Accurate transcriptions of the 1921 census are being added to the pub history site, starting with London.

1895 listing of Beer Retailers in the London Post Office - A

Many of these Beer Retailers (usually better known as Publicans) are very important in the fact that many formed the modern Public House as we now know it; whilst others were the modern equivalent of the Off Licence.


Abbey Mrs. Emma, 27 Orb street, Walworth S E
Abbott Charles Benjamin, 65 Borough road S E
Abbott Chas. John, 11 Bath Street, London road S E
Abbott William, 418 Southwark park road S E
Adam George, 30 Queens crescent, Haverstock hill N W
Adams Arthur, 6 Botolph alley, Eastcheap E C
Adams Frederick, 127 Eastfield street, Limehouse fields E
Adams George, 50 Victoria road, Kentish town NW
Adams James, 202 Mile end road E
Adams Mark, 15 Cleveland street, Mile end E
Adams Maurice, 14 Doon street, Lambeth S E
Adams Thomas, 42 Dean street, Commercial road east E
Adams William Daniel, 13 Norfolk street, Islington N
Addiscott Sydney Alfred, 288 City road E C
Adkins John Gunning, 424 Old Ford road E
Agar Frederick, 111 Rhodeswell road E
Agate Philip, 121 Devons road, Bromley E
Akin Robert, 67 Old Bethnal green road E
Alcock Henry, Russia lane, Bethnal green E
Aley Henry, 100 Chrisp street, Poplar E
Alford Robert, 52 Kennington road S E
Alger Harry, Bush road, Rotherhithe S E
Allcock Mrs. Rosetta, 39 Regency street SW
Allen Charles, 133 Kings cross road WC
Allen Charles, 292 Portobello road W
Allen Edward,114 St. Anns road, Bow common E
Allen William, 41 South street, Manchester square W
Allen William, 1 Winchester street, Bethnal green E
Allmond Mrs. Charlotte, 62 Redcross street E
Amas Charles, 24 John street, Liverpool road N
Amery John Shattock, 50 Brompton road SW
Amies Benjamin, 237 Cambridge road E
Amiss James, 410 Mile end road E
Ancona Hy. Fountain, 206 Rotherhithe street S E
Anderson Arthur Gideon Wikblad, 47 Park street, Camden town NW
Anderson Robert, 9 Skinner street, Clerkenwll E C
Andreas Adam, 167 St. George street E
Andrews Edward, 362 Old street, Shoreditch E C
Andrews William, 441 Bethnal green road E
Angell Mrs. Jane Elzh.94 York road, Lambeth S E
Ansell Frederick, 94A Bridge street, Mile end E
Aris George, 15 Whiston street, Haggerston E
Armitage George, 215 Roman road E
Armstrong Mrs. Eliza, 22 Heath street, Stepney E
Armstrong Stanley, 92 Whiston street, Haggerston E
Arnold George, Railway place, Cambridge road E
Arnold William Chas. 239 Kentish town road NW
Arnoldi Donato, 6 Railway place, Cambridge road E
Ashby Mrs. Emma, 15 Arline street, Diss street, Hackney road E
Ashby Mrs. Sophia, 24 Montpelier place, Brompton SW
Ashton William, 99 Regency street, Westminster SW
Aston Mrs. Miriam, 352 Upper street N
Atkins Mrs. Emma, 171 Portobello road W
Atkins James, 144 White Horse street E
Attree Henry, 121 Commercial road east E
Audis Frederick Hamilton S. 31 White Horse lane E
Avenell Mrs. Susan, 114 Redmans road, Stepney E
Ayres Mrs. Eliza, 18 Finsbury avenue E C

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