreshment rooms, 48 Heath Street
Van Henry F, temperance bar, 76 Axe Street
Venables J (Miss), dress maker, 128 Ripple Road
Venson James, Rose & Crown PH, 36 Fisher Street

Wade George, coffee rooms, 33 Heath Street
Wade William Foster, beer retailer, Broadway
Wagstaff Capt Francis, marine surveyor, 52 Wakering Road
Waite James, greengrocer, 42 East Street
Waite William, carman & contractor, 29 Fisher Street
Walesby William, provision dealer & cab owner, 29 Axe Street
Wall Richard, shopkeeper, 2 Coverdale Road
Watson James, boot maker, Glenny Road
Watson William, cycle maker & repairer; sole agent for the Juno cycles, Harpour estate, Glenny Road
Webb George, watch maker, 106 East Street
Webb William, shopkeeper, Glenny Road
Wells Albert, beer retailer, 55 Axe Street
West, New-Year & Co., basket makers, New Road
Wetherell Edward, refreshment rooms, 110 East Street
White R & Sons, mineral water manufacturers, St Pauls Road
White William, furniture dealer, 11 Axe Street
White William, photographer, 16 East Street
White William, shopkeeper, 143 St Anns Road
Wilcox Annie (Mrs), baker & grocer, 34 Fisher Street
Wilding Emily Jane (Miss), ladies school, 25 Linton Road
Willett John, pawnbroker, 22, 24 & 26 North Street
Willett Robert, hosier & glover, 4, & linen draper 7, Broadway
Williams William, stationer, 73 East Street
Wilmot William, collector of Queens taxes, rents collected & distraints made in all parts; agent to North British & Mercantile Fire & Life, General Accident, Burglary & Plate Glass Insurance Associations, 5 Cambridge Road
Wilson & Whitworth Limited, printers, 10 & 12 Broadway
Wiseman William, shpkeeper, 42 North Street
Wray George & Co, corn & coal merchants, 2 Heath Street
Wright Edward, coffee rooms, 10 Fisher Street
Yallop James, furniture broker, Church path
Young Thomas, auctioneer, house & estate agent, 20 Broadway & 9 Linton Road


Coppard George, Ripplehall

Barking Cemnetery (Thomas Booton, superintendent)
Bambridge Edward, wheelwright
Brown Robert Geo, farmer, Manor Farm
Coppen Thomas L, farmer, Parsloes
Frank Simon, shopkeeper
Gatward William, shopkeeper
Keen George, farmer & cowkeeper
Golding William George, farmer, Eastbury House
Joslyn Joseph, farmer, Upney Farm
Merrirr Frederick Moggs, farmer, Farm House
Mills Thomas, farmer, Lodge Farm
Mills Walter, farmer, Rippleshall Farm
Mayes Thomas, farmer, Great Porters
Phillips Joseph William, beer retailer
Pittuck Edward, blacksmith
Pool James, beer retailer & farmer
Pool William, farmer, Gale Street
Reeves Robert, shopkeeper
Saunders Albert, Ship & Shovel PH
Stephens Alfred, shopkeeper & foreman to Mr Walter Mills
Stock John, foreman to Mr Edward Waltham, The Castle
Strutt George sen, sluice keeper to William Kirk esq
Strutt John, sea waller
Summerfield Frederick, shopkeeper
Surrey Edmund, farmer, Scrattons Farm
Venables Samuel Alban, blacksmith
Waltham Edward Hawkins, farmer, Maybells farm




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